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2020-08-21 12:25:42

Mesmerizing water - the most beautiful fountains in the world

Mesmerizing water - the most beautiful fountains in the world

When planning a trip, the list of must-see places usually includes the sights of the city: its museums, historical monuments, masterpieces of architecture, but many people forget about such an amazing invention as fountains. These creations of talented architects have firmly entered our daily life and rarely surprise anyone, but still there are true masterpieces, admiring which you can get real aesthetic pleasure.


Bellagio, Las Vegas

One of the largest singing fountains in the world, Bellagio, located near the hotel and casino of the same name in the heart of Las Vegas, is a marvel of engineering. It was opened in 1998 and during this time managed to bring the city great fame among tourists. The huge fountain, which, due to its size, can be seen from many points of the city, is made up of 1,175 jets of water spilling over 80 meters in height.

The guests' impressions of what they see are amplified by many speakers and LED lights, transforming the splashing water into a real fairy-tale show. Every day, both in the daytime and at nightfall, thousands of tourists watch enchanting performances.

Moonlight Rainbow, Seoul

Striking beauty and contribution to the ecology of the city - this is how this fountain in the center of Seoul is described. The man-made masterpiece is located on both sides of the bridge over the Han River and in total stretches for more than a kilometer, entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest in the world.

The structure consists of two parts - the upper and lower tiers, due to which the water extravaganza can be observed both from above and "inside" the fountain itself. During the daytime, the jets of the fountain give not only unforgettable emotions, but also a refreshing coolness, but in the evening, when the whole city is plunged into darkness, the most interesting comes: thousands of multi-colored LEDs, acoustic speakers and electronic devices create truly unforgettable light performances. Nobody will remain indifferent - neither adults nor children.

Environmentalists will especially appreciate this place - the construction uses river water, and filters are installed in the bridge system, as a result of which the water is not polluted and returns to the river already purified.

"Grand Cascade", Peterhof

The fountain complex, consisting of 75 water structures, 3 stepped waterfalls and two grottoes, framed by magnificent bronze sculptures, bas-reliefs, installations and landscape design elements, is famous far beyond the country's borders

In just a couple of years, Peterhof will be four centuries old, but it still has no equal in the majesty of palaces and the luxury of park ensembles, which attracts guests from all over the world.

Fountain of Wealth, Singapore

"Basketball hoop", "Donut with legs" and many other playful names gave this work of hydroengineering art, which got into the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the largest fountain on the planet. Although now he has lost this title, he certainly retained his splendor and beauty. In Singapore, there is a belief about the way to achieve wealth associated with this place: at the moment when the fountain turns on, you need to come closer, touch the water surface with your hand and mentally make yourself wealth and prosperity. After that, you need to go around the structure 3 times, and that's it - the money is already on its way to you!

The design of the building is full of symbolism and is made in compliance with all the rules of feng shui:

  • 4 pillars symbolize the number of peoples and major religions of Singapore
  • the main ring represents the sacred Mandala sign, meaning peace and unity
  • the small circle is considered a kind of magnet for human spiritual wealth and harmony.

For the manufacture of an architectural masterpiece, bronze was used, since, according to Chinese beliefs, its combination with the water element brings success and prosperity. The total weight of the fountain exceeds 85 tons, and in height it can rival a five-story building.

Pearl Divers Waterfall, Dubai

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has dramatically increased its position in the list of the most popular resorts on the planet. This lightning-fast development is due to the oil fields located in the UAE, which have provided the opportunity to build many amazing architectural structures in the country. For example, the notorious waterfall fountain located in the Dubai Mall.

The structure is so large that it permeates all the floors of the complex, being 24 meters high and over 30 meters in diameter. Guests are amazed not only by the size, but also the main distinguishing feature of this installation - the divers made of fiberglass. They are sailing for pearls, because it was he who historically brought the main income to the inhabitants of the emirates until the discovery of oil in the country. The work of extracting these beautiful minerals was dangerous but lucrative.

It is better to visit the mall in the evening, when the figures in the waterfall are especially beautiful because of the many spotlights and LEDs. The memorable photographs taken and an hour or two spent with a cup of aromatic coffee in nearby restaurants overlooking the waterfall will remain in the memory for a long time.

Stravinsky Fountain, Paris

Not all works of architects are understandable and accessible to ordinary visitors. A fountain has been installed in the French capital in honor of the Russian composer who spent many years in this "city of love". Igor Stravinsky wrote many great works that sound in the center of Paris from the depths of the singing fountain, which never goes unnoticed. A rectangular pool, sound accompaniments and eccentric statues - all this fascinates the eye and raises many questions: why was this decision taken during the design and construction.

But, despite this, during the day the fountain is a favorite place for photo shoots, and in the evening, emotions are seething around it, it makes such a strong impression.

Swarovski crystal head fountain, Innsbruck

In a small Austrian town there is an interesting fountain made in the form of a human head, completely covered with green vegetation. The mouth is the source of water, the eyes of the sculpture are made of Swarovski glass. Leading architects, sculptors and designers worked on the project, and the finished structure never ceases to amaze guests of the city to this day. But the most interesting thing is that the head is the entrance to the museum of the same name of precious stones and crystals, located underground and open to the public all year round.

Soaring fountains, Osaka

Japan has never ceased to amaze with its creativity and high technology combined with ancient traditions, and aerial installations are no exception. Against the laws of physics, against gravity and seemingly against common sense - all this describes a mesmerizing sight that opens up to visitors to Osaka.

When you look at the fountain, you get the impression that the cubes are hanging in the air solely because of the water pushing them out, but the whole secret turns out to be simple: the foundations of the structure are made of transparent material and are hidden under water, creating an amazing illusion.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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