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GMAT: tasks, structure, admission tips

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GMAT: tasks, structure, admission tips

Admission to universities abroad poses new challenges, complex and non-trivial tasks for students - passing the GMAT exam is one of them.

GMAT upon admission to foreign universities: a brief reference


Standardized testing in English , aimed at assessing analytical skills. The test is more often taken by applicants entering a master's program, MBA, PhD.

Number of points

800 maximum.

Exam duration

3.5 hours + 2 breaks at will.


Adaptability: if you complete the task correctly, the next one becomes more difficult.


  • Complete the first ten tasks correctly so that the difficulty level and points for tasks increase
  • Answer all tasks: the penalty for failure is higher than for an incorrect answer.


It makes sense to prepare only if English has reached Upper-Intermediate. It will take 3-4 months at the Upper-Intermediate level and 1-2 at the Advanced level.


They will be reflected immediately upon completion, but the verification of the difficult parts of the test lasts 2-3 weeks. Test results are sent free of charge to five selected universities, applicants indicate the list of educational institutions in their personal account before passing the exam. For each additional educational institution or selected university after passing the exam, students pay $ 28.


Take into account the result indicated on the form.

Analytical knowledge

In addition to good English, you will need to show analytical thinking, it is forbidden to use a calculator.


Tasks in the test may turn out to be pilot and will not be counted, but which ones no one knows, so try to answer all the questions correctly.

Test rejection

You can opt out before the results are published.

GMAT structure 

Like other exams, the GMAT consists of several parts:

  • Verbal section
  • Math (Quantitative)
  • Analytical writing assessment.


Exam structure

Verbal section


Math (Quantitative)


Analytical writing assessment


Integrated reasoning

This part of the exam tests grammar and reading skills.

Checks the level of knowledge in arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

Testing of analytical thinking and ability to express thoughts.

It will show how an applicant can develop strategies, analyze and make decisions.

41 questions, you will need:

  • to correct sentences
  • show understanding of what you read 
  • demonstrate the ability to reason critically.

37 tasks, you will need:

  • solve problems
  • analyze the sufficiency of data to solve the problem.

30 minutes: writing an essay on a small article with which, as practice shows, it is better to disagree and debate.

12 tasks, you will need:

  • analyze table data
  • conduct two-part analysis, analysis of graphics and information, based on several sources.



The score for these parts is set separately and does not affect the main score for the exam.

TOP-4 steps to take GMAT

  1. Registration on the official website or filing an application by fax, mail or phone.
  2. Test Center Selection.
  3. Choosing an Exam Date.
  4. Payment of registration fee $ 250 (using a bank card).


TOP-4 important nuances

It is worth considering the following nuances:

  1. You can register no earlier than six months, and no later than 24 hours before the exam date.
  2. It is possible to transfer the date, but it is better to do it by phone or on the official website.
  3. If you postpone the exam date for more than a week, you will need to pay $ 50. If less than seven days are left before the exam, you will have to pay for the exam again.
  4. If you decide not to take the test more than a week before the test, you will be refunded $ 80.

How to pass the exam successfully

GMAT is not an easy test for several reasons:

  • it requires learning specific terminology
  • strong knowledge needed, although some questions are intuitive
  • focus on the first ten questions, because they provide a high score
  • you can not use a calculator.

It is recommended to take a test to determine the level of education. It is better to start preparing in less than three months: pay special attention to the development of a sense of time (time management), since the test needs to be done quickly. To prepare well, you need to engage with a teacher who will help you master special techniques for solving non-trivial tasks. The exam is not aimed at testing knowledge, but skills - the ability to solve problems, therefore it is important to work out each type of task.

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