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2019-08-14 16:41:41

The best schools abroad for foreign students

The best schools abroad for foreign students

Schools abroad - receiving prestigious secondary education

The key advantage of getting a secondary education abroad is due to the fact that a foreign student will be fluent in several foreign languages at the same time. It is widely known that, not knowing a foreign language, in principle, it is impossible to build a successful and promising career in the international labor market. 

When studying abroad, a foreign teenager is guaranteed effectiveness in learning a foreign language, which is achieved through a full immersion in the language environment. Thus, the language barrier and shyness, which is associated with the new linguistic and cultural environment, are being overcome, and gradually the foreign student begins to imperceptibly speak a foreign language.

Specific characteristics of teaching the best schools abroad for foreign students

When deciding to receive an elite secondary education abroad, foreign students are guaranteed education in small classes, teaching is provided by experienced teachers, as well as an individual approach to each student. Schools abroad focuses on the disclosure of individual abilities and creative potential among students, the comprehensive formation of personality, as well as the development of independence. So, in the framework of education by foreign studennts, the skill of reflection, analysis, and decision making is acquired.

Using this educational approach, at the end of an elite boarding school abroad, a graduate can freely become a student at a ranking university in any country in the world. Thus, having a diploma from a top university, a foreign graduate will be able to get a well-paid position in a large international company, as well as reside in a foreign country.

An international atmosphere is the key to the success of studying abroad!

Studying in a multinational environment where students from a wide variety of countries are present contributes to the establishment of new and interesting acquaintances, immersion in the culture and traditions of a new country. Living together with students in the walls of the best foreign boarding schools, a foreign student will be able to find a common language with representatives of various cultures and nationalities in the shortest period of time. Agree that this quality is extremely appreciated among employers at the moment.

Infrastructure equipment of leading foreign boarding schools

Entering the best boarding schools abroad, a foreign student are waiting for the latest technology equipped laboratories, large libraries, music classes, as well as spacious gyms. It is worth noting that foreign students can actively engage in a variety of sports, namely horse riding, golf, skiing, tennis, football, etc. In addition, sports schools successfully operate abroad, within the walls of which professional sports are provided, accompanied by an experienced trainer.

The decision to obtain a ranking education abroad

It is natural to assume that it is extremely difficult for the child’s parents to decide on sending him to a prestigious foreign private boarding school. After all, a foreign student will have to go through and adapt to a change in the linguistic, educational environment, as well as the social environment. However, not every foreign student is morally inclined to live independently on the territory of a foreign residence, without parental care and familiar amenities. It is for this category of students that it is worth choosing prestigious foreign schools that provide for a full-time education format. So, most elite foreign colleges and gymnasiums have established this format of education at present. As for foreign students, whose age ranges from 14 to 19 years, among them living on campus are popular and in demand. Accommodation on campus involves the simultaneous education and accommodation of foreign students, in addition, they are guaranteed round-the-clock supervision by school staff. Thus, parents need not worry.

The best private boarding schools abroad - the benefits of studying for foreign students

  • High level of quality educational services

The history of the development of most boarding schools abroad has been successfully operating for decades and centuries, thus, the formation and rooting of educational traditions took place within their walls, while at the same time both modern and traditional teaching methods are applied in the teaching framework, which have proved their efficiency. Note that modern techniques involve the use of interactive teaching methods, the use of innovative techniques, online platforms, as well as various electronic resources.

The certificate, which was issued to the graduate in English and other private boarding schools, is highly appreciated. So, having this certificate in hand, a foreign student has an excellent opportunity to enter top foreign universities. In addition, getting secondary and higher education abroad, you have a competitive advantage in finding employment and building a successful career in large international companies.

  • Multicultural setting, networking

Prestigious private boarding schools abroad have an international atmosphere through the enrollment of foreign students from all over the world who are distinguished by culture, confession and nationality. Staying in a multicultural environment, the foreign student on a close basis gets acquainted with representatives of different countries, acquires the skill of respecting someone else's point of view, at the same time making new friends and making international contacts.

  • Independence and discipline

Admission to a ranking of a private foreign boarding school at an early age ensures that your child acquires the skills of independence and perseverance at the time of graduation. Taking into account the constant supervision of students in the walls of leading boarding schools abroad, foreign students in the shortest period of time learn to independently distribute personal time, allocating areas of study for themselves, as well as distributing hours between education and attending various electives. The predominant number of foreign boarding schools adhere to a fairly strict discipline. So, the student is immediately expelled from school if he has been noticed in the use of drugs and alcohol. In addition, on the part of the pedagogical staff, careful monitoring of the attendance by students of classes, their performance, as well as behavior is conducted.

When moving to the middle classes, a foreign student, based on his own preferences and goals, selects a list of academic subjects for study, thereby devoting many hours to areas of knowledge of interest, while increasing the intellectual level. Agree that, by studying subjects of interest, the probability of successful enrollment in a ranking foreign university significantly increases.

Overseas boarding schools that truly create the broadest opportunities for students to learn. So, in modern classrooms, interactive whiteboards are installed, there are also language laboratories, libraries with electronic resources, and, of course, for the effectiveness of education, students work on modern computers and in multimedia centers. For the physical development of the wards, state-of-the-art sports complexes and playgrounds have been built, and there is also the necessary equipment for sports. Thus, all the necessary conditions for comfortable education, living and recreation are created.

  • Ability to learn several foreign languages

Passing studies abroad, at the end of education, every foreign student will speak English at an excellent level. In addition, the predominant number of students at the time of receipt of the certificate of secondary education speak on an additional basis 2-3 foreign languages. In particular, the highest quality linguistic education can be obtained in Switzerland, which is a multicultural and multilingual country. In this connection, after graduation, foreign students are equally fluent in English, German, and French. Note that classes in Spanish and Chinese are possible as electives. You must admit that, knowing several foreign languages, the graduate is highly regarded in the international labor market. It is the effectiveness of education in foreign advanced language schools that is achieved through a full immersion in the language culture.

  • Applying an individual approach to each student

It’s worth paying attention that the cost of studying in top private boarding schools abroad is quite high, however, the money spent is more than offset by the quality of the knowledge and skills acquired. So, in the framework of teaching, an individual approach is applied to each student, respect for students is shown, taking into account their unique and developed personality. Lessons are held in small cozy classrooms, thus, the attention of the teacher to each student is guaranteed.

The goal pursued by foreign advanced boarding schools is not only to acquire high-quality knowledge by foreign students, but also to acquire the skills of reasoning, analysis, formation and expression of their own point of view, as well as self-realization.

Tuition at the best foreign private boarding schools and colleges

So, the cost of education in advanced schools in Europe and other countries is determined on the basis of the ranking of the educational institution, the results of graduate exams, degree of prestige, history. Below is the average cost of education, taking into account food and accommodation in top European boarding schools and other countries of the world.

Country of study

The cost of secondary education

Great Britain

25,000 £ - 40,000 £


30,000 $ - 60,000 $


40,000 Swiss - 90,000 Swiss


20,000 CAD $ - 60,000 CAD $


20,000 - 35,000 


24,000 - 45,000 


25,000 - 40,000 


25,000 - 45,000 


30,000 - 67,000 


25,000 - 45,000 


25,000 AUD $ - 45,000 AUD $

List of required documents for admission to leading private boarding schools abroad

Among foreign private boarding schools, variations are possible in the list of necessary documents and the work of admissions committees. Below is a list of documents that need to be prepared upon admission to a ranked private boarding school:

  • School grades for the last 2-3 years of study;
  • Copy of your passport;
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics, a foreign language, school principal. The writing format is free, translation into English or another language is required, which the foreign student plans to study;
  • International language certificate;
  • Some European boarding schools require foreign students to pass UKiset uniform testing before submitting documents to the educational institution;
  • Filling out the school registration forms;
  • Skype interview.
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