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12 best language schools San Diego, California for pupils and students. The list of institutions, prices for studying, rankings, reviews

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This list offers you 12 best and most prestigious language schools in San Diego, California, which accept international (foreign) children, pupils and students for studying. Making your choice you can rely on the description of programs, rankings, reviews and prices. Our consultans are always available to make your final decision. FREE enrolment services to partner institutions. The number of places is limited.
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Language schools in America: why is it worth studying here?

Every year, the prestige of language camps for summer, autumn, spring, winter is growing. A camp in San Diego with language courses can be one of the most vivid and useful experiences in a child’s life! In it, children and adolescents will find caring mentors who are always ready to help and answer questions, build friendships with peers from different countries, and learn how to overcome problems.

TOP-5 Reasons to Choose studying in San Diego:

  • An opportunity to try new things. Students move out of their comfort zone, gaining unique experience. They can try their hand at various circles. By studying previously untested activities, students will be more likely to decide what they like, what makes them happy and successful.
  • The development of social skills. At a language school, students learn to communicate, work in a team, become a leader - these skills will be an excellent basis for a successful career in any industry.
  • An opportunity to solve problems, to learn the value of hard work. Under the supervision of experienced teachers, children and adolescents learn to take risks, set goals and achieve them. In comfortable conditions, students understand the importance of perseverance in achieving a dream.
  • Build a character. In a language school, students receive the basic moral values of a strong person - they learn ethics, care, respect, honesty, responsibility.
  • Become independent. In the camp, schoolchildren and students learn the ability to make decisions on their own and understand the consequences. In a safe environment, they can take a chance and try their hand at a new one, and in case of difficulties the staff is always ready to help.

Students are also waiting for:

  • Mastering English at a high level, which is achieved thanks to the constant practice - during lessons, talking with friends, visiting sections, excursions. 
  • A wide range of courses depending on the interests, opportunities, goals, age of students. A large number of groups and steps of language learning will be a plus for children with insufficient command of the language.

The language camp in San Diego makes it possible to use the break in the school year with benefit, when the priority is the desires and interests of the student - creativity, adventure, meeting friends, sports, etc.

Academic Programs: Best San Diego Language Schools

Today, in San Diego there are a large number of educational institutions offering many courses for foreign students. In such a variety it is easy to get lost, so we identified four main areas of work of linguistic camps:

  • General, including language learning in combination with outdoor activities. These can be regular or intensive courses, differing in the number of hours of English per week. The main feature of this direction is - numerous leisure and sightseeing events (Cinema night, barbecue parties, discos, talent show), ease of admission (the list of documents is reduced to a minimum).
  • Thematic ones give you the chance to do your favorite hobby, to explore new achievements in the chosen field. Young musicians, aspiring actors, young scientists and athletes get the opportunity to do what they love during the holidays, using modern equipment and gaining experience from the best teachers.
  • Educational, aimed at preparing for admission to the university or for passing international exams for language proficiency. During the course, students solve the control questions of past years, get acquainted with the traditions of education in America.
  • For professionals - suitable for young people building a career in a particular industry: law, business, literature. During the course, special attention is paid to lectures and seminars held under the guidance of world-class trainers and speakers.

The table below shows the average requirements for each type of program.

Course Type


Minimum English proficiency



English + rest, acquaintance with the country


From 2 weeks


English + sport

English + art

English + science


From 2 weeks


Preparation for passing international language  tests

Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

From a few weeks, months


University Preparation

Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

Academic year

For specialists

Study selected area

Intermediate / Upper Intermediate / Advenced

From week

Advice for foreign applicants preparing for studying at best language schools in San Diego and California

The main issue for foreign students remains the possibility of entering language courses. US language camps are an opportunity to try and evaluate your strengths before entering a highly-ranked college or institute. The main advantage of vacation programs is the ease of admission, which does not require a huge amount of paper - traditionally for successful admission, applicants only need:

  • Apply for a camp
  • Pay a program
  • Prepare a visa.

The greatest difficulty is the choice of an educational institution. In order to make studying interesting and entertaining for your child, it is worth taking several steps:

  • Decide on the goals, desires, interests of the child. Think about what he expects from a trip - having fun with friends, mastering a  favourite hobby, discovering new hobbies? 
  • Explore San Diego schools and camps. Pay attention to the program description, a list of extracurricular activities and excursions, accommodation options, meals, student reviews, and rankings.
  • Analyze value for money. The average cost of studying is $ 1,500-$ 2,500 for two weeks per person.
  • Check out the list of documents required for admission.
  • Submit the application within the deadlines indicated on the official website.
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