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Monkland Avenue: one of the famous streets in Montreal

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Monkland Avenue: one of the famous streets in Montreal

Montreal is a city with a long history and dozens of attractions, and many of them are whole streets. Monkland is one of them: it is a tourist destination, which has its value even without the presence of cathedrals, museums and ancient buildings. There are other advantages on this street: restaurants, parks, boutiques, shops, as well as the contrast of local residents with tourists from dozens of countries. When you are in Montreal, you should definitely visit Monkland Avenue: time will not be wasted, and emotions will be remembered for a long time.


In Montreal, one of the central districts is Notre Dame de Gra. Monkland Street runs in the area and is part of the soul of the city. The name of the street immortalized the name of a famous lawyer who fought to end slavery on the mainland. At the end of the 18th century, a lawyer built a mansion on this street called Monklands.

The lawyer's mansion was eventually given to the governor's residence, and in 1854 a Catholic school for young girls, owned by Notre Dame, was opened here. Today, the mansion continues to adorn the street.

Local flavour

In the 30s of the last century, the street began to grow - this place was loved by businessmen, including foreign ones: cafes, restaurants, shops, office centers began to open. Today, the street extends for several kilometers, each meter of which pleases with color. Here you can meet locals of various interests and lifestyles: hippies, vegans, old women in retro cars - just for the sake of this it is already worth a walk along Avenue!

What to visit?

The shops

Monkland is a street where crowds of tourists do not dry out: boutiques and shops are located at every step. Here you can buy local souvenirs, designer clothes, unique sets of dishes, jewelry, fabrics, gifts for children. Most stores have high prices, but there are also those that offer good discounts for tourists.

Favorite tourist shops are:

  • Gift Shops Zone Maison and 101 Artisans
  • Cosmetic shop Studio Kaos Mine
  • Boutiques Melanie Grace, Ciel Bleu Ltee
  • Toys store Toys
  • Jewelry Salon OTA Watchmaker & Jewellry Inc.

Fun for the whole family

On Moncland Street is interesting not only for parents, but also for children: visit the amusement parks Paul-Dovon or Benny: the second is more interesting and more, it has dozens of attractions, fountains, alleys with hundreds of flowers.

Restaurants and Pubs

The avenue is rich in dozens of restaurants, cafes, pubs: the choice is huge, and the menu is gorgeous everywhere. Popular are:

  • Pizzerias: Bacaro Pizzeria Urbaine, Pizza Pinoli
  • Restaurants with dozens of cuisines: Chinese, Thai, Greek, Italian, Japanese, seafood restaurants
  • Cafe: Dagwoods Sandwitches, Kosher Sushi Yakimono
  • Bars & Pubs: Old fruit garden, Local 75 Bistro Pub, Second Cup
  • Confectioneries: La Meunerie Urbaine, La Diperie, Chocolats Taboo Inc.

Interesting Facts

  • All street shops and stores are controlled by the Monkland Merchants organization.
  • 99% of Avenue residents and workers have breakfast in cafes and restaurants.


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