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Strathallan School

In 2017 - 43% of A Level students achieved A - A*.
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Description of Strathallan School

Strathallan School is one of Scotland's most advanced and well-known boarding schools. The educational institution was founded in 1913, and today it provides students from all over the world with high quality education on several international programs. The territory of the school Strathallan occupies 153 acres and is located in a quiet, safe, cozy area just south of the large city of Perth (this is the center of Perthshire county). The road from the campus to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh takes about 50 minutes, you can get to Glasgow in about an hour. The main buildings of the school were built in the 19th century, but most of the buildings are modern, fully technically functional. Stratallan School constantly improves and expands its infrastructure: from the latest innovations it is possible to note modern scientific laboratories, a technically advanced computer center, synthetic courts for sports, a specialized design center, a functional medical center, and the newest modern women's residence.

Strathallan School accepts children from 9 to 18 years old for education, half of them are enrolled on a full board basis. The total number of students reaches 500 people. Foreign students in the school are studying a little - only about 10%, the rest of the students are British. Here there is quite strict discipline, which helps to concentrate completely on learning, achieving your own academic goals. In order for a child of 9-12 years old to enroll in the school, you will need to provide a report card and a report from the school of your native country. To admit children over the age of 13, you will also need to pass a special entrance examination.

The school's curriculum is based on English programs and rules that are complemented by elements of the national Scottish educational process: the elements of the Standart Grades are included in secondary school education, and the features of Scottish Highers can be seen in the program for high school students. Studying is conducted in small groups of up to 15 people.

Stratallan's school valued the individuality, personality of each student. In addition to the academic program, teachers educate in students a sense of honesty, tolerance for others, responsibility for their words and deeds.

Graduates of the school traditionally show very high results in language tests, examinations and entrance tests. According to the Financial Times rating (2009), the graduates of the school take the lead on the results of the A-level among the Scottish schools. About 95% of graduates continue their studies at universities, including Cambridge and Oxford, Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, Aberdeen University.

The Faculty of Design Technology has the latest software for computer-aided design and manufacturing. Recently, the department has purchased two CEL Robox 3D printers, which allows students to gain access to a “new generation” of production processes and enable them to keep up with modern technologies and innovations. Printers are used in conjunction with standard Solidworks software.

In addition, the school has equipped with wooden and metal workshops and has established close ties with commercial designers and industrial firms.

In recent years, students of the Strathallan School have received Arkwright Engineering scholarships (Arkwright Engineering is a prestigious competition designed to inspire children to become future leaders in the engineering profession), and many of them also had the opportunity to exhibit their work at international exhibitions.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in Strathallan School

Program name
Ask for calculation
Last booking 1 weeks ago
All year round
from 8243.00 £ / term
from 8243.00 £ / term
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 11550.00 £ / term
from 11550.00 £ / term
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 11550.00 £ / term
from 11550.00 £ / term
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

There are 8 comfortable boarding houses for the cozy accommodation of Strathallan students. In Riley House students are living in 9-13 years, boys and girls live separately. For high school students there are (also separate) female and male homes: 4 for boys and 3 for girls. Every home has a tutor who oversees the order, is responsible for the safety of children and is authorized to answer all questions of children and solve emerging difficulties.

The rooms for junior schoolchildren are designed for several people (from 3 to 8), high school students are accommodated in separate, private rooms. In each house there is a common cozy lounge, small kitchen, wireless internet.

Meals are organized three times a day in a common spacious school cafeteria, also prepare a light snack, you can drink a cup of tea in the separate kitchen of each house.

Subjects and sports


  • Prestige schools, diplomas are highly regarded in the international educational market
  • Excellent quality of academic studying, compliance with the standards of British education
  • Huge opportunities for sports development of schoolchildren
  • Support and development of creative abilities of students
  • Wonderful infrastructure, technical equipment of Strathallan School
  • Convenient location, simple transfer, travel, excursions
  • Comfortable living and teaching
  • Adaptation to the British educational environment, comprehensive preparation for the continuation of education in universities and higher schools.

Facilities and equipment at Strathallan School

The territory of Strathallan School includes 8 boarding houses, sports facilities, fields and playgrounds, its own theater and music school. The educational institution is famous for the musical preparation of its students: more than 25 collectives are involved, there is a choir and a jazz band. Musical groups represent different musical genres: from Scottish folk music, pop, rock music. Strathallan students can receive a diploma from the London College of Music, Trinity College of Music already in high school. Stratallan is rightly proud of his pupils: here, fans of dramatic art can enjoy classical plays performed by students of the school. In addition, the faculties of design and art are very strong - they are considered to be one of the best in Britain, graduates receive high scores in these disciplines in the A-level exam.

Strathallan School pays great attention to the physical development of schoolchildren, there is a large number of sports destinations providing classes at any level, up to the professional level. Gifted students can take part in national and international competitions. For studying and games there are all necessary playing fields and grounds (total area of ​​150 acres), fields for hockey, tennis courts, golf courses and squash hall, fully equipped fitness center, climbing wall, beautiful indoor pool. Children can play football or basketball, table tennis and badminton, play cricket, do shooting or chess, try martial arts - karate or judo. Also there are all conditions for playing rugby, netball, there is a circle for sculptors, paths for cycling and a riding school. Students can learn to sail, learn mountain skiing or kayaking (canoeing), try themselves in fencing.

There are more than 55 clubs and interest groups in Strathallan, including photo department, dance studio, debating club, pottery, first aid and much, much more. Students are allowed free access to the library, a computer class with more than 100 PCs per shooting range.

Stratallan's pupils are also actively involved in charity, socially useful work - especially active participants can compete for a special prize under the Duke of Edinburgh Prize. There is a cadet corps in the school.

Admission dates and extra charges

  • High School = 10100 lbs / trimester
  • Junior School = 7200 lb / trimester

Additional fees (not included in the studying program):

  • Registration fee = 95 pounds
  • Deposit = 4200 pounds
  • School collection protection scheme (optional) = 1% of the fee for the term
  • Entrance exams at the Strathallan School
  • Custodian agency services
  • Air tickets
  • Medical insurance policy
  • Consular fees
  • Additional music class and playing the instrument = 220 pounds per trimester
  • Private lessons (one on one) = 40 pounds per hour


  • Registration fee (for a programme/course) 100 GBP
  • Deposit for a course/programme 2000 GBP
  • Medical insurance 5.18 GBP

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

Review about Strathallan School

Christina L.
(review of school Strathallan School)

Most importantly, we note that it is interesting for a child to learn. Teachers make lessons complex and interesting: here you have all sorts of videos, modern sources of paper and internet, and various experts scribble on lectures. True, they ask strictly: the son is doing homework for a long time (but he says that this is the case - at first he was afraid that he would fall behind, and then he saw that everyone was taking so much time). You can take counseling from a teacher after class, sometimes they even give special lessons to themselves, which you can come to for free and repeat something again. In general, the discipline is strict, no one here with the children is nursing - keep in mind if you choose.

Biology and mathematics are going very well, there are problems with English literature (I think, the language is added here - after all, the literary is not colloquial). We take more tutoring lessons (additional paid, not cheap).

Sports opportunities are for free. There are also a lot of free circles, also do as much as you want, you do not need to pay extra money.

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Recommendations on when to apply

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- for Foundation and Pathway programs, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are usually required, respectively

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- for a bachelor, a Foundation or Pathway preparatory program a completed A-level, IB, High School + IELTS / TOEFL are required
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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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