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Schools with the study of English in the US, America

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Schools with the study of English in the US, America

Together with Smapse specialists you will be able to find a suitable school for you with studying English in the USA. Learning English at language courses in America will allow you or your child to improve their English skills, as well as provide an excellent opportunity to practice English with Americans by touching on the diversity of culture in the US.

Schools with the study of English in the US , America today are just as popular as similar schools in the UK , and this is not surprising, because in the United States and in England English is a state language. The American version of the English language in the United States is a modern language, in some ways even youth, because it reflects the current trends in culture, society, and computer technologies. Learning English in America today is very popular among young people from around the world, which is why they go to the United States for high-quality language education, new friends and unforgettable experiences.

The USA is one of the leading and advanced countries of the world, therefore it is in America that wishing to learn a language so easily in a short time to overcome the language barrier and improve the level of English. It should be noted that the English language in the United States for foreign students and students is not taught in the same way as in the UK or Ireland (or any other European English-speaking country): the matter is that educational programs include the linguistic features of a particular foreign language, more effective training of foreign students in English.

Learning English at language courses abroad, and especially in the US, is many times more effective and productive than even in the best language school in Russia. When studying English in America, the child is given a unique opportunity to live communication with native English speakers. In addition, there is the possibility of learning outside the language environment of the Russian language (that is, there are no Russians in the group), which will also have a positive impact on overcoming the language barrier and acquiring the necessary language skills: your child will speak every day and then think in English.

It should be mentioned that the American version of the English language is somewhat different from the classical British variant, but these differences are rather symbolic. In other words, there is no language barrier between the British and the Americans. Learning English in the US can be called truly international, since the American version of the English language itself is more lively and flexible than the classical British language, in addition, the leading world economy says in American English. The teaching staff, however, makes up teaching methods and educational programs so that they are clear to everyone. The English language school in America will provide your child with not only theoretical knowledge in the language, but also confidence in communication both in everyday conversations and in business situations in the future.

American secondary and higher education institutions are known all over the world for the quality of educational services provided and are leaders in the world education sphere. Diploma of graduation from America is very much appreciated around the world. American educational institutions have modern infrastructure and are ready to offer their students everything necessary for comfortable and effective study - from research laboratories to sports complexes. Going on an educational trip to the USA, your child will be able to touch the largest community of students and students from all over the world. In addition, in the future, the formation of the American model will serve as a significant competitive advantage for employers.

Advantages of teaching English in schools with studying English in the USA

Education in schools with studying English in the US is a unique opportunity not only to get acquainted with the new culture of a huge country, but also to practice in English. The following categories of learners will find learning English in America useful:

  • Students of secondary schools and universities : this category of students is the most numerous, because the guys not only learn English, but also explore the cultural component, get acquainted with the life and traditions of the country, go on excursions and participate in creative competitions and events;
  • Travelers will be able to visit a new country or region for them, travel around America, studying English at the same time;
  • Students of linguistic specialties : for them a trip to America for learning English is a good opportunity to get real linguistic, professional experience. As a rule, students of linguistic departments use special conditions for studying and staying in the USA;
  • Teachers of the English language will be able to get a unique linguistic experience, as well as improve their qualifications, because there are language courses specifically for teachers. American teachers will share the secrets of their teaching methods, which later teachers from different countries of the world will be able to adapt at home;
  • People who want to immigrate to the United States for permanent residence: English language courses in US schools will allow you to immerse into the linguistic and cultural environment in a shorter time, adapt to the life and life of America;
  • Employees of international corporations will gain a significant competitive advantage after completing any professional English language course at the school with the study of English in the United States. Such courses will allow professionals to get skills of business communication, as well as to learn specialized vocabulary. In today's dynamic world, career success in almost any field of activity is inconceivable without knowing English at the proper level.

Learning English in the US today is becoming more accessible, and educational programs - more diverse. Everyone can choose English language courses in the United States for their needs.

Features of choosing a school with studying English in the USA

English language courses in the United States can be attended by both elementary school students aged 10 and over, and university students and adults. Before making an educational trip in the United States, it is very important to determine the main purpose of the trip, that is, to decide what specific results your child should achieve as a result of teaching English in schools with studying English in the USA. This can be, for example, the achievement of fluency in English, the improvement of pronunciation or grammar, preparation for enrolling in a secondary school in the United States or a higher education institution in America or the world, etc. Learning English in a language school in the United States can be an excellent beginning of a child's educational path - you just need to prioritize and take into account the following aspects when choosing an English course in the US:

  • In the event that the main purpose of the trip is to learn English from scratch or in the initial stages, it is best to choose schools with English in the USA, located in those cities and states where the lowest probability of learning is shared with other Russian children.
  • It is also necessary to choose English language courses in those states and cities that attract you and the child you heard about and where your child will feel most comfortable. Fortunately, language schools in the United States for foreign students are available in almost any major city.

  • Of course, studying English in the US is quite expensive, but you can always save on one or another aspect, so you need to consider all the parameters and options for English language courses offered by various schools with English in the US. In addition, you need to remember the cost of air tickets, accommodation (if you wish to organize it yourself), etc.
  • Schools with the study of English in the United States offer a variety of English language courses of various subjects and focus - it is necessary to choose one or another topic, aspect of the language, in order to take advantage of the material as effectively as possible.
  • If your child subsequently plans to enter a US university, you need to consider English language courses at the respective universities. In addition, many US institutions provide grants and scholarships, as well as discounts on training for foreign applicants. At the same time, foreign applicants have higher requirements for admission. The most important of them is knowledge of English at a very good level. Therefore, if you decide to link your academic life with higher education institutions in the US, you must carefully prepare and learn English in schools or universities in the United States.

To effectively and successfully learn English (in the case of studying English from scratch), a child should be able to communicate more or less freely on general topics, correctly read and write in English, and also take English speech by ear. In this case, the benefits of studying in schools with the study of English in the United States will be enormous, and training itself will be productive.

Specificity of language courses in schools with the study of English in the US

To ensure that English language learning in the US language schools is most effective and productive, the teaching staff of the schools before the direct English lessons in the provided program conduct tests to determine the entrance level of English. Testing includes both oral and written parts. As a result, students are divided into language groups, in which they are most comfortable learning English. The number of students in each group, as well as the duration of the course and the academic load (intensity of classes) are determined by the language course that you choose.

By the way, depending on the goal of the educational journey, the intensity of the language courses of the English language in the US can be different: as a rule, courses with an intensity of 5 to 40 academic hours per week are common. In addition, there are courses can be conducted in the first or second half of the day, with language courses in the first half a little more expensive.

Educational programs are formed by teachers in advance regardless of the specific set of the group (only age is important, since teachers formulate methods at a certain age). English language courses in the United States are structured in such a way that each student feels comfortable in the learning process.

It is worth mentioning especially the summer schools in the US, which offer the study of English during the summer holidays. This form is very popular and in demand, especially among students and adults, as it offers students an increase in their English proficiency without interrupting work or work-in-training. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the summer school involves not only academic English lessons, but also a rich cultural program of activities, including travel, excursions, etc. Studying in such a school allows pupils not only to improve their knowledge of English, but also to get acquainted with the culture and the life of the country. The summer school also takes students to study for different periods of time (from two weeks or more) to language courses of varying intensity.

In America, there are many schools with English studies, they all have formal accreditation from an authorized organization ACCET, so you can be assured of the quality of the proposed knowledge. In addition, schools with English in the US are not so popular among those who want to learn English abroad as educational institutions in the UK , so it is much easier to find a language course where your child will actively use English among foreigners.

To date, the most popular and popular language courses are the educational programs EFL and ESL. It is necessary to explain the difference between these courses, since they have different target audience. EFL (English as a Foreign Language) - English courses for those people who live in countries that are not English-speaking at the official level, that is, their countries do not have a language environment. ESL (English as a Second Language) is English for those who plan to live, work or study in the US or any other English-speaking country with official recognition of English as a state language. Accordingly, these courses emphasize different aspects of learning English.

In schools with the study of English in the US , a variety of educational programs for every taste are offered: there are courses with an emphasis on business themes, sports, art, any school or university disciplines. The most common option is to learn English in combination with excursions around the country - such language courses you can find in almost any educational institution. However, you can also find specialized English courses like English + medicine / biology / chemistry, English language studies at a summer school at the legendary university in Harvard, English + modern dance in New York, English + preparation for passing any exams , to enter the US higher education institutions and many others.

A variety of language courses and educational programs in schools with the study of English in the USA

As already mentioned earlier, in the US schools with the study of English offer a huge variety of educational programs of different duration, intensity, direction:

  • standard English language course (up to 20-25 lessons per week);
  • intensive English course (up to 35 lessons per week);
  • individual study of English with a teacher;
  • Long-term English language courses in the USA (from one semester to one year);
  • Business English courses , including for managers and top managers;
  • training courses for passing international language examinations to the level of English (SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE);
  • preparation courses for entering universities and schools in the USA ;
  • various combinations of English and cultural and sporting events.

For example, an intensive English language course in the United States will achieve significant results in a relatively short time. On such language courses, the peculiarities of English grammar are carefully worked out, self-expression is practiced directly in English. An intensive English course at a school in the United States will allow your child, above all, to improve his English language skills and improve his English speaking skills.

Almost any educational program includes the development of all the necessary skills: conversations in English, listening (listening), phonetics (pronunciation), writing and reading in English, and enriching vocabulary.

There are also specialized language courses for preparing for international language exams , which are necessary for successful admission to any educational institution of the USA (such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and others). There are also programs for preparation for entering higher levels of educational institutions: Pre-Master (preparation for Master's program) and Pre-MBA (preparation for the MBA program of various business schools).

A separate place is occupied by English language courses for business people , professionals in this or that field of activity. Such specialized language courses will perfectly suit businessmen, businessmen, managers, who need English for work. There are also separate English business language courses in US schools especially for executives and senior managers who value their time and would like to quickly master all the necessary arsenal of knowledge for work. In the process of teaching, teachers help students to improve their English proficiency level, as well as to tighten the necessary skills: business writing, telephone and meeting talks, learning persistent vocabulary, etc. The language courses of such a plan are aimed primarily at the practice of business English. In the process of teaching, the teachers offer various situations for discussion (a similar method is called case studies), arrange role-playing games, create business situations. Business English language courses develop communication skills in the context of international business, economics, etc. An important feature of studying in schools with learning English in the United States is the possibility of organizing additional cultural events of various kinds: visiting the offices of well-known corporations and companies, factories of a particular industry, individual classes in various sports, and a rich excursion program, etc. . A cultural and recreational program is also available in the English language educational programs in the USA for children.

As for specific assignments in the process of teaching English in the United States , it will be necessary to write down abstracts, write essays, essays, actively participate in practical classes, work in libraries with literature (applicable for specialized language courses) at language courses. Let it not frighten - language courses for children in the US are conducted in a very relaxed and unobtrusive form, so that children do not get bored!

Accommodation while teaching English in schools with English studies in the USA

As in other countries, English language courses in the United States suggest the following basic options for students from all over the world to study:

  • host family accommodation;
  • accommodation in the student hostel;
  • living in a removable apartment or apartment;
  • accommodation in a hotel, hotel or hostel.

The language course of individual instruction in English, combined with the placement of the child in the teacher's family, is the most effective and effective option, allowing you to immerse yourself in the linguistic, academic and cultural environment of the United States. The child in this case receives a unique opportunity to live with the teacher's family and to deal with him one-on-one. An experienced teacher will constantly monitor the progress of the child, correct it and direct it. In addition, there is no need to attend any school or college, where language courses are arranged, because classes take place right at home! A similar option is like tutoring in Russia, only in the USA! It is important to mention that the study of English is based not only and not so much on any textbook, but on the constant practice of living English. The teacher builds methodical plans based on the entrance level of your child's English language knowledge, his receptivity of new information, his speed of mastering the new material, so in any case, the learning process in such language courses will be of great benefit and success. In this case, the approach is individualized, the teacher only works with one child, giving him all his time and attention. However, it is possible to pair with another student.

Another no less popular variant of placement of a child for the period of studying English in the United States is intended, first of all, for those who want to get acquainted with the peculiarities of student life in the USA: accommodation in a student residence of a college, school or university, where English language courses are conducted . Many world-famous universities in America accept students and students from all over the world for training! You can learn English in the US at least year round, and in summer go on hot beaches or ski slopes. English language schools in the US are located in many popular and attractive places: from the East to the West Coast, from New York to Los Angeles, from Ohio to Florida. America is glad to offer foreign listeners everything and for every taste: from hot sunny beaches to picturesque mountains.

The cost of learning English at language courses in the USA

It is widely believed that education and living in the United States is incredibly expensive, so do not even think about organizing an educational trip to this country. However, it is necessary to understand that the main expenses are round-trip airfares, and otherwise it will not be much more expensive than studying in any school in Russia. In addition, adult learners can combine instruction in English language courses and work-outs, which is especially popular among students.

Of course, for today, heavy relations are developing between the United States and Russia, and against the background of the weakening of the ruble against the dollar, the cost of education in the US seems quite unbearable. However, many schools with the study of English in the US are meeting with numerous students from Russia and other countries, providing discounts and reducing the cost of educational services. In addition, after carefully studying the many options, you can choose English language courses based on almost any budget.

As a rule, the cost of educational programs in the US includes directly the language course itself, as well as transfer from the airport and back, accommodation, meals, visa costs in the US, insurance. Each of these aspects is subject to regulation depending on your preferences. Below, our specialists give an estimate of the cost of English language courses in the US for reference:

Preparation for exams

  • 2 weeks 1 300 USD - 4 000 USD
  • 4 weeks 2 100 USD - 7 000 USD
  • 6 weeks 3 500 USD - 10 000 USD

English language learning

  • 2 weeks 1 200 USD - 3 800 USD
  • 4 weeks 2 000 USD - 6 800 USD
  • 6 weeks 3 400 USD - 9 500 USD

Fortunately, the American education system provides for the adaptation of educational language programs to the peculiarities of the native language of foreign students of English language courses in the US, so even two-week courses in America will bring significant results and successes. Learning English in the US is also an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the new rich culture, traditions, life in one of the largest countries of the world, to touch the legendary "American Dream".

Choose a school with studying English in the US and an educational program is easy enough. In case of difficulties or questions our specialists with long-term experience in the field of education abroad are always ready to provide free consultation at any time convenient for you. To do this, you need to contact us either through the form on this page of the site, either by phone or by e-mail. High-quality education in the USA awaits you and your children!

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