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Study in France for foreign students

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Study in France for foreign students

The best boarding schools in France for foreign students 

The French educational system is characterized by excellent organization. In particular, the state finances and monitors French schools, which are divided into categories such as private, elementary, secondary, and also higher schools. Obtaining the leading secondary education in France among foreign students is extremely popular and in demand. The highest level of quality and prestige of the top French boarding schools is universally recognized, at the same time, receiving an elite French secondary education, all opportunities are open for a foreign student to build a successful and promising career, occupying a high position within the chosen profession.

Obtaining basic secondary education is compulsory in France, which corresponds to the age of the child from 6 to 16 years. Successful completion of this educational stage creates excellent opportunities that are equivalent for both French and foreign students to become a student at a ranking university in France. SMAPSE experts note that, having a French university diploma in hand, there are endless possibilities for a successful career building for the graduate that the diploma of the top university of France is quoted in the EU and other countries of the world. Education in the best boarding schools in France has such characteristics as a high level of quality educational services and academic freedom.

Entering elite private boarding schools in France, foreign students are guaranteed to receive excellent and high-quality academic education. In particular, elite French boarding schools are very popular and in demand among foreign students. Note that, entering a boarding school, a foreign student is given the opportunity to obtain a guardian within the walls of the educational institution, thereby allowing significantly reduce the difficulties in obtaining a student visa type D, the presence of which is required for study in France.

Please note that SMAPSE educational center provides professional services on admission and enrollment in advanced French boarding schools on a free basis because SMAPSE are not intermediaries. In addition, the services of SMAPSE experienced specialists are provided on issues such as obtaining educational discounts, scholarships in case of excellent student performance.

Educational structure of France

The educational process in France begins with the preschool level. So, upon reaching 2-3 years, it is envisaged for children to attend kindergartens, directly in the older groups there is a high-quality preparation for entering school. Upon reaching 6 years, the child switches to the basic educational cycle. It is worth noting that education in a French elementary school is mandatory, the duration of this stage is 5 years, namely from grades 1 to 5. After passing this stage, there is a transition to College, which is a secondary school in which adolescents undergo education as part of an educational program for 4 years.

As for high school students, in France for them, education begins when they reach the age of 15-16 as part of the transition to lycee. In accordance with the French educational system, foreign students are enrolled in the French Baccalaureate program. If you are interested in obtaining an international certificate, a foreign student can undergo training as part of the IB academic program, which involves teaching in English. Directly at this stage, the completion of the educational process in France is possible for those students who do not intend to enter the university. Special courses have been developed for this category of graduates in French centers for the education of apprentices, as well as in professional lyceums.

The intermediate stage between the school and the university are general educational and technical lyceums, the duration of study in which is 3 years. Within the walls of these leading educational institutions in France, quality preparations are being made for entering French ranking universities.

In France, foreign students can be educated in private boarding schools, and at the higher educational level, admission to both private and state educational institutions is possible. On an annual basis, several hundred foreign students from all over the world come to the best boarding schools in France. A sufficiently large number of foreign applicants have as their goal admission to the best universities in France. So, specially for future applicants, preparatory programs have been developed that combine language courses with intensive study of specialized disciplines. SMAPSE experts note the availability of elite higher education in France for all foreign students, regardless of nationality and level of initial education.

Key advantages of obtaining French secondary education for foreign students 

  • Among European countries, the advanced boarding school in France is universally recognized as one of the most prestigious, at present, every interested foreign students can enter an elite French school with the aim of obtaining a secondary education. On the territory of France, numerous educational programs have been developed, in the framework of which school basic, special, university and course education is conducted. As a rule, coursework is more focused on improving the language skills of foreign students. Choosing a vacation in the best boarding schools in France, a foreign student will have an excellent opportunity for a qualitative improvement in knowledge of the French language, while at the same time closely communicating with native speakers.
  • The prestigious French boarding schools are characterized by a low cost of education, thereby creating an indisputable advantage compared to educational institutions in other European countries.
  • The educational process in France has a practical orientation, in particular, this is more typical of agricultural and technical specializations. So, graduates of specialized French lyceums and leading universities can have no doubt in successful employment after graduation, as students acquire the necessary practical skills in the framework of internships.
  • Graduates of other specialties among the leading French employers are no less in demand. Note that graduates are supported in the framework of employment by government agencies and some non-governmental organizations, the most famous is universally recognized by AFIJ.
  • Having a French prestigious diploma in his hands, the graduate has the widest opportunities for promising employment in the European labor market. Thus, getting an elite education in France, you make long-term investments in the further success of your child.

The cost of advanced education in top boarding schools in France

Variations in the price of elite secondary education in France are due to the ranking of the institution, the quality of teaching, and location. So, the cost of obtaining French secondary education varies from 20,000  to 30,000  per year, taking into account food and accommodation. As for the leading French language camps for children, the price of education varies from 600  to 1,500 per week, the cost includes the entire range of services except for air travel. The cost of taking effective language courses aimed at adults and adolescents will range from 150 to 1,200 , due to the intensity of classes and the prestige of the institution.

Details will be provided below regarding the French education system.

French educational system - what is it?

France’s education system has a centralized approach and is subordinate to the national ministry. Currently, about 65,000 educational institutions have been created in France, within the walls of which effective teaching of teaching material to foreign students is conducted. Considering the proportional relationship between private and public, the share of private boarding schools is on average 15-20%. As for the total number of students, it is approximately 15 million, of which 5 million are students. Before the student reaches the age of 16, education is mandatory, in addition, the educational process provides for state funding. Students are given textbooks on a free basis, and they also expect to pay for travel to the French leading school.

Another specific characteristic of the educational process in France is due to secularism. A ban on religious education in prestigious public boarding schools in France. In the vast majority of cases, academic subjects are taught in French.

Below are the stages of secondary education in France:

In France, children receive pre-school education in nurseries and kindergartens. Upon reaching the child of 3 years, he can be sent to a nursery. Directly within the walls of the leading kindergartens in France, students are divided into 3-4 groups. The first group includes children under 4 years of age. As for the second group, its age category is 4-5 years. As part of this educational level, children acquire communication, singing, drawing skills, as well as develop individual creative abilities. Considering the third group, it is included in the elite elementary boarding school in France. Note that in the French advanced kindergartens, classes will be held "discovering the world." In addition, educators spend a lot of time with kids in the fresh air. As part of the walks, it is planned to organize picnics, hold exciting games, as well as close acquaintance with the picturesque surroundings. Please note that Wednesday is a day off of advanced French kindergartens.

The top elementary boarding school in France - the educational process

Upon reaching the age of 5, the child ends the first educational phase, and the transition to the second stage occurs. In the senior group of the French kindergarten, children aged 5 to 6 years are educated, and the educational process includes classes in writing, reading and some other subjects. This educational stage determines the first stages of obtaining prestigious French school education. Thus, children develop their knowledge of the French language, as well as high-quality preparation for changing their status to a student's one. It should be noted that the first 2 years of education in primary school in terms of education and other aspects completely coincide with 2 years in a French kindergarten. During this period, the formation of basic knowledge takes place, the acquisition of which allows you to successfully learn in the future. Upon reaching the age of 6, children are expected to attend the preparatory course of the elementary boarding school in France. Starting from this moment, obtaining secondary school education in France is free and compulsory for French children.

Until a foreign student reaches the age of 11, this is the period of study at a prestigious French school. At the age of 7 to 8 years, students are provided for the passage of the basic course, from 9 to 10 years of study lasts as part of the middle course. As part of the education in France's elementary school, the emphasis is on teaching mathematics, effective communication, the ability to speak French correctly, spelling, and also without the attention of teachers, aesthetic education is not left without attention. Within the walls of elite French elementary schools, children are not allowed to wear school uniforms.

The best colleges in France for foreign students

At the time of reaching 11 years, French students are envisaged to transfer to advanced colleges, within the walls of which teachers are taught to students in accordance with uniform educational standards. Note that in France, the college is a classic secondary boarding school in Europe, the duration of study in which is 4 years. It is necessary to consider in more detail the educational process in French colleges, where classes are numbered in reverse order. So, in the framework of the 6 grade, students take an adaptation course, which includes several general subjects, namely mathematics, French and additional foreign languages, history. The central course of study falls on the 5th and 4th grades. Over the course of these 2 years, several more subjects have been added to the main list of disciplines, namely a foreign language, chemistry, physics, Latin or Greek. The final class is the third, which is called orientation. It is at this stage that students begin to specialize, thereby studying on an in-depth basis the subjects that a student will need as part of their studies at a foreign university. Upon graduation from the French Advanced College, graduates receive a certificate of incomplete secondary education. It is after completing college education that education ceases to be mandatory.

Leading lyceums in France for foreign students

Upon reaching the age of 15-16, students are expected to transfer to a senior boarding school or lyceum. The duration of the educational program is 3 years. The key difference between the Lyceum and the French leading college is due to the fact that the educational system is strictly specialized in nature. Starting from the second year, students begin to specialize in a certain direction, at the same time, students are expected to study a third foreign language. The division of prestigious lyceums in France into 4 groups is foreseen, namely:

  • CFA, which is a educational center for apprentices;
  • Professional;
  • Technological;
  • General education.

As for the first 2 categories, they represent a specialized secondary education. Upon completion of education, graduates are issued a certificate of professional education or a certificate of professional qualification. Please note that, graduating from this type of educational institution in France, the graduate is not able to immediately enter a prestigious university. Having a lyceum diploma, in case of interest, graduates can become students of leading technical schools or technological institutes in France. Please note that this type of educational institutions in France is not assigned the status of higher education, they are more of an additional high school. The duration of education is 2 years, and upon graduation, graduates are given a BTS diploma, a qualified technician, or DUT, a diploma from a technological institute. Having in hand this diploma, which is a certificate of complete special education, corresponding to a bachelor’s degree, the graduate has the right to enter ranking universities in France, to carry out activities in 24 types of specialties, in particular hotel or tourism business.

Brief information about the top technological and educational lyceums in France

Entering France’s leading technological and educational lyceums, a foreign student expects to undergo serious pre-university education in order to be easily admitted to a leading French university. The teaching of disciplines is based on an individual approach. Attention foreign students are offered 3 possible levels of ownership of educational material in each discipline. Thus, the student independently makes a choice regarding the required level of knowledge of subjects.

Note that the French leading technological lyceums are divided into 4 types, namely service, research, medical and social, as well as scientific and industrial. As for the French general lyceums of France, they are divided into socio-economic, natural science and philological. The duration of education, both in technological and in general lyceums of France, is 3 years. Upon completion of education, graduates are issued diplomas that are equivalent in level to the bachelor's diploma.

Education in France's ranked private boarding schools

To begin with, prestigious French private boarding schools are divided into 2 types. Thus, a key feature of the first category of private schools is due to close work on the basis of a contract with the French Ministry of Education, and it is mandatory to go through the process of agreeing on the developed curricula with the state authority. In this connection, state subsidies are allocated for their financing, which leads to the establishment of low prices for obtaining prestigious French secondary education. Another type of private boarding school is teaching in the framework of independently developed educational programs. In most cases, in the leading private boarding schools of France of the second type, academic subjects are taught to foreign students in English. In addition, the developed educational programs are adapted to the curricula of the USA and Great Britain. A drawback of such private schools is the rather high cost of education.

Specific characteristics of secondary education in top French boarding schools

In France, the beginning of the school year usually falls on September 2 or 3, and the exact date is set based on the region in which the advanced educational institution is located. As for the end of the school year, this joyful event for students comes in July. In France, students spend 16 weeks on vacation, in comparison with other European countries, it is in France that more time is allocated for students to rest. So, in the walls of some elite boarding schools, instruction is provided for 4 days a week, in others a standard 5-day education is established.

Note that France’s advanced boarding schools conduct a fairly large number of written tests and tests to verify the knowledge gained by students. It is this type of knowledge test that shows greater confidence in comparison with oral exams because of the greater objectivity of the assessment. You must admit that the skill among job seekers with beautiful job design and concise presentation of the text is equally appreciated among employers. Note that when a teenager reaches 12 years old, he begins to study the process of writing the research correctly. It is extremely important that you have this skill as part of your studies at a leading French high school. A very high appreciation in the advanced educational institutions of France is the possession of the ability to correctly write 3 types of written works, namely, a brief summary, text analysis, which is understood as the skill of explaining the terms and literary features, the dissertation, which is a scientific work in compliance with the plan.

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