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2019-08-22 00:48:35

Schools in Canada for foreign students

Schools in Canada for foreign students

Leading schools in Canada for foreign students

Speaking about Canada, it is worth mentioning its picturesque natural landscape, a high level of environmental situation and standard of living. Canada is characterized by progressiveness and a high level of development in areas such as economics, technology, science, and education. When deciding to get a secondary educationa in Canada, a foreign student aged 11 to 16 gets a truly excellent opportunity to enter ranking universities from around the world. Upon graduation, a foreign student may be granted the right to reside in Canada because of a loyal migration policy, favorable economic situation and a promising labor market.

As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that in Canada the focus is on various innovative developments. So, it was in Canada that the first telephone was developed, the IMAX cinema, a cardiac stimulator, the Canadaarm space robot, an electron microscope, a baseball glove, an interactive Smart Board, etc.

Canada's secondary education system - useful information for foreign students

According to studies of the international PISA program in relation to assessing the educational achievements of schoolchildren, it was found that students from prestigious schools in Canada have the best academic studying among other countries in the world, as evidenced by international rankings. For example, prestigious schools in Canada occupy the third position in the level of teaching natural sciences and reading, and in mathematics Canadian schools hold the fifth line of the ranking.

If we compare with the cost of studying in the UK and the USA, then studying in Canada is much lower, while this does not affect the level of quality of educational services and the career prospects acquired by graduates. It is worth noting that each province of Canada independently establishes an educational system. In this connection, there are differences in the division into primary and secondary schools.

So, getting a primary education in Canada can take the following period, namely:

  • From grades 1 to 6 - corresponds to the age of the child from 6 to 11 years
  • From grades 1 to 8 - corresponds to the age of the student from 6 to 13 years.

As for secondary education, its duration varies, namely from 7th or 9th grade to 12th grade (the age of the student corresponds to 12-14 years and until reaching the age of 18). The following are the official designations for the prestigious school in Canada:

  • Elementary school - learning from grades 1 to 6
  • Middle school - learning from grades 7 to 8
  • High school - training from grades 7 to 12.

In addition, when a foreign student reaches the age of 15-16, he is given the opportunity to continue his studies at an elite Canadian high school, as an alternative, you can choose to enter Canada's advanced college in order to get a professional education.

The duration of the school year in the best schools in Canada is 10 months, namely from September to May. At the same time, the division of the school year into 2 semesters is provided.

During the first years of study, the educational program includes the study of a large number of compulsory subjects and several disciplines that are independently chosen by the student. However, when students move to high school, they independently compile a list of academic subjects of interest, thereby allowing them to undergo effective pre-university education.

If a foreign student between the ages of 14 and 17 wants to have indisputable advantages when enrolling in top foreign universities, then it is worth taking studying under programs of increased complexity, namely The Advanced Placement, which provides for the teaching of an average of 35 academic subjects. Please note that the grades obtained for exams in the framework of this educational program are accepted by a predominant number of prestigious universities in the UK, Canada, and the USA . As the academic level of the Canadian school increases, foreign students are provided with the broadest list to select subjects of interest.

In the case of successful completion of a certain list of disciplines, including compulsory and independently chosen by students, the graduate receives a diploma of high school Canada. At the same time, over the past two years of studying, a foreign student is given the opportunity to undergo the International Baccalaureate program, allowing him to receive a prestigious international diploma. So, the international baccalaureate program is a universal academic course, the results of which are universally quoted by the best and ranked universities in different countries of the world, providing an excellent opportunity for unhindered admission to universities without passing exams. That is, it is enough to provide a certificate of passing the international baccalaureate program.

In addition, the predominant majority of the leading schools in Canada have developed truly unique programs, the passage of which gives indisputable advantages when entering the top universities and awarding additional scholarships, in particular, the Global Leadership Program, Capstone Diploma, etc.

Optimum Age for Admission to Advanced Schools in Canada

A predominant number of leading Canadian private schools accept foreign students upon reaching the age of 13. It is at this age that the student acquires independence, which allows him to quickly adapt to the new linguistic and cultural environment. Some schools in Canada provide for adolescents over 10 years old.

Accommodation options for study in Canada

The main advantage of Canada is due to the high level of convenience and the presence of large bright comfortable residences. As a rule, on average 1-2 students live in one room. Directly solving any difficulties and problems associated with the device of everyday life, adapting to the new environment, is assigned to the schoolchildren of employees who received pedagogical education.

Leisure program of prestigious schools in Canada for foreign students

In addition to studying a large list of disciplines within the walls of elite private schools in Canada, an emphasis is placed on conducting diverse sports and creative activities. Especially for foreign students there is modern infrastructure equipment, in particular, these are swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, and basketball. Young sports enthusiasts will be delighted with the fact of having modern stadiums with artificial ice for active hockey classes. In addition, active and serious training for school hockey teams is provided, which allows you to take part in various championships, including national ones.

Creative individuals will be able to attend classes in art, drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramics, music, photography, dancing, etc.

The peculiarity of studying at a prestigious high school in Canada is due to the presence of volunteering. So, each student needs to have 40 officially confirmed hours of work on a voluntary basis. By visiting special sites, a foreign student will be able to find interesting volunteer organizations for themselves. In addition, there is the possibility of volunteering in the school. Taking part in volunteering, the foreign student gets the first experience of this work, since at the end of the practice the student receives an official letter of characterization. Also, during the passage, the foreign student is given an excellent opportunity to establish useful contacts and acquaintances, and make decisions regarding future specialization.

How much does tuition at the best schools in Canada for foreign students cost?

The cost of education throughout the year at a leading private school in Canada varies from 25,000 to 65,000 CAD $.

Excellent prospects for studying in top Canadian schools for international students

A well-known fact is that in Canada, the local population speaks two foreign languages, namely English and French. Thus, the foreign students will be able to perfectly master the two languages. Specialists of our educational center recommend that before traveling to Canada, in order to assess the level of foreign language proficiency, foreign students take effective language courses, which provide quality education for successful enrollment in an elite Canadian school.

Upon reaching 7 years, foreign students are admitted to undergo education in the framework of the developed language programs. The format of the lessons is fascinating, which will not let student get bored. In addition, the leading school of Canada organizes a variety of leisure activities, in particular, these are excursions, sports, etc.

Canada Top School Admission Procedure

SMAPSE experts recommend that you select a prestigious school in Canada at least a year before the planned admission due to the fact that the enrollment period can be quite long. SMAPSE experts advise you to make the right choice in relation to the educational program of interest, as well as the format of the school, namely a joint or separate studying format.

SMAPSE educational center cooperates with rating boarding schools in Canada, so SMAPSE specialists will provide professional assistance in preparing the package of required documents, as well as in selecting the most interesting and optimal education program.

The main advantages of obtaining prestigious secondary education in Canada

  • High level of academic education
  • Acceptable studying cost
  • Advanced Specialty Teaching
  • Upon graduation, the graduate gets excellent prospects for successful enrollment in top universities in Canada and the USA
  • Graduates from Canada's Best Schools Receive Higher Education Scholarships
  • Loyal Migrant Policy
  • High level of safety and environmental situation
  • High quality of life.
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