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Challenge: 30 interesting tasks in English for every day

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If learning English has become an integral part of your life, add another pinch - arrange yourself a thirty-day challenge with interesting tasks. Not sure what else to come up with? Take our ideas!

  1. Watch an interview or performance of a foreign favorite actor without translation.
  2. Read a children's story in English.
  3. Subscribe to a foreign blogger on any social network or YouTube.
  4. Open an explanatory dictionary and translate all words, for example, from one page or spread.
  5. Try to think in English all day.
  6. Find yourself an English speaking pen friend or forum chat partner.
  7. Play your favorite foreign song and translate it.
  8. Write a story about your day in English.
  9. Start reading an English-language book.
  10. Play a cartoon in English.
  11. Translate your favorite Russian song into English.
  12. Make a diary entry in English.
  13. Start listening to foreign audiobook.
  14. Expand your vocabulary: Learn 10 new words.
  15. Move all the items in the room.
  16. Take a test to determine your language level.
  17. Switch your smartphone to English.
  18. Introduce some English parasitic words into your vocabulary.
  19. Create your own challenge: not necessarily a language challenge - the main thing is to write all actions in English.
  20. Watch a movie from American or British classics.
  21. Write an English dictation (found on YouTube).
  22. Watch an educational / documentary (in English, of course).
  23. Write a letter to your future self.
  24. Read an English-language article or study on a topic of interest.
  25. Find 10 unusual facts about England or the language.
  26. Record a video for the future: yourself, your parents, your loved one.
  27. Watch a motivational video in English.
  28. Translate your favorite blogger's post into English.
  29. Learn a short poem or piece of prose.
  30. Read the English story and tell the story.

Good luck!

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