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The best schools in England for foreign students

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The best schools in England for foreign students

Prestigious English schools

For more than a decade, UK secondary education has gained prestige, an impeccable reputation and relevance among foreign students regarding the professionalism of the teaching staff and the effectiveness of educational programs. The reason for this situation is due to the formation of the English educational system for a long period of time, given the best and deep-rooted traditions of classical education. Currently, English schools are combining both the old academic traditions and the most modern and advanced technologies and teaching methods.

In this connection, the level of infrastructure equipment in English schools in England corresponds to the ranking of the British university. It is also worth noting that the severity of discipline within the walls of leading private British boarding schools has somewhat weakened. Currently, the UK boarding schools focus on supporting students and creating a comfortable and cozy environment for wards.

The aim of the British educational programs of the best schools in England is to educate a comprehensively developed personality in foreign students who have all the personal qualities required in adulthood.

Ranking of top English boarding schools for foreign students

In the UK, approximately 2,000 private schools have been created, with every fourth of this number being a boarding school. Each year, based on the results of final exams of students in GCSE or A-level education programs, a British ranking of schools is developed, which are leaders in the educational field. A record is kept of the successes and results of graduates of private English high schools who teach in the framework of full-time education, and UK hostels.

Below is a list of the TOP-10 best English schools in England. The ranking according to 2017 was prepared by the prestigious news agency The Telegraph:

  • Cardiff Sixth Form College
  • The Perse School
  • Westminster School
  • King's College School Wimbledon
  • Queen Ethelburga's College
  • Concord College
  • City of London School for Girl
  • Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School
  • St John's College, Cardiff
  • King Edward's School

Elite UK boarding schools hold leading positions in the world rankings of the best educational institutions due to their compliance with the highest European educational requirements. So, experienced teachers who are graduates of top universities of various countries of the world are involved in teaching. In addition, the effectiveness of education is evidenced by the excellent results on the final exams of graduates, the most modern and meeting the infrastructure of school campuses, and an intensive leisure program is offered to the attention of foreign students. Great attention should be paid to the excellent equipment of classrooms, a variety of sites for research activities have been created, as a hobby foreign students after classes can devote time to sports and creativity. A library is open for self-study for students.

Choosing a prestigious British boarding school, it is worth focusing on the following parameters, taking into account which will allow you to find the most suitable educational institution for your child. So, these are the indicators of the school of England in those subjects that will be needed for further education for your child. In addition, this is the qualification of teachers, in particular teachers in specialized disciplines, data on the admission of graduates to leading universities in the UK.

The procedure for admission in the best English schools in England

When deciding whether to enroll in an English boarding school, parents are faced with the issue of preparing a package of necessary documents. Only if several parameters are met, can a foreign student become a student in a leading private boarding school in England. Successfully enrolling a British boarding school from a foreign student will require a good level of academic and language education.

In addition, foreign students must successfully write certification exams, as a rule, this is mathematics and English. At the same time, some English private boarding schools add natural sciences to the list of studied disciplines. As a rule, testing is envisaged several months before the intended start of studies.

In addition, it is mandatory to conduct an individual interview with members of the selection committee. At the same time, the foreign student is required to prepare a package of documents that are translated into English. This list includes the following documents:

  • School report card for last 2-3 years
  • An international language certificate that confirms a high level of English proficiency, namely IELTS or TOEFL
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in mathematics and English with a detailed description of the future student
  • Writing a motivation letter or essay.

SMAPSE experts listed the minimum package of documents, directly choosing a specific British boarding school determines the exact list of required papers.

As a rule, the leading UK boarding schools begin accepting applications from foreign students in February and March, and the application consideration stage itself falls on May and June. After that, the foreign student receives a response that says about an invitation to school or notification of the inclusion of a student in the reserve list. To increase the probability of successful enrollment, foreign students send applications simultaneously to several prestigious English boarding schools in England.

Tuition fees at top English schools for foreign students 

Typically, the cost of studying in an elite boarding school in the UK is determined in the vast majority of cases by the particular institution chosen. In particular, the following parameters affect the cost of education, such as a boarding school or full-time education format, location (metropolis or suburb), the total number of students. Approximately 20,000 £ to 25,000 £ is the cost of education for 1 year in the walls of an advanced private school in the UK. Despite the high cost of obtaining an elite secondary education, your costs will quickly pay off with the opening prospects of a successful job placement and building a fast-moving career.

Organization of education in ranking English boarding schools

When deciding on studying in the UK, your child is guaranteed a fascinating study of the English language in the most beautiful British cities, at the same time as playing sports and attending informative excursions, as well as a complete immersion in the culture and traditions of local residents. If the goal of a foreign student is to have a cognitive and interesting rest and at the same time undergo effective preparation for entering a UK ranking university and improving language skills, then it is worth paying attention to private boarding schools in England.

The following are the benefits and reasons for elite secondary education in the UK:

  • When a foreign student' s age is 8-18, he has a great opportunity to make an interesting and informative trip to England, where he can find new friends, gain useful knowledge and skills, as well as get acquainted with the main and famous British sights.
  • In the English elite boarding school, teachers and strict educators live together with foreign students, thereby ensuring round-the-clock safety and comfort of the wards.
  • The educational process in England is characterized by a balance and clear planning. So, in the framework of excursions, education does not end. So, experienced teachers will work on teaching foreign students active vocabulary, a detailed story about the culture and life of the British, some of the details you will not find in any book. At the same time, in the framework of education at the end of classes, students are expected to complete homework in order to consolidate the material passed.
  • In case of interest, every foreign student can fulfill his potential and develop creative skills and talents during the evening entertainment events and various competitions.
  • As a rule, the number of students in the study group does not exceed 15 students. Each group is assigned an educator whose responsibilities include consultations on various issues, resolving conflict situations, assisting in the adaptation of foreign students, and monitoring the financial condition of foreign students.
  • It is worth noting that careful attention from British boarding schools is paid to the nutrition and accommodation of students. Note that students are provided with a balanced diet. So, an individual menu will be developed for foreign students if they are informed in a timely manner about allergic reactions to some products.
  • At the end of your studies, you will appreciate the high effectiveness of British educational programs. So, you can freely speak English, your circle of friends will expand, it will include representatives from all over the world. Passing an English education program will be an excellent basis for entering the elite university of Great Britain.
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