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Study in Morocco. Top 3 schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Morocco for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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Morocco is one of the most developed countries in Africa: it is notable for its monarchical state structure, its convenient location (rather mild climate, great opportunities for tourism), relatively simple migration legislation. Living in the country is a chance to get acquainted with the amazing Arab world, which is considered to be an invariable eastern fairy tale.

The modern state in the northeast of the African continent is interesting not only for tourists - it attracts more and more attention of foreign students, as education here is now available and promising. Students can receive secondary, special, higher education. It's not easy to learn, but it's interesting. The universities of the country offer courses in Arabic, French. In general, Morocco is a kind of African France: traditions and cultures mix here, science and education are developing rapidly.

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Structure of education in Morocco

Educational system is built according to the French scheme, that is, practically no different from the standard European one. In addition to the French system, two more are functioning in the country: Arabic (aimed at studying the Koran) and the so-called technical (getting working professions).

Children begin to study in preschool age - this preparation is compulsory - then follows the primary, secondary and Complete secondary education. Moroccan schools focus on teaching children primarily to science and art, graduates can enter universities, the direction is chosen in advance. Higher vocational preparation is three-level. The national diploma is quoted in the eastern countries and a number of states where the French educational system is adopted.

There are relatively few foreign students in the state, but the country's popularity is growing every year. Private schools readily accept foreign students for secondary education programs, and universities do not limit applicants in the choice of directions for future activities. The language sector is actively developing, foreign students come to the country today to study Arabic and French. Studies can easily be combined with tourism.

4 benefits of studying in TOP-5 schools, colleges and universities in Morocco

  • Eastern education is becoming more relevant. Morocco is one of the countries where it can be obtained relatively easily.
  • Education in Morocco is cheaper than European and American one.
  • Language schools in the country offer a wide range of programs for students of all ages: in French, Arabic, Spanish, English.
  • Teaching in the country is offered in historical places: it is possible that the classrooms will be equipped in a Moorish-style villa.
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