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TOP-10 prestigious secondary schools in Malaysia where international students can get high-quality secondary education

Education information

Global Peace Index in 2011 estimated Malaysia as one of the safest country for international students in the south-eastern region of Asia. Nowadays, Malaysia attracts many foreign students with low cost of accommodation, food and tuition fees. This combination makes Malaysia a very attractive option for studying abroad. Due to the list of TOP-10 prestigious secondary schools in Malaysia, you will definitely find the most appropriate secondary school. 

TOP-10 prestigious secondary schools in Malaysia where international students can get high-quality secondary education

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Educational system in Malaysia

Students in Malaysia begin their education at the age of 5 years old (preschoolers) in private and public institutions. Malaysia has adopted the British system of education. It provides primary education (grades 1-6) and secondary education (grades 7-12). Foreign students are sure that in Malaysia they will receive high-quality education on the classic British model. Primary education is available for children from 7 years and lasts for 6 years. Students attend one of two types of schools, which differ depending on the main language studied (each of them is carefully monitored by state bodies):

  • National Schools (Malay)
  • National-type schools (Tamil or Chinese).

After the 6th grade, students pass mandatory exams: knowledge is checked in mathematical and natural science subjects, as well as knowledge of the philological area (English, oral and written Malay).

Secondary education in Malaysia can be obtained in classical high schools, private institutions or in boarding schools (studying lasts 5 years). Main language in secondary schools is Malay, for all students English is required - in addition, Tamil or Chinese is studied (the choice is made individually depending on nationality). But the language block does not end there either: every student chooses a foreign language (Arabic, French or Japanese). A distinctive feature of the secondary and primary schools is the study of basic subjects in English (the list includes chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology). Also,students can continue their education in the chosen area and can enter any educational institution in the world - accordingly, they should not have difficulties in overcoming language barriers. The end of the school is marked by unified written exams.

Also in Malaysia, students can get education in international schools. There is a great opportunity to choose special curriculum that will include interesting disciplines that students plan to study in the future. This is an excellent option for ambitious students who want to build an international career, study and work abroad.

Many students go to private colleges after school: many institutions in the country work with their colleagues in Europe, the United States, Australia and Britain.

Higher educational institutions in the country are represented by state institutions and branches of international prestigious universities. This enables local students to receive high-quality and valuable education in accordance with international standards.

What documents are required for entering TOP-10 prestigious secondary schools in Malaysia?

In order to study and stay in the country for a long time, it is necessary to issue a student visa (the list of required documents is standard). In each educational institution there is a special department for working with foreign students, so that everyone can rely on qualified and timely assistance. Please note that the student visa entitles the student to earn extra money during leisure time.

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