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Mozart's House in Salzburg: the place where a genius was born and lived

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Mozart's House in Salzburg: the place where a genius was born and lived

There is no person who did not hear the name of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A museum was opened in Salzburg in the very house where the composer was born: here he was born, grew up, created masterpieces. Tourists can learn in detail about the life of the composer, spending an hour of time on an excursion.

The museum is located in the old city center, 100 meters from the city hall: in appearance it is an unremarkable house, with the exception of the Mozart House sign in German, it is just as simple inside: no pomp and luxury - everything was as it was the life of a genius.

A bit of history

Wolfgang's father bought an apartment on the 3rd floor in house number 9 on Geitergasse street in 1747: he was a violinist, shortly after the birth of his son, becoming a famous teacher of violin playing.

Wolfgang Amadeus was born on January 27, 1756 - at that time no one knew how great the future composer would be. Like many famous legendary figures, Mozart’s life did not favor: even after Wolfgang’s death, there was no money to buy him a separate grave. Fame came to the composer only a few years later, and today Mozart is one of the founders of European culture


The museum was opened in 1880 with the assistance of the Mozart International Foundation. The collection is small: among the most popular exhibits are Mozart's first harpsichord and violin, which were presented to the museum by Wolfgang's children and widow.

On the walls of the museum are hundreds of musical pages, written personally by a genius. Also, visitors will see the picture "Mozart at the Piano", which remained unfinished. The museum contains original pieces of furniture that the composer used: the cradle where he slept, and a wardrobe.

The Mozart and Theater exhibition is located on the second floor: there are small dioramas of key performances staged based on Wolfgang's works - this collection is often replenished, as a number of plays are staged in major theaters today. The first floor of the house offers to get acquainted with how the middle class lived during the composer's time.

Exhibits and documents on the walls are highlighted, which does not interfere with the feeling of home furnishings and comfort. Entrance ticket costs 11 € for adults, 4 € for children 15-18 years old and 3.5 € for children 6-14 years old. 

Interesting Facts

  • Mozart's works are played throughout the museum.
  • The most popular performances at the moment are Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute.
  • Fans of the composer visit the Mozart House several times a year, studying the updated exposure on the second floor.
  • The museum is open year round.



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