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Language camp in Switzerland, children's camp in Switzerland, courses for children and schoolchildren

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Language camp in Switzerland, children's camp in Switzerland, courses for children and schoolchildren

The language camp in Switzerland during the school holidays allows school students from all over the world not only to get positive emotions and relax, get acquainted with peers from different countries of the world, but also in a short time to improve their level of proficiency in any foreign language or just a few! A children's camp in Switzerland is ready to offer exciting activities for your child's rest, excursions and hikes - all in order for the training to pass in joy and with benefit.

From year to year, every language camp in Switzerland takes on the training and rest a huge number of students in schools, children and even students from around the world. Children of absolutely different ages come to any children's camp in Switzerland to study at language courses for children and schoolchildren, to improve their level of foreign language skills, which are not the only ones here. The fact is that Switzerland is a state in which four state languages are officially fixed at once: German, French, Italian and Romansh. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of Swiss speak good English. Thus, the search for language courses or language camps in Switzerland for their needs is able to carry out absolutely everyone!

What advantages does the child receive when entering a language camp in Switzerland?

Once you and your child have decided to go abroad to a language camp to study one of the foreign languages and rest, Switzerland will be a worthy choice, because this country is one of the most developed in the European Union, and many Swiss phenomena, services and goods are associated in world with reliability, safety and high quality. The incredible beauty of nature and the comfortable climate of Switzerland will not leave anyone indifferent either. A children's camp in Switzerland will allow your child to significantly improve their level of fluency in a relatively short time, as well as develop skills and talents, work out for sports and creativity - whatever your heart desires! So, among the main advantages of language camps in Switzerland are:

  • Llanguage camps for children in Switzerland provide students from all over the world with a unique opportunity to make significant progress in mastering one or more of the major languages of instruction in the country: German, Italian, English or French. Based on their abilities to learn foreign languages, available knowledge and interests, each student can choose to develop courses for children and schoolchildren in one or several foreign languages and study them simultaneously or one after another.
  • The language camp in Switzerland will allow students to have a good rest in a comfortable climate, pure mountain and foothill air, on picturesque lakes. In addition, children's camps in Switzerland are famous for the highest quality of food provided to children and schoolchildren.
  • Children's camps in Switzerland with the study of foreign languages can have a variety of "specializations": there is the possibility of learning and relaxing in a language sports camp where students are engaged in some kind of sport and active activities (from football and basketball to kayaking on lakes and horse riding ), it is also possible to study in creative camps, where children and schoolchildren can reveal their talents in drawing, singing, modeling, etc. Despite the fact that Switzerland does not have access to the seas, in the country's children's camps, to As a rule, there are several kinds of sports to choose from, related to water bodies.

As you can see, even these mentioned advantages are enough to understand that the language camp in Switzerland is a wonderful opportunity for children and schoolchildren not only to have a good rest and gain strength before the new school year, but also to learn some foreign language or even two - the blessing, all possibilities for effective training here are.

Specific features of studying foreign languages at courses for children and schoolchildren in Switzerland

As Switzerland is a multi-lingual country, in language camps for children, educational programs are offered in various foreign languages - in French, German, Italian or English. In some children's camps, Spanish courses for children and schoolchildren are also offered. It is worth noting that a large number of children's camps in Switzerland allow the study of two foreign languages at the student's choice! Accessibility of specific foreign languages depends, first of all, on the canton in which the camp is located. For example, the French cantons will teach children and students mainly French, and it is also possible to study English (after all, English is an international language, so English courses can be found in virtually any children's language camp in Switzerland ). And this is not surprising, because Switzerland is one of the centers of international business, in particular, the banking sector, that's why the overwhelming majority of the population speaks English at a decent level. As a result, such a division of Switzerland into different zones of foreign languages will positively affect the results of teaching a foreign language and its practice, because practice is the fundamental aspect of learning any language.

It should also be noted that most of the children's camps in Switzerland are located either in the center of large Swiss cities (Montreux, Geneva, Lausanne, etc.), in small tourist or resort towns (Verbier, St. Moritz, St. Gallen, Villars -sur-Ollon, etc.), as well as at a certain distance from settlements (near a lake, mountainous terrain, etc.). Anyway, your child in any children's language camp in Switzerland will be able to have fun in nature and fresh air with the benefit, having become acquainted with the children from different countries of the world.

Let us now examine the peculiarities of academic work in children's camps in Switzerland. The number of academic hours can be from 5 to 30 academic hours a week - it all depends on the goals of the student. As a rule, older children and schoolchildren prefer more tense, but from this no less exciting and fun, a vacation in Switzerland. In addition, such students are given the right to choose additional disciplines that also pass in a foreign language at the option of each student. And since the vast majority of children's language camps in Switzerland are organized by private boarding schools in Switzerland , parents can be absolutely calm that their child will receive high-quality knowledge from professional and experienced teachers, as well as the necessary care.

In addition to teaching foreign languages and other disciplines directly, language camps in Switzerland for children and schoolchildren organize a whole program of extra-curricular activities for their students, allowing children to get unforgettable impressions: there are trips to excursions to large cities, and hiking in mountains and forests, and visits to major sightseeing in Switzerland, visiting picturesque lakes, going to theaters, museums, etc. A wide variety of sports will not leave indifferent any schoolboy - after all, you can do football and skiing (mainly in winter), and even water rowing and horse riding! Regularly on the territory of the camps various sports competitions and merry starts are organized, as well as cultural events.

Language courses for children and schoolchildren in Switzerland work throughout the calendar year, so you can choose children's camps in the winter or summer. Winter language camps in Switzerland operate in December and February, and summer ones - from May to July-August.

Children's camps in Switzerland in summer for children and schoolchildren

Practically every student who studies one of the European languages and loves to travel dreams of spending a summer vacation in a language children's camp in Switzerland . Courses for children and schoolchildren in summer are the most popular educational program among students from different countries of the world, because summer vacations are as many as three warm months without boring school hours!

In the process of forming classes, or groups, for teaching foreign languages, the teaching staff necessarily takes into account the individual abilities, talents and interests of each student. Before starting to study and relax in the summer children's camp in Switzerland , children and schoolchildren undergo special testing to determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language (chosen as the main language studied). Passing such an introductory test allows teachers to, firstly, most effectively distribute the children by training groups, and, secondly, competently build a curriculum taking into account the individual characteristics of all students. Thus, the educational program will allow all children to achieve maximum results in the learning process, and the educational process will be comfortable and balanced.

For example, College Du Leman (College Du Leman), located near Geneva, in Versoix, takes on training and rest of children aged from two to 18 years. Training takes place in French or English. In addition to the summer camp for children, students can practice mostly water sports, as the school is located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Geneva (Lehman, hence the name of the school).

You can also go to the children's camp at the school St. George School in Montreux , located on the opposite shore of Lake Leman. On demand and popularity the educational institution is not inferior to the College of Du Lehmann. Students and pupils between the ages of 11 and 18 are admitted for training, the training is in English and French. There is also the possibility of studying the German language at the initial level.

Or, for example, a more financially accessible children's camp on Lake Schwarzsee , which allows students between the ages of 10 and 18 and even students to spend an unforgettable summer vacation. Training is conducted in English, German and French. Typically, students are assigned to study groups of six, and classes last five days a week from nine in the morning to noon, followed by various extracurricular activities.

More options you can find on our website - for each children's camp in Switzerland is given a brief reference, as well as available educational programs with an indication of the estimated cost.

Winter camps for children with learning foreign languages in Switzerland

The second most popular vacation period in Switzerland is winter. Especially attractive winter camps for children with learning English will be for children engaged in winter sports. In Switzerland, many camps offer children the ability to improve their knowledge of a foreign language, as well as to relax at mountain resorts known throughout the world. Professional coaches with many years of experience teaching children will teach and put on skis even those children who never thought about ski slopes - where else it is worth starting to engage in this exciting sport, how not in Switzerland! However, snowboarding is also available, and in case of unwillingness to engage in "extreme" for one reason or another, you can simply take a walk in the most beautiful snow-covered Switzerland.

For example, the same College Du Leman (College Du Leman) organizes summer camp and winter, offering courses in French and English, and winter sports.

The children's winter camp at Institut auf dem Rosenberg is very popular. The camp works for children aged 6 to 18 years, and the training takes place in Italian, German and English. This educational institution is the leader among schools in the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland, which speaks of the high quality of the educational services provided.

If we look at more accessible educational institutions, then we should take a closer look at the children's camp at the Institut Monte Rosa in Montreux. This is a small children's language camp (here in the season there are up to 60-70 students) for schoolchildren aged 6 to 19 years. Especially it is worth noting the successful location of the camp: on one side is the most beautiful Lake Geneva, on the other - a mountain range and forests. The training is conducted in French and English.

Variants of placement of students in a children's camp in Switzerland

Since almost all the children's camps in Switzerland are organized by universities or private educational institutions with boarding school, children who come to Switzerland for holidays are offered two basic accommodation options: in a student hostel, where students of an educational institution live in school or in the family. All children's camps offering family accommodation have a list of their accredited families, so you can be sure that families have everything they need for a comfortable life and learning, and that the child will receive all the necessary care and care for the duration of his stay in the camp. In common residences, children are accommodated for two or four people per room, which are also equipped with everything necessary.

It is worth noting and this feature of children's camps in Switzerland , as the separation of educational programs for full-time and full-board. Their specificity follows from the name: day courses for children and schoolchildren are suitable for those who live with their family and after the class goes home, not to the hostel.

As for the organization of food, it is carried out on the principles of a full board: children are offered a variety of breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Cost of language camp in Switzerland

The cost of a language camp in Switzerland varies from a thousand to several thousand Swiss francs (CHF) per week. Typically, the cost includes the following basic services: the educational program itself in the chosen foreign language of instruction, the residence of students for the entire period of stay in the camp, three meals a day (at least, possibly more meals). In some cases, the cost includes some extra-curricular activities. Among the factors influencing the cost, you should specify:

  • Vacation period: a children's camp in Switzerland in winter is usually more expensive than the same language camp in the summer;
  • The amount of lessons: the more intensive the language course, the higher its cost;
  • The volume of extracurricular program;
  • Length of stay in the language camp;
  • Type of accommodation;
  • Other factors (transportation costs, registration fees, etc.).

So, the language camp in Switzerland provides a wonderful opportunity to make an unforgettable trip to a beautiful country with a beautiful nature. The holidays spent in Switzerland will be remembered for a long time! Your child will necessarily have a good time, get acquainted with peers from around the world, and improve his knowledge of the foreign language.

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