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Public schools in England and the UK - list of colleges

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Public schools in England and the UK - list of colleges

Education in the UK is practically a synonym for quality. Indeed, students who studied here in public schools, colleges and subsequently entered universities, show excellent academic results, build a successful career and become popular specialists in their field.

If you decide to give the child to a British school , we recommend that you do this as early as possible, even with junior classes: so the student will have more opportunities to fully adapt to the local cultural, linguistic and educational fields, And also learn English almost at the level of the carrier.

Why choose a public school or college?

The most powerful argument is the affordable cost. Unlike private institutions, where the cost starts from about 25,000 pounds per year, public schools provide prices of 6,000 pounds - the difference is significant. Most government agencies provide a full-time form of education and do not deal with children's issues: in this case, it is necessary to select an accepting English family (another 4,000 pounds per year). But there are alsoboarding schools , providing residences for their students: this is the option most popular with Russian parents - the child is constantly under supervision, ensuring his safety, comfortable conditions of stay and regular meals.

Myths and prejudices about public schools

Many believe that only private schools are able to provide quality education - this is not so. Of course, private institutions with high prices and a large amount of additional fees have more spacious campuses, modern equipment, and complete classes with fewer students. But the curriculum in public schools is exactly the same, and the quality of education does not suffer at all. In addition, public schools do not distinguish between British children and foreigners, there is no "favors" for knowledgeEnglish - this helps to better and quickly learn the language at the level of the media and engage with the rest of the guys.

When choosing a public school, you should look at the official ratings (usually they divide the institutions by districts): what is the level of academic achievement, how many students successfully pass the exams, what percentage of graduates go to colleges and universities.

There is also an opinion that only children of business travelers or foreign citizens permanently residing in the United Kingdom can enter the public school of England and Great Britain. In fact, this rule is not strictly observed, and today public schools are open to people from all over the world.

What should I do, what is the procedure? What do I need to do?

To save you from many doubts, we recommend contacting us. The company Smapse will assume all the difficulties associated with the enrollment and organization of the trip. Together with you we will select a suitable school, we will determine the strengths and merits of each, we will help to collect a package of documents and fill out an application, we will tell you how an educational visa is issued. We recommend taking care of enrollment at least one year before the expected start of training: this time will be required for passing English language exams, tests on basic school subjects (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry), obtaining a visa and collecting documents.

For examples of public schools in England, see below:
1) Brockenhurst College

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