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Guidance on how to study in San Diego, California. Top 27 schools and universities in San Diego, California, study fees, rankings

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Education information

Education in San Diego, California for foreign students, teenagers and students is available in high school at all levels, colleges, universities and academic courses. Secondary education is represented by more than 750 public primary, secondary, high schools, and there are about 300 private schools in the city. San Diego is the second largest California city after Los Angeles. Its wonderful climate, active business, student, social life are combined with a general calm and friendly atmosphere. There are large universities, dozens of language educational institutions, conditions have been created for programs that combine recreation and education.

Our experts in foreign education will help you choose the best study options for foreigners, tell you what the price of tuition is, the requirements for applicants, and the deadlines for submitting documents.

Study in San Diego. Guide for International Students

San Diego, a vibrant city on the west coast of the United States, has become a hub for education, research, and high-tech industries. Its focus on sectors like medicine and oceanography, coupled with a dry and mild climate, makes it an ideal destination for international students looking to study abroad in San Diego.

In San Diego, both public and private schools offer comprehensive education programs. Municipal educational institutions cater to both local and foreign students, while private schools often provide a more diverse range of options, including bilingual education in languages like Spanish, German, Chinese, and French. These private institutions, typically cooperative in nature, have historical affiliations with faith groups but predominantly offer secular education today. The cost of studying in private schools ranges from $45,000 to $65,000 annually.

Notable Rankings include:

Svetlana  Iakovleva
Svetlana Iakovleva
Director of International Enrollment Management

What advice would you give to future applicants before applying to US schools and why?

School rankings should be a small part of your decision process. Please watch the school videos, read more about the place when the school is located, read about the teachers, explore AP and Honors courses and learn about clubs and other activities offered by a school. Do not forget about ESL if you dream big and plan to apply to top-100 US universities.


University Education in San Diego for International Students

For those interested in higher education, San Diego's prestigious universities and state colleges offer a myriad of programs in areas such as Arts, Humanities, Biology, Physics, Social Sciences, Engineering, International Relations, Pacific Studies, Management, Medicine, Oceanography, and Pharmaceuticals. These institutions offer bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. The study fees for international students at these universities range from $12,500 to $40,000.

Top Universities in San Diego

Academic Programs in San Diego for Foreign Students

San Diego also offers a variety of academic programs for those seeking to improve their language skills or partake in short-term courses. These include preparation for language tests, vacation and camp programs for children, English courses with educational objectives, adult language courses, and English for business purposes. The cost for these academic courses starts from $300 per week.

For those looking to embark on this educational journey, understanding how to apply for a study permit is crucial. The process involves several steps and requirements, which are essential to fulfill for a successful study experience in this dynamic city. With its combination of quality education, diverse programs, and a welcoming environment, San Diego stands out as a top destination for students from around the world.

General statistics on education in San Diego

General information about San Diego

Country United States
Region California
Region 2 San Diego County
Population 1,307,402
Time Zone America/Los_Angeles

Cost of living in San Diego

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 626 759
Food 277 483
Transportation 58 170
Communications and utilities 91 97
Clothing 21 78
Sports and leisure 24 102
Total 1,098 1,689

Accommodation options in San Diego per month

Shared room outside of centre 633$
Shared room in city centre 767$
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 1,073$
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,420$

Coordinates of San Diego

Time Zone America/Los_Angeles
GMT -8
DST -7
Latitude 32.715330000
Longitude -117.157260000
Elevation 20 m.
Elevation (STRM3) 31 m.

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Sam Jones
Sam Jones
Recruitment Director for Partnership with INTO Universities (Europe and Central Asia)

Sam is the Regional Director of Student Admissions at INTO Universities (Europe and Central Asia). Sam has nearly 20 years' experience in international education. Also, he has experience in student recruitment for institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and is a qualified EFL teacher with many years of experience teaching abroad. He understands the challenges faced by international students and is aware of all these difficulties and have vast experience in helping foreign students.

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