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2018-07-30 11:57:01

Language camps abroad for foreign students

Language camps abroad for foreign students

Every year, foreign language summer schools and courses are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Children's linguistic camps for foreign students are a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of another country, get acquainted with peers from different countries, gain experience of communication in a multinational environment, significantly improve the level of knowledge of a foreign language.

Children's camps with the study of English are very popular in all countries, as they make it possible to make the vacation of the student fascinating and useful! Study and rest in close relationship in one of the cities of Europe, America or even Australia will create wonderful memories for each student. A busy excursion program, during which students will be able to visit world-famous sights, will make the trip truly unforgettable. Students will return home with a huge baggage of knowledge, with a lot of amazing photos and a lot of impressions from traveling to a summer camp abroad!

Most popular language schools in developed countries are created on the basis of the best universities in the country, leading colleges and elite educational institutions, which guarantees the excellent infrastructure of the camp, interesting academic educational programs and a high level of safety.

Prestigious vacation programs for students abroad provide an excellent chance for every student to see another country, learn its traditions from local residents, get practice of the language with its speakers. Despite the obvious advantages of staying in a summer camp abroad this holiday option is associated with many myths and fears that are completely untrue. Consider the main misconceptions about holding a summer vacation by a student in a foreign language school.

Summer Linguistic Courses Abroad: Myths and Reality

Myth 1: "To learn in a language school abroad you need a high level of knowledge of English"

No, it's completely wrong! Foreign students go on summer vacation programs just for learning English. Currently, there is a huge selection of courses that take into account all the characteristics of students, including the level of their knowledge of a foreign language, their goals and desires. A large number of groups with a diverse level of language will make staying in the camp interesting and cognitive even for children with low language knowledge! Many foreign schools specialize in teaching English as a foreign language, which will give an opportunity to feel confident to students with any language knowledge.

Myth 2: "Study is not a rest!"

This statement can not be accepted either. Education in a foreign language camp is a huge number of sightseeing trips and extra-curricular activities, during which students will be able to find friends, as well as in an ordinary camp, to visit magnificent beautiful places and famous sights that students see on TV screens and on pages of books. It should also be noted that all classes for students are held in a playful form, in the form of discussions, projects or discussions, which makes learning interesting and entertaining for everyone. The constant practice of language occurs during the communication of children with friends, which allows you to learn the language on a completely different level. A competent ratio of the number of classes and recreational activities will not let students get tired of learning English.

Myth 3: "Study abroad is expensive"

The cost of summer courses varies greatly depending on the chosen program, its duration and the country where the institution is located. The most expensive summer schools are located in America, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. However, some European countries offer excellent vacation programs with high educational standards and effective methods of teaching at democratic prices. For example, France is a country that is known for its excellent price-quality ratio. The price of education is formed from the following items:

  • Selected language course;
  • Educational materials;
  • Accommodation;
  • Food;
  • Leisure activities.

Foreign summer camps for students: advantages

Education abroad has a large number of advantages for foreign students:

  • High standards of education. Most countries that offer summer vacation programs for foreign students have an excellent reputation in the educational arena, they have leading educational institutions with a high ranking, which ensures that the courses meet all international educational standards.
  • Modern methods of study. Linguistic courses during the summer holidays are built using modern gaming and communicative methods that help make the learning process of the language fascinating for each student.
  • Highly qualified teachers with great experience will make the lessons interesting and most effective for students.
  • Modern equipment that is used in the learning process.
  • Continuous practice of the language during classes, communication with friends, games, sports, creative pursuits, trips and excursions.
  • Experience of living in another country in an intercultural environment. Communication with people from different countries will teach students to respect the traditions of other countries, respect national differences, expand the horizon of the student.
  • A large number of excursions and trips will allow students to see the most interesting sights, visit world-famous museums and much more.
  • Excellent reviews of students and their parents.

Another advantage will be the experience of studying in another country - this is especially interesting for students who plan to enter top universities or elite foreign schools. The summer course of English in the leading language schools of the world will give an opportunity to get acquainted with the basic requirements and features of education in foreign educational institutions.

Summer programs of study: features and conditions of vacation programs with the study of English

Children's programs with the study of English can be conditionally divided into several groups:

  • The classical program includes a regular or intensive English language course and a rest program. This option is aimed at developing basic language skills, which include speaking (speaking), listening, writing and grammar. A busy program of trips and excursions will allow students to get to know the country and visit its main attractions.
  • The curriculum implies the preparation of a student for enrollment in a foreign school, university or for passing international examinations for the knowledge of a foreign language. But during the education of students there is also a wide choice of various trips (for example, to top universities) and interesting sections.
  • Sports programs include, on a par with learning the language of any sport (football, basketball, swimming, rugby, volleyball, etc.) almost at the professional level.
  • The creative course involves learning English and developing the creative skills of the student (singing, drawing, art, theatrical art, music, etc.).
  • Adventure camps include English classes and nature studies under the supervision of experienced mentors, they often consist of walking or cycling.

Ranking of the best linguistic schools in the world

TOP-10 best summer camps in the world:

  • Androscoggin Camp (North Carolina, USA)
  • Brown Ledge Camp (Colchester, Vermont, USA)
  • Billabong Global Voyage (Australia)
  • Brant Lake Camp (New York, USA)
  • Camp Laurel (Ontario, Canada)
  • Camp Vega (Maine, USA)
  • Canoe Island French Camp (Orcas, Washington, USA)
  • Cedar Camp (Casco, Maine, United States)
  • Lake Bryn Mawr Camp (New York, USA)
  • Manitou Camp (Auckland, Maine, USA).
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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