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BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol

Address: 25 King Square, Bristol BS2 8JN, United Kingdom

Description BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol

  • Founded: 1983 (main campus), 2008 (campus in Bristol)
  • Location: Bristol (unitary unit with the status of "city"), the region of South-West England, England, Britain
  • Age: from 18 years old
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of institution: private university
  • Accommodation: student residence, host family, apartments, hotel.

BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol is a unique and prestigious educational institution located in Bristol, one of the most important European centers of music and art. The history of the university began in 1983 with the opening of Drumtech in London, later transformed into Tech Music School (TMS). In 2001, the first Brighton BIMM Institute was opened, then other campuses began to open and the Institute went international. Today there are 8 full campus offices in Britain, Ireland and Germany - in London, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Berlin and Hamburg. Today, students from all over the world are studying here, choosing one of the available areas for themselves:

  • Guitar (Guitar)
  • Bass guitar (bass guitar)
  • Drums (Percussion)
  • Vocals (Vocals)
  • Music production
  • Songwriting (songwriting)
  • Music journalism (music journalism)
  • Event management
  • Music business (Music business).

Every year, the institution's popularity is only growing, and this is easily explained - an increasing number of university graduates declare themselves and their talent from the stage and from speakers around the world. BIMM - The British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol - has become a real source of talent for a decade of activity. The success of students is promoted by high-quality programs, high professionalism of teachers and mentors. An important role in the learning process is played by the development of practical skills, permanent master classes and classes with invited specialists. Bristol is a city where there are 23 recording studios and regularly hosts 5 major music festivals, so that students have the opportunity to express themselves and show their talent, to receive an offer of cooperation or an invitation to work. The Institute maintains close partnerships with companies, studios, festivals:

  • BPI
  • Universal music
  • Sony music
  • Warner music
  • Music week
  • PRS for music
  • Three six zero
  • Believe digital
  • Reeperbahn festival Hamburg
  • The great escape festival
  • INTL live music conference
  • East side music days Berlin
  • Glastonbury festival
  • Liverpool sound city
  • Pledgemusic
  • Duff press
  • Some friendly pr
  • RAK studios
  • Communion music
  • The Agency.

BIMM - The British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol is a great choice for those who seek to achieve maximum heights in music and art. The institute and its staff will do everything possible to make the goals and dreams of the student a reality!

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol

Program name

Diploma software

1. Age of participants: from 18 years

2. Duration of study: 2 years (standard programs)

3. Start of classes: October, January

4. Level of English: IELTS 6.0-6.5

5. Level of education: graduate school (+ additional certificates and exams)

6. Language of instruction: English.

BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol - offers applicants the opportunity to receive a Diploma degree. For admission it is necessary to have a certain level of education and knowledge of the English language, to meet a number of special requirements.

The standard course lasts 2 years, during which classes are held in a large number of courses and disciplines, in combination with a fundamental level of knowledge and skills. Diploma gives students the opportunity to find a job in professional creative activities and continue their studies.

The educational process has a practical bias: students constantly train in playing instruments or work with equipment, work in studios individually and as part of groups and teams, get used to working in a team and creating talented creative projects. The teachers and mentors of the institute have the highest qualifications: most of them are active musicians, vocalists, representatives of the country's music and creative industry. Constantly held workshops, auditions, meetings with experts. Due to the fact that the university has a large number of partners, students can express themselves and their talent and begin cooperation with a certain company.

Graduates of the programs receive a Diploma in the relevant field and can begin labor and professional activities (you can subsequently continue their studies).

Diploma at BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol:

1. Artist Development Diploma in Music Performance (Artistic development in music performance) in the following areas:

  • Guitar (Guitar, Diploma In Music Performance)
  • Bass guitar (Bass guitar, Diploma In Music Performance)
  • Drums (Drums, Diploma In Music Performance)
  • Vocals (Vocals, Diploma In Music Performance)

2. Writing songs (Artist Development Diploma In Songwriting).

A sample Diploma curriculum for BIMM programs is the British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol:

Artist Development Diploma (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals) (modules and content of subjects may vary depending on the chosen specialty):

1st year:

  • Technical development (Technical Development)
  • Session styles (Sessions by styles)
  • Live performance workshop (Workout and performance workshops)
  • Ear training (Hearing training)
  • Music industry career development (building a career in the music and music industry)
  • Pre-production
  • Performance preparation
  • Extended studies (Extended Study).

2nd year:

  • Technical development (Technical Development)
  • Music in context (Music in context)
  • Research and investigation
  • Music industry career development (music industry and career)
  • Music theory and improvisation (Theory and improvisation)
  • Recording preparation (pre-recording process)
  • Pre-production
  • Extended studies (Advanced Studies).

Song Writing (Artist Development Diploma In Songwriting):

1st year:

  • Arrangement analysis and composition (Analysis and composition of compositions)
  • Studio skills (studio skills)
  • Ear training (Hearing training)
  • Music industry career development
  • Pre-production
  • Live performance workshop (live performance workshops)
  • Performance preparation (preparatory processes for the performance)
  • Extended studies.

2nd year:

  • Production techniques
  • Music in context (Music in context)
  • Music theory and composition
  • Live performance workshop (live performance workshops)
  • Research and investigation (Research and detailed analysis)
  • Music industry career development (Career and professional development in the music industry)
  • Recording preparation (Preparation for recording in the studio)
  • Pre-production
  • Extended studies.

Specialties and places of employment after obtaining the Diploma degree in BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol (this list is also relevant for bachelor graduates):

  • A & R coordinator (A & R Coordinator)
  • A & R director (A & R Director)
  • Accountant
  • Artist
  • Artist liaison (Artist Coordinator)
  • Artists relations manager (Artistic Relationship Management)
  • Backline technician (Feedback Specialist)
  • Booking agent (Agent)
  • Brand manager
  • Business manager
  • Commercial band (Commercial team)
  • Cruise ship musician (musician of a cruise ship)
  • Distribution manager
  • Festival manager (Festival Manager)
  • Games composer (Composer for computer games)
  • Instrument manufacturer (Instrument Making)
  • Label manager (label manager)
  • Lawyer (Lawyer)
  • Licensing representatives (License Representative)
  • Lyricist
  • Marketing manager
  • Mastering engineer
  • Media analyst (Media analysis)
  • Merchandiser (Merchandiser)
  • Mixing engineer
  • Music blogger (music blogger)
  • Musical director (Music Director)
  • Music journalist
  • Music producer (Music Producer)
  • Music publisher (Music publisher)
  • Music sync editor
  • Music web designer (Music web designer)
  • Photographer
  • Press agent (Press Agent)
  • Private music tutor (Private Music Tutor)
  • Production manager
  • Production floor manager (Production Floor Manager)
  • Promoter (Promoter)
  • Promoter's representative
  • Publicist
  • Radio broadcaster (Broadcaster)
  • Recording engineer (recording engineer)
  • School music teacher (School music teacher)
  • Session musician (session musician)
  • Social media manager (social network manager)
  • Songwriter (Songwriting)
  • Sound designer (sound designer)
  • Sound engineer (sound engineer)
  • Stage manager (Director)
  • Systems technician
  • Tour manager
  • University tutor (University teacher)
  • Video director (Video Director).

Tuition for Diploma programs at BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol: from £ 6950 / year.

Undergraduate Program

1. Age of participants: from 17 years

2. Length of study: 3 years (standard programs)

3. Start of classes: October, January, April

4. Level of English: IELTS 6.0-6.5

5. Level of education: diploma of graduation (a number of special requirements apply)

6. Language of instruction: English.

BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol - allows applicants from around the world to get a bachelor's degree in music and art. Training continues for 3 years, where each year contains certain modules and disciplines, giving in the complex a fundamental amount of knowledge and skills.

The main feature of the learning process at the institute is its bright practical orientation. Students spend most of their time at workouts, practicing instruments, vocals, equipment and computers. Special workshops are conducted, including with invited experts:

  • Danny O'Donoghue (The Script)
  • KT Tunstall
  • Chuck D (Public Enemy)
  • Imelda may
  • Graham Coxon (Blur)
  • Keane
  • Stephen Street (Producer: Blur, The Smiths)
  • Nile Rodgers (Chic, Daft Punk)
  • Michael Eavis (Glastonbury)
  • Lawson
  • Ben Thompson (Two Door Cinema Club)
  • Roger Daltrey CBE (The Who).
  • Teachers and mentors have a high level of professionalism and are recognized leaders in the music industry and business. Each student receives individual attention and assistance on all complex issues, foreign students are supported in adaptation to the way of life and development of the level of the English language. At the institute, students can take special internships in well-known companies, participate in music festivals and live performances.

    Students who have successfully completed the full course of study receive a prestigious diploma from BIMM - the British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol and can start working and professional activities (about 82% of graduates get a job during the first 6 months after graduation).

    Undergraduate Programs at BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol:

  • Guitar (Guitar, BA (hons) Professional musicianship)
  • Bass guitar (Bass guitar, BA (hons) Professional musicianship)
  • Drums (Drums, BA (hons) Professional musicianship)
  • Vocals (Vocals, BA (hons) Professional musicianship)
  • Songwriting (BA (hons) Songwriting)
  • Music business (Ba (hons) Music business)
  • Event Management (BA (hons) Event management)
  • Musical Production (BA (hons) Music production)
  • Journalism in the field of music (BA (hons) Music journalism).
  • BIMM undergraduate curriculum at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol:

    Professional music with the following directions: Guitar, Bass guitar, Drums, Vocal (BA (hons) Professional musicianship):

    1 course:

  • Essential styles
  • Techniques
  • Applied music business (Applied music business)
  • Artist development and entrepreneurship (Artistic development and entrepreneurship)
  • Music theory and notation.
  • 2 course:

    1. Basic modules:

  • Research methods
  • Professional musicianship (Music)
  • Cultural perspectives (Cultural perspectives)
  • Applied music theory and critical listening (Applied music theory and critical listening)
  • 2. Modules to choose from:

  • Studio musicianship (Studio musical activity)
  • Studio recording (sound recording)
  • Music business studies (Business studies in the field of music)
  • Music publishing (Music publishing).
  • 3 course:

  • Professional project (Professional project)
  • Professional development (Professional Development)
  • Analytical perspectives
  • Ensemble performance (Performance in the musical group)
  • Music teaching practice (Teaching music: practice).
  • Songwriting (BA (hons) Songwriting):

    1 course:

  • Music business (Business in the field of music)
  • Artist development and entrepreneurship (Development and entrepreneurship)
  • Songwriting techniques (songwriting techniques)
  • Songwriting styles and genres (Songwriting styles and genres)
  • Live performance workshop (sw) (Live performance workshops)
  • Music theory in practice.
  • 2 course:

    1. Basic modules:

  • Research methods
  • Cultural perspectives (Cultural perspectives)
  • Writing for digital media (Writing lyrics and songs for digital media resources)
  • Music publishing (Music publishing)
  • Creative processes (Creative process)
  • 2. Modules to choose from (one of the list):

  • Performance in context (View in context)
  • Studio musicianship (musical activity in the studio)
  • Studio recording (recording processes in the studio).
  • 3 course:

    1. Basic:

  • Professional project (Professional project)
  • Professional development (Professional Development)
  • Analytical perspectives (Analytical Perspectives)
  • Commercial songwriting (writing songs for commerce and sales)
  • 2. To choose (one module):

  • Music teaching practice (Getting music teaching practice)
  • Ensemble performance (Performance in the musical professional group).
  • Music business (Ba (hons) Music business):

    1 course:

  • Concert / event promotion & tour management (Concerts and events: promotion and management of concert tours)
  • Live sound technology (Live sound: technology)
  • Administration & entrepreneurship (Administration and Enterprise)
  • Introduction to digital music (Introduction to digital music)
  • Music business (Business in the music field).
  • 2 course:

  • Research methods
  • Sound recording technology (Studio recording technology)
  • Cultural perspectives (Cultural perspectives)
  • Marketing & media (Marketing and Media)
  • Music publishing (Publishing in music).
  • 3 course:

  • Music futures (The Future of Music)
  • Music event management (event and event management)
  • Professional project (Professional design)
  • Analytical perspectives.
  • Event Management (BA (hons) Event management):

    1 course:

  • Concert / event promotion & tour management (Development and promotion of concerts and events and tour management)
  • Introducing event management (Introduction to event management)
  • Administration & entrepreneurship (administrative (administrative) and enterprise activity)
  • Event concept & design (Events and events: concepts and design).
  • 2 course:

  • Research methods (Research methods and analysis)
  • Engaging with events (wbl) (Attractive and memorable events)
  • Events & the audience (Event Audience)
  • Event logistics & services (Events: logistics and service)
  • Events in context.
  • 3 course:

  • Professional project (Professional project and design process)
  • Professional development (Professional Development)
  • Financial management & funding (Finance, funds and financing)
  • Events & the environment (Events and events and the environment).
  • Musical Production (BA (hons) Music production):

    1 course:

  • Audio theory & acoustics (Theory of audio sound and acoustics)
  • Mixing & arrangement (Mixing and mixing)
  • Computer music production (Production and writing of computer music)
  • Studio engineering (Engineer Studio)
  • Music Business (Music business).
  • 2 course:

    1. Basic modules:

  • Music production in context
  • Music & sound for the moving image (Music and sound for moving image)
  • Sound studio production (Production of studio sound)
  • Music production industry (Features of functioning and standards of the music industry)
  • 2. To choose:

  • Computer music performance (Computer Performance)
  • Live sound production (Features of live sound).
  • 3 course:

    1. Basic:

  • Audio Post Production (Audio Post Production)
  • Production Project (Production Project)
  • Professional Development (Professional Development)
  • 2. To choose:

  • Immersive Environments (Accompanying Environment)
  • Video & Multimedia Production (Video and Multimedia Production).
  • Music journalism (BA (hons) Music journalism):

    1 course:

  • Introduction to music journalism
  • Music journalism techniques
  • Journalism in context (Journalism in context)
  • Writing for the music industry (Writing for the music industry)
  • Music and digital media.
  • 2 course:

  • Research methods
  • Artist development and PR (Development and PR)
  • Music journalism principles, ethics and law (Principles, ethics and law in journalism)
  • Digital media production.
  • 3 course:

  • Global communication
  • Creative entrepreneurship (creative entrepreneurship)
  • Professional project (Professional project)
  • Professional development.
  • Tuition for undergraduate programs at BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol:

  • for citizens and residents of Britain and the European Union = 7250 £ / year
  • for international students = £ 12,750 / year.
  • Accommodation, housing and food

    The institute does not have its own residences to accommodate students, but its departments maintain partnerships with a number of specialized services for the selection of suitable accommodation options. Students can choose for themselves various student dormitories (residences), can live in host families, rent apartments and apartments (both separately and jointly with other students). Each option has a high level of comfort, safety and a set of all necessary amenities. Meals are organized both independently and in complex, depending on the type of accommodation (in the dormitories and host families, meal plans may be available). Employees of the institute advise their students to attend to questions of accommodation in advance, as the demand for student housing in the city is very high.

    Events BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol

    Bristol is one of the European and world centers of the music industry, from which many talented musicians and creative personalities have come out, where many specialized companies are concentrated and many significant events and events of the music industry are held. The students of the institute have an excellent opportunity to plunge headlong into the fascinating, stunning lifestyle of the city, where there are many pubs, restaurants, improvised scenes and venues, where there is an opportunity to speak in front of a live audience and develop professionally. Students can visit various places of interest, other cities and regions of the country, make pleasant and useful contacts, participate in conferences, festivals and holidays. Everyone will find something to do to their liking, the restless life of the city will not leave anyone indifferent!


    • Prestigious and popular institution
    • One of the best musical institutions in Europe and the world.
    • More than ten years of successful experience
    • Quality Programs
    • Highly qualified teachers and mentors
    • The best equipment and equipment
    • The practical nature of learning
    • Career and professional development system
    • The system of adaptation of foreign students.

    Equipment BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol

    BIMM Bristol occupies two campuses located in the immediate vicinity (on Passage Street and Kings Square). Students use the best equipment, tools and computers, and always have the opportunity to rehearse or relax:

    • Guitar rooms (modern and old equipment from Marshall, Fender, Vox, Mesa Boogie, Gibson, Blackstar and Orange)
    • Songwriting studio (completed: Roland TD-12 v-kit, Kurzweil stage piano, backline by Laney and Orange)
    • Specialized vocal studio (Specialist vocal studio) (Kurzweil stage piano, mics by Shure and Rode)
    • Bass studio (Bass studio) (Laney, MarkBass and Orange)
    • Drum room (14 top-level Roland TD-12 v-kits, DW drums and Zildjian cymbals)
    • Artist development room (DW drums, Kurzweil stage piano, amplifiers by Laney and Orange)
    • Professional computers and computer equipment
    • The audience for the rest.

    Term dates, timetable and extra fees

    Beginning of studies: October, January. The academic year is divided into three semesters:

    • Trimester 1: from October 1 to December 7
    • Trimester 2: from January 7 to March 15
    • Trimester 3: from April 8 to June 14.

    Tuition (for the academic year) :

    1. Diploma: from £ 6950

    2. Undergraduate:

    • Citizens and residents of Britain and the European Union = from £ 7,250
    • International students = from £ 12,750.

    Extra charges:

    • Registration fee
    • Deposit confirming a place on the course
    • Exam Board
    • Tuition deposit
    • Air tickets in both directions
    • Round trip
    • Mandatory Medical Insurance
    • Personal pocket expenses
    • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
    • Consular fee (paid at the Embassy).

    Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

    1. Age: from 18 years

    2. Level of education: high school diploma (high achievement rates)

    3. Creativity skills (playing instruments, singing, creativity)

    4. Level of English: from IELTS 6.5.

    Map, location

    Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

    BIMM - British & Irish Modern Music Institute Bristol reviews

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