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2020-06-10 00:00:59

Dortmund Football Museum - German legend

Dortmund Football Museum - German legend

Germany is a country of contrasts: ancient monuments, peers of our era, medieval architectural pearls and modern, innovative objects coexist here. One of them is the Football Museum in Dortmund, opened in 2015. It was located in the city center, not far from the railway station, and entered the world-famous cultural and art quarter. Where else, if not in one of the major football powers in the world, is it worth visiting a similar establishment? Even if you are a person who is never keen on football, you will not remain indifferent to this game, especially after meeting with the Germans, who are always willing to talk about football.

History of the museum

In 2006, the World Cup was held in Germany. Profit from the championship The German Football Union decided to invest in the opening of the National Museum of Football. Several lands applied for the museum: Gelsenkirchen, Oberhausen, Cologne, Dortmund. The choice fell on the latter - the most densely populated German province.

In 2009, a meeting of the Football Union was held, during which a place was chosen in the quarter of culture and art, used as a bus station. The next milestone in the history of the museum is the announcement of a tender among architectural bureaus for the best museum project, and on September 26, 2011 the winner was determined. Construction was inaugurated in 2012 in the presence of Wolfgang Nirsbach and Hannelore Kraft, the prime minister of the land. For visitors, the National Football Museum opened its doors in 2015.

Exposure Features

The main motto of the exposition "Football is us." The exhibits reflect the entire fifty-year history of German football. The complex consists of five parts:

  • "Before the game" - emotions and anticipation
  • First Half - Bundestim in the past and today
  • “Break” - portraits, stories, strategies of legendary trainers
  • Second Half - Bundesliga History and Present
  • “After the game” is a sector dedicated to fans.

Particular attention is paid to young visitors to the museum - a special route has been developed for them, which they will take accompanied by the Paula eagle, the main football symbol of the country. Each young excursionist is allocated a colorful notebook in which he can make notes during the tour.

Interesting Facts

  • In the first year, 200,000 people visited the museum.
  • The construction of the National Football Museum cost Germany 40 million euros
  • The museum is located in a three-story building with a total area of 7000 square meters
  • The facade of the building is decorated with a giant screen, attracting visitors from afar
  • In total, the exposition consists of 1600 exhibits, the most valuable: the ball played in the final of 1954, the shirt of the legendary striker Gerd Müller
  • The history of the National Football Committee, created in 1900, is revealed by 115 exhibits - one for each year from the creation of the company to the opening of the museum
  • At the end of the tour, you can visit the fan shop and cafe, where the favorite dishes of legendary football players are on the menu.

The object belongs to museums.

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