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How to transfer to the school of England, USA, Switzerland, Europe, Canada, Austria

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How to transfer to the school of England, USA, Switzerland, Europe, Canada, Austria

The question of transferring to schools or universities today is relevant for foreigners and Russian schoolchildren, children and students. Parents from different countries recognize the quality and prestige of the education received in foreign institutions of Europe - high school or higher education institution. What is necessary to enter an educational institution abroad?

How can I enter the school of Great Britain, America, Switzerland, Europe, Canada, Austria

To transfer from a domestic school to a foreign school, the child will first need to know the language in which the education is available in the selected country. In addition to the country in choosing a secondary educational institution abroad, parents and future students should pay attention to the available curricula, take into account the starting level of the student and understand what results would be desirable and how long the training period might be. Specialists of Smaps company will help you to close all these questions on a free basis, as we have a large number of partners in England , USA , Switzerland , Europe, Canada and Austria .

The most successful age for transition to an educational institution abroad is from 11 to 13 years. And although in some countries secondary schools accept the youngest students of 5-6 years (only under the care of guardians), the optimal period for the child is still the period of middle classes. Guardianship is compulsory for all underage pupils in many foreign countries, including Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland and others. The role of such a mentor is usually chosen by a decent citizen from among local residents who can take responsibility for a foreigner or Russian student who has not yet reached adulthood. The guardian looks after his pupil during the entire period of his studies abroad.

In addition, parents should take into account the difference in educational systems in Europe and the motherland of the student. For a smooth transition and quick adaptation to a student preparing for education abroad, it is better to start in advance - to fill gaps in academic subjects and in a foreign language.

Taking into account all stages of preparation, the translation process should be planned in advance. For such an approach, there are at least two reasons: that a student has time to prepare for training in an institution abroad, and parents have accumulated the right amount to pay for their studies and have managed to prepare the documentation. To enroll a foreign or Russian pupil to a private school abroad the school can only take vacancies - this issue is better to study even before the preparation of papers.

How to transfer a child to the school of England, USA, Switzerland, Europe, Canada Austria - the stages of admission

  • Almost all foreign private schools accept foreigners and Russian schoolchildren on condition of a good level of a foreign language that is checked by international tests: English ( IELTS and TOEFL ), German ( Daf ), French ( DELF and DALF ) and not only. Some elite and prestigious institutions in Europe (and not only) in addition to language testing conduct introductory tests for children, schoolchildren and adolescents - specialists from Smaps can help with preparation for them (finding a tutor, choosing a curriculum, etc.).
  • The next stage on the way to getting a place in the chosen school abroad is the interview of the young candidate in the representatives of the educational institution. Conversation can take place at a personal meeting directly on the territory of an educational institution or via Skype.
  • Another important element of admission to institutions abroad is a motivation letter, in which the student should tell about himself, his academic and extracurricular achievements (in sports or creativity), curricula and ambitions.

The minimum package of documents that will be required for transfer to a foreign school is as follows:

  • Statement from parents
  • Copies of documents certifying the identity of parents and the child (passport, birth certificate)
  • Copy of the child's medical record
  • Extract from the child's personal file, including information about the progress in the previous school
  • International testing for language skills.

Now you know how to transfer a child to the school of England, USA, Switzerland, Europe, Canada Austria! If you still have questions, our specialists will help you deal with them, choose the right educational institution, prepare for introductory tests, arrange and send documents, and find a guardian in the host country - and it's completely free! The company Smaps cooperates with many schools on a partner basis, and is not an intermediary, therefore all listed services are provided free of charge.

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