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2018-07-30 11:57:13

Summer Camps in Spain, the best summer camps in Spain for children and schoolchildren

Summer Camps in Spain, the best summer camps in Spain for children and schoolchildren

After reading this article, you will get acquainted with the top summer camps in Spain, with educational programs offered to foreign teenagers, as well as the cost of training.

Interesting facts about the rating summer camps in Spain

If your child's dream during the summer vacation was a vacation at the best sunny resort combined with learning a foreign language and improving the language skills, then you just need to go to the prestigious children's language camp in Spain . Agree that every child strives to make a discovery, to learn something new. And directly in Spain, all the dreams of a child can become a reality.

Taking a decision to hold a vacation in Spain,  a foreign teenager will be fascinating and the most important thing is to spend time effectively. Specific characteristics of Spain are due to the prevailing special atmosphere and energy, which simply fascinates the young travelers. We will immediately hasten to rejoice that unlike the standard lessons in the school, the best Spanish boarding schools provide for the effective development of language skills in the framework of guided tours, recreational activities, and academic interactive activities. The study of the Spanish language in the framework of the developed language programs is based on constant communication with peers, who are representatives of the most diverse countries of the world, active participation in sports competitions, and of course, all teenagers and children are guaranteed cognitive rest for the entire stay in Spain.

It is worth noting the wide choice of language programs offered to foreign children and adolescents. Thus, the parents of the child have the opportunity to choose the preferred language school for children in Spain, based on their own financial resources. With regard to the cost of training, you can find budget language camps, as well as elite boarding schools in Spain . At the same time, regardless of your choice, the highest level of quality of instruction is provided for any of the selected language programs.

One of the key advantages of Spanish language courses is the low cost of teaching. Further it is possible to allocate an opportunity of studying the Spanish language in his homeland, constantly practicing language skills in communicating with native speakers of the language. Within the framework of educational and language programs there is a full immersion in a new language and cultural environment, thereby ensuring the effectiveness and excitement of staying in Spain.

It is also worth noting that all developed educational programs are aimed at the comprehensive development of schoolchildren. For effective training, a clear timetable is developed, an action plan is created. The schedule does not allow foreign teenagers to get tired, on the contrary, they are provided with all the opportunities for achieving high and ambitious goals. After the completion of the teenager's training, the positive and vivid emotions and impressions of the spent vacations in the prestigious children's camps in Spain will overwhelm. In addition, reviews of children and adolescents about staying in Spanish leading boarding schools are filled with warmth, and in many of them you can meet the desire to return to vacation there again.

Types of advanced children's language camps in Spain

They are divided into two types, namely:

  • Language schools-boarding houses, which provide accommodation for foreign children and adolescents
  • Summer camps that teach language programs that involve a daytime learning format
  • International camp Enfocamp
  • Spanish prestigious language camp TopSchool, located on the Costa Blanca
  • Leading summer language camp in Catalonia - Englishsummer
  • Leading language camps, created on the basis of British boarding schools in Spain

Thus, accommodation in the comfortable residences of the leading Spanish summer camp is provided, in addition, the administration of the language boarding school is responsible for resolving any emerging organizational issues.

Within the framework of these educational programs, the stay of a foreign teenager within the walls of the leading Spanish boarding school is foreseen only during the school day. Thus, in the evening hours the child must leave the territory of the school.

Another significant difference inherent in the top summer language camps in Spain is due to the foreign language being studied. An extremely interesting fact is that in the predominant number of Spanish elite summer language boarding schools, teaching is taught in English, not Spanish, as you might have thought. So, on the territory of Spain, there are established rating British boarding schools, which have developed effective summer language programs, inviting foreign teenagers for the training regardless of the level of English.

The educational programs of the prestigious Spanish summer camps for children include numerous and varied entertainment and sports events, as well as competitions. If the student chooses a program that provides intensive language training, you can not worry, because in any case, the pedagogical staff develops an exciting and cognitive cultural and entertainment program that takes into account the age of the teenager, the location of the school and some other parameters.

We are hurrying to study in the prestigious international summer language camps in Spain!

To begin with, the predominant number of Spanish language rating camps for children have international status due to the fact that more than 50% of foreign children and adolescents, including those from foreign countries, have been trained in them. In the walls of the elite language summer boarding schools in Spain, there is an interpenetration of cultures, traditions, foreign languages, which contributes to receiving only bright and memorable emotions and impressions of learning.

List of TOP-4 of the best summer camps for children in Spain

The year of foundation of this prestigious language school-boarding house is 1989. Throughout its successful operation, the summer camp of Spain has gained widespread popularity among foreigners children and adolescents. Among the total number of pupils, the share of foreign teenagers averages 40%. Within the walls of this summer camp, the international situation reigns, as representatives of such countries as the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Japan and other countries are trained at the same time. Note that the branches of the Spanish language school-boarding house Enfocamp can be found in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Seville, as well as Valencia.

As for the duration of the training, it varies from 2 to 7 weeks. The leading summer camp in Spain opens its doors widely for foreign children and teenagers aged 5 to 18 years. If necessary, it is possible to stay in a comfortable school residence. The cost of training for two weeks will be about 1500 euros.

This language school in Spain has received widespread popularity and popularity among teenagers. In its walls is taught the English language. As for the location, it is a short distance from Alicante. Every year, effective summer language programs are developed and offered to the attention of foreign teenagers. The key feature of this summer children's camp in Spain is due to the constant practice of communication in English, not only in the classroom, thereby contributing to a significant improvement in the language skills of foreign students.

Speaking about the duration of training, it varies from 1 to 2 weeks in July. The target audience for training in the prestigious language summer camp in Spain is foreign children and adolescents who have reached the age of 8 and up to 16 years. A pleasant news for children will be the fact that it is possible to stay on the territory of a language boarding school in a cozy residence. With regard to the cost of training, the price of staying for a week will be on average 700 euros.

1980 was marked by the opening in Spain of the family company Summer SA, whose goal was to develop language programs and create summer camps for children, in whose walls the level of foreign language skills could be improved. Throughout its successful operation, the popularity of the prestigious summer camps of EnglishSummer has spread far beyond Spain, many foreign children and teenagers dream of attending this school. So, on average 60% of foreigners are repeatedly returned to study in this rating language summer camp. Agree that this situation explains much, in particular, the created atmosphere, the effectiveness of training, etc.

Note that the branches of the summer camp network are located in such Spanish cities as Prades, Tamarit, Valklara, Poblet, Serdanya. The duration of training ranges from one to three weeks. The training is conducted for foreign children and adolescents aged 5 to 16 years. It also provides for living in comfortable school residences in order to maximize the comfort of foreign students. Speaking about the price of training, it starts from 500 euros for one week of stay.

You probably will be surprised, but on the territory of Spain successfully operate rating English boarding schools, teaching within the walls of which occurs in accordance with the British educational system. At the same time, after completing the training, foreign students are issued with a British school certificate. The prime number of such elite camps has been developed by a variety of summer language programs aimed at foreign adolescents of any age. As for training sessions, they are conducted by experienced and professional teachers directly on the school territory. Thus, during the training the teenager is fully ensured immersion in the conditions and the British school atmosphere.

In most cases, the duration of the training varies from 1 to 4 weeks in July, less often the summer courses are organized in August. At the heart of the distribution of schoolchildren to academic groups lie such parameters as the age of the pupil and the level of knowledge of the English language. We draw attention to the fact that only the daily format of education is provided, thus, not providing the conditions for living on the school territory. With regard to the cost of training for 1 week, it varies from 300 to 400 euros.

However, we note that the list of the best summer camps in Spain is not limited to these top language boarding schools, the list of educational institutions is extremely large. Our experienced specialists will be able to provide their professional assistance in the selection of a language children's camp that meets the goals, preferences of the child and the financial capabilities of parents.

Below is a table showing educational programs in terms of the language and format of instruction studied.

Language program

Course format

Learning language

Enforex Barcelona

Summer camp

Spanish and English

Summer Camp CEIEI

Summer camp


The educational process in the best summer language camps in Spain

As you could already understand, the educational process in the prestigious language camps in Spain includes at the same time classes in a foreign language and active recreation, which in turn contributes to the intellectual and physical development of foreign adolescents. In accordance with the established schedule, classes in Spanish or English are conducted in the morning, at the end of classes and lunch students are engaged in tennis, swimming in the pool, you can devote time to stay on the beach. The list of possible optional classes is determined by the infrastructure of the camp.

It is also worth noting that usually the advanced Spanish children's summer camps function as network educational centers, namely Enforex, InternationalHouse, ProyectoEspanol, while non-network language schools are established. As for the language programs of networked institutions, their effectiveness has been tested and confirmed by more than one generation of teenagers who have been trained, however, their minus is due to the absence of significant differences between the leading language schools and boarding schools.

Considering the non-network summer language camps in Spain, they are developing their own, specific educational programs, which differ significantly from other summer camps. Note that the responsibility and the task of organizing children's summer camps in Spain is entrusted not only to prestigious linguistic schools. In particular, on the basis of the famous Spanish football club Real Madrid created a popular among foreign teenagers sports children's camp. In addition, a children's summer language program has been developed with the cooperation of Club Real, the reception of teenagers for this course is conducted by a prestigious network of sports schools-boarding schools ChoicesInternational. How could you guess that the target audience for admission are foreign teenagers, for whom the primary role is played by intensive sports training.

In the evening hours it is planned to conduct a variety of master classes, students can take part in various creative circles, competitions, quizzes. In addition, a variety of show talents and themed parties are organized by the teaching staff. It is also worth noting that in many cases, based on the rating summer language camps in Spain, various studios of applied art, dance, and music are created and successfully function. Therefore, young creative people will be able to find an exciting activity for themselves. We draw your attention to the fact that the primary number of Spanish children's boarding schools provides an opportunity for foreign adolescents to record for a flamenco flame course. In the case of attending music classes, the opportunity to study Farruca is provided.

Spasial program of Spanish language boarding schools

Cognitive excursions to such famous Spanish cities, about which much is said in books and favorite romances, like Sevilla, Grenada, Malaga, Marbella, Cordoba, Ronda, are organized right on weekends. In addition, it provides a visit to the truly breathtaking Royal Gardens located in Valencia. If time permits, teenagers will have time to admire the beauties of Portugal. Regardless of the age of the schoolchild, all children, without exception, are delighted with the Spanish Disneyland, which is called Port Agentura - amusement park. Let us note that every language children's camp of Spain is developing its own excursion routes, which is determined to a greater extent by the location of the language school-boarding school.

It is worth noting that the active participation of the child in leisure activities has a positive impact on the study of English or Spanish. The effectiveness of training in such activities can be the same or even higher than in the classroom. Successful overcoming of the language and communication barrier is achieved through constant communication with peers, teachers and guides in everyday situations and informal situations, thereby practicing the received language knowledge in the classroom. Thus, there is an effective mastering of colloquial vocabulary.

Once again, we note that the target audience for training in the walls of the best summer camps in Spain are foreign children and adolescents aged 5 to 18 years. The great advantage of Spanish children's language boarding schools is the fact that classes are held in small groups, the number of which does not exceed 15 people. Typically, the duration of training in the language program is 2 weeks, with interest in the selection of language courses lasting 1 week.

Making a decision to hold a vacation in the summer camps of Spain, you are guaranteed complete security and a high level of comfort of staying in the walls of prestigious language boarding schools. Namely for classrooms there are spacious bright auditoriums, libraries, there are cozy rest rooms. For leisure with friends, there are small cafeterias, the menu of which includes traditional Spanish cuisine, namely cold gazpacho, classic paella and lots of seafood. So, some elite language schools-boarding houses of Spain have their own cinema halls for viewing fascinating and cognitive films.

As for the accommodation options, the foreign teenager has the opportunity to stay in a host family or in a comfortable school residence. Regardless of the choice of residence, in any case, a guarantee of complete safety of training is provided. Thus, 24-hour security is provided, even at night hours, guardians are on duty. Before sending a foreign teenager to a host family, families are subjected to strict selection.

The cost of training in the top summer camps in Spain

Speaking about the price of training for two weeks within the walls of the prestigious language school-boarding house, taking into account full boarding meals and accommodation, varies from 1000 to 1500 euros. If we consider the provinces that the price of training will be lower, if compared with the Spanish capital or Barcelona. For young athletes, training will be more expensive if the rating sports camp is chosen, ranging from 1500 to 2000 euros for two weeks of stay.

Note that the cost of training includes classes in the Spanish language, the purchase of teaching materials, writing a test that determines the level of foreign language skills, at the time of arrival in the prestigious language school-boarding house in Spain, issuing a certificate of successful passing of a language course, residence or in a host family , or in a school residence, meals on a full board basis, as well as entertainment and cognitive, cultural events included in the leisure program, in particular, these are sports competitions I, discos, quizzes. It is possible to pay extra excursions and transfers.

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