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Study in Kuala Lumpur in 17 best educational institutions for children, pupils, students: you will find program descriptions, prices and reviews for every course. Our consultans will help you choose the right program of studies. Free admission services without intermediaries to our partner schools, colleges and universities in Kuala Lumpur. Official representatives. Discounts on the official prices are available for international students, places are limited.
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Features of preparation for universities in Kuala Lumpur - language courses for foreign students

When planning to study in Kuala Lumpur, a foreign student has a great opportunity to spend summer holidays in language schools studying English in Malaysia. It is different from the language in the UK and the USA: Asian people have created their own dialect, which differs from the usual options. By visiting holiday language camps, you can learn the Malaysian dialect and get used to the accent. There are even courses for children with insufficient language skills - this is a chance to quickly and effectively learn English to the right level for further studies at colleges and universities in Malaysia.

Language programs in Kuala Lumpur are multifaceted and interesting: they take place not only in the classroom, but also in nature, on hiking trips, on sightseeing walks. Teachers are able to interest the student, the main thing is to choose effective courses with native English speakers. Malaysia's summer language programs last from 4 weeks and are available to applicants aged 18 to 35 years old.


Hours a week

Students in a group

Cost for 1 week

General English



From 120 $

Intensive courses



From 170 $

Exam classes



From 100 $

On-the-job courses



From 70 $

Business English



From 80 $

Private lessons

1,5 hour


From 22 $ per lesson.

Examination courses involve passing the exam and obtaining an international certificate - IELTS or TOEFL. This document, which allows to enter a college or university in Kuala Lumpur, is a certificate that changes the lives of people and opens up a lot of opportunities for further studies.

Accommodation during language summer courses for foreign students is inexpensive: from $ 25 for 1 month - this is an option in the host family. A homestay with good facilities and proximity to school costs up to $ 400 per month. An apartment will cost 3-4 times more expensive, and a hotel room - from $ 200 to $ 2,000 per month. A number of language schools offer accommodation in a hostel with three meals a day, costing from $ 125 to $ 400.

Higher education in Kuala Lumpur for international students

Colleges and universities offer studying in Kuala Lumpur in dozens of specialties: business, advertising, IT, medicine, science, etc. The college does not have the status of a higher educational institution, but graduates specialists with a Bachelor’s diploma - it gives the right to work in their specialty and continue their studies.

English-language universities provide three-level education:

  • Bachelor's - 3-5 years of study. For admission you need a certificate of complete secondary education.
  • Master's - 1-2 years, a Bachelor's degree is required.
  • Doctor of Sciences - up to 4 years, a master's degree is required.

Many academic programs at universities in Malaysia offer a narrow specialization, allowing you to thoroughly study the future profession. Practical studies, research, term papers and dissertations occupy an important part of training depending on the course. Students can choose from three types of study programs:

  • “3 + 0” - allows you to get an education in universities of Kuala Lumpur under international programs.
  • “2 + 1” - allows you to complete studies at elite universities in Europe, Australia, New Zealand.
  • "2 + 2" - allows you to get a diploma from a prestigious American university.

Education in Kuala Lumpur is much cheaper than studying in Europe and the USA , but students receive prestigious diplomas that are valued anywhere in the world. This is a chance to build a career as a successful person and gain knowledge by investing a minimum of money.

Education in Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia is relevant and is becoming more popular every year. The country's authorities are implementing a number of reforms and innovations - by 2020, Malaysia plans to take 6th place in the world in the number of foreign students.

General statistics on education in Kuala Lumpur

General information about Kuala Lumpur

Country Malaysia
Region Kuala Lumpur 
Population 1,453,975
Visitors 12,153,000/year
Time Zone Asia/Kuala_Lumpur


Coordinates Of Kuala Lumpur

Time Zone Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
GMT +8
DST +8
Latitude 3.141200000
Longitude 101.686530000
Elevation (STRM3) 56 m.

Accommodation options in Kuala Lumpur

Shared room outside of centre 139
Shared room in city centre 279
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 239
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 458

The cost of living in Kuala Lumpur

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 138 276
Food 141 214
Transportation 19 43
Communications and utilities 59 54
Clothing 17 65
Sports and leisure 18 52
Total 391 703
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