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Opening dates for the restaurant and hotel business in Europe

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Opening dates for the restaurant and hotel business in Europe

Gradually, European countries are returning to normal life: parks, hotels are opening, revitalization reigns in cities, and there are no empty seats in the newly opened cafes. The article will tell you when restaurants and hotels in Europe will open, and about innovations in cafes in Austria, Italy, Denmark and other European countries.

Opening dates for restaurants and hotels in Europe

  • Austria

Restaurants - 05/15/20

Hotels - 05/29/20

  • Belgium

Restaurants - 06/08/20

Hotels are already open

  • Croatia

Restaurants - 05/11/20

  • Czech Republic

Restaurants - 05/25/20

  • Switzerland

Restaurants - 05/11/20

Hotels are already open

  • Germany

Restaurants - 05/05/20 (partially and not in all regions)

  • Hungary

Restaurants - open (partially and not in all regions)

  • Italy

Restaurants - 06/01/20

  • Netherlands

Restaurants - 06/01/20

Hotels are already open

  • Portugal

Restaurants - 05/18/20

  • Spain

Restaurants - since mid-May

Hotels - 05/11/20

  • Sweden

Restaurants - Already Open

Hotels are already open

  • Slovenia

Restaurants - Already Open

  • Ireland

Restaurants - 06/29/20

Hotels - 07/20/20

  • Poland

Hotels are already open

  • Slovakia

Restaurants - Already Open

  • Greece

Restaurants - 06/01/20

  • United Kingdom

Restaurants - 07/01/20.

A stripped-down menu, burger in place of Michelin restaurants, cafe in the field and other forced innovations in restaurants


In Austria, cafes have been operating since mid-May, and there are very few masked people: new rules oblige visitors to wear masks only when they enter and exit the cafe, and you can take off the mask when you sit at your table. Under the new rules, waiters and other service personnel must wear masks at all times. If the restaurant business is recovering, the situation with hotel business is not so simple: most hotels are focused on tourists, therefore they see no reason to open until the tourists start traveling again.


In Germany, since May 9, all restaurants have already started operating, the Bundesliga football matches will resume from the second half of the spring month and all stores will start operating soon, regardless of their area. According to experts, German breweries, like other public catering establishments, are in crisis: financial means for beer bars are only enough for the first twenty days after the quarantine has been lifted.


In Amsterdam, restaurateurs spread their tables, and now in the square, where dozens of people used to fit, there can be no more than six. Amsterdam restaurants with glass cabins have attracted much public attention.


In Sweden, it is planned to launch a special service - a restaurant without walls and waiters: the only table will be located in the middle of a field in the province of Vermland, and food delivery will be carried out in a basket over a stretched rope.


From May 21, the top-end Noma restaurant will open in Copenhagen, but in a new format: instead of a complicated gastronomic menu, the restaurant will prepare 2 types of burgers worth 14 € each. In the usual format, Noma will not work until July. The decision to open a burger and wine bar is associated with new realities and sanitary requirements. According to the restaurant chef Rene Redzepi, now is not the time for complicated food and long ceremonies.


In Spain, restaurateurs were allowed to tear open terraces, provided they were not filled more than 30%. It is planned to remove restrictions step by step during the summer period.

United Kingdom

As of May 30, 2020, 271,222 cases were detected in the UK - this is more than in Italy, France and even Spain. The kingdom takes 4th place in the list of countries with the highest number of infections; 3 countries are ahead of it: Russia (3rd place), Brazil (2nd place) and the USA (1st place). Therefore, the British authorities are in no hurry to remove restrictions: cafes and restaurants plan to open no earlier than July 4.

Hotels and opening borders

Since air transportation decreased by 90%, hotels, even if they open, will be vacant indefinitely. Travelers need to check in advance whether hotels work and what sanitary requirements they put forward. It is worth paying attention to the list of services, because the common areas in the SPA, restaurants and other events will not resume in the near future.

But there is good news - gradually European countries open borders:

  • Austria will open borders to neighboring countries from June 15 (for Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Liechtenstein)
  • Belgium will open borders on June 15, museums are open from May 18
  • Bulgaria: Sofia-London post established today
  • Croatia has opened air service on the main routes with neighboring countries, and it is not yet known when it will open the borders for other tourists
  • Cyprus plans to open borders and hotels for tourists from July
  • Denmark awaits tourists from June 1
  • France is gradually opening borders, but tourists will need a medical report on the absence of coronavirus infection
  • Germany plans to restore tourist life by August
  • Greece opens borders from July 1
  • Italy is waiting for tourists from June 3
  • Poland plans to open the tourist season from June 13.

When and how will cafes and restaurants open in Russia?

Russian restaurateurs plan to resume work no earlier than June, taking into account all the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor. Most businessmen plan to open summer verandas and adjust the menu, as they will probably have to work in conditions of low demand. Elite restaurants are projected to become even more expensive, while middle-class cafes and bars will either be even cheaper, or will go into the premium segment.

The President of the REAL Professional Restaurant Alliance, Dmitry Levitsky, noted that most likely a third of restaurants after lifting the restrictions will be closed after 2-3 months due to reduced demand. According to statistics, the delivery of ready meals from restaurants covers only 8% -15% of the turnover, and an equally difficult situation is observed in institutions of high and low price segment. At the moment, authorities say that opening restaurants and shopping centers in Russia is premature and dangerous.

The first in the country to earn a cafe with an area of not more than 50 sq.m. provided that no more than 5 tables are installed in one or two seats. Cafes can open only with a stable decrease in the number of cases throughout the country, so an exact date has not yet been established.

World morbidity statistics as of May 30, 2020

  • USA: 1.78 million cases and 23,862 new cases per day
  • Brazil: 468,000 sick and 26,928 new / day
  • Russia: 397,000 total and 8572 / day
  • Great Britain: 271,000 and 2,095 / day
  • Spain: 239,000 infected and 0 / day
  • Italy: 232,000 infected and 516 / day
  • Germany: 183,000 and 741 / day
  • India: 174,000 and 7,466 / day
  • Turkey: 162,000 and 1,141 / day
  • France: 150,000 and 597 / day.
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