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Rye St Antony private school

Address: Pullens Ln, Oxford OX3 0BY, United Kingdom

Description Rye St Antony private school

  • Year of foundation: 1930
  • Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, Britain
  • Age: girls - 3-18 years old, boys - 3-11 years old.
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of education: mixed
  • Accommodation: full, partial board.

Rye St Antony School is a private boarding school in Oxford for girls 3-18 years old and boys 3-11 years old. The school offers students a first-class education, a relaxed atmosphere near the center of Oxford. The school is committed to creating an environment that helps to realize the potential of each student. The programs cover the whole range of students' interests: they help students learn to think, ask questions, understand their strengths, weaknesses, take up challenges, take the initiative, play an active role in the school community when preparing for work in the environment to which they belong later. Rye offers a safe and comfortable environment for study, development, permanent residence.

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Rye St Antony private school

Program name
from 3 610 £ / term

Kindergarten 3-4 years from £ 1205 / semester

A comprehensive kindergarten with an exceptionally high level of service offers excellent learning opportunities through play in a relaxed, stimulating environment. The diverse curriculum covers seven key areas: preparation for primary school, which is complemented by weekly classes at the Forest School, music lessons, French language seminars, and games at the new outdoor training area.

Highly qualified kindergarten staffs make every effort to ensure that each child participates in training based on a structured curriculum. They train, control, evaluate children during their independent tasks, regardless of whether they are initiated by children or conducted under the guidance of adults.

Preparatory class 4-5 l. from £ 3290 (without accommodation)

Rye applies a holistic approach to learning, consistent with the school’s mission - to treat each child as a person who deserves attention and support. In combination with a happy, purposeful atmosphere, a rich, diverse curriculum, this creates the best conditions for the start of training.
Experienced teachers make every effort to ensure the participation of schoolchildren in all seven key areas of study through play, pleasure. Students can choose from an extensive list of additional study programs.

School 1-2 years 5-7 l. from £ 3375 / semester (without accommodation)

Education in Rye is based on a balanced program taking into account the individual characteristics of children. The main task of the school is to provide education without pressure on children, to provide them with the opportunity to study in comfortable conditions, to receive support in developing talents, overcoming individual difficulties.
The vast territory provides opportunities for learning in the open air, holding competitions, building shelters, climbing trees, interacting with other children, playing on gaming equipment.

School 3-4 years 7-9 l. from £ 3755 / semester (without accommodation)

The school, located on spacious lawns, hills, in the forest, is an ideal place for learning adventures. From 5 to 7 years, students master the score, letter, natural sciences, humanities, computer technology, music, drama, sports, languages. Children have the space to run, explore the world in a safe environment, the ability to push the boundaries, challenge, as well as the chance to express themselves, to receive rewards for achievements.

from 4 350 £ / term

School 5-6 years 5-11 l. £ 4065 / semester (without accommodation)

Rye teachers firmly believe that the first years of education are the key to the future of young people: this is the time to create models of learning, to build a passion for research, discoveries. The school is located in the heart of Oxford, which means that the school community creates strong connections through peer mentoring and friends. Our younger students also work with girls in grades 7-11, the Sixth Form . The school uses a system of motivation, which includes competitions, cups, promotion. Student success and achievements are broadcasted throughout the school for general acceptance.

from 9 335 £ / term

High school 11-14 years from £ 5110 / semester (without accommodation)

The main subjects of the curriculum (English, mathematics, natural sciences) complement French, Spanish, Latin. Rye students succeed in drama, art, design, sports, music — all important components of the curriculum — religion, philosophy, and humanities are also included in the curriculum. Students can choose from 18 levels of GCSE, A- Level as they study.

Accommodation, housing and food

The school offers several accommodation options:

  • Full time full board
  • Weekly accommodation (excluding weekends)
  • Flexi (flexible partial stay options)
  • Separate nights by prior arrangement.

Rye has two homely holiday homes located on a 12 acre property of its own :

  • Croft - residence for girls from 8 to 15 years

Croft has a special family atmosphere: girls live in comfortable, spacious rooms of 3-4 people, equipped with spacious bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, access to computers. Rest rooms are equipped with a variety of entertainment equipment, TV, DVD-player, games. All residents of Croft have access to the music block, art workshops, sports, fitness room.

  • Cottage - for girls 15-19 years

In the Cottage live older students 15-19 years. The residence is surrounded by forest, has its own patio, garden, dining room, kitchen, recreation rooms, computer rooms, library, laundry room. Students are accommodated in the Cottage individually (total of 45 rooms).

Sample schedule:





check in


General school meeting, class meeting

9.00 am

General lessons


Rest on the territory, events


Hot, varied lunch


2:00 pm

Day lessons

4:00 pm

Tea break for boarders

4:45 pm

Preparing for lessons


Students who live at home can stay on school grounds, regardless of whether they attend any activity, until 6:15 pm

Events Rye St Antony private school

Rye St Antony School offers to take part in a rich program of events according to their individual interests and talents:

  • Playing musical instruments
  • Drama productions
  • Creative writing
  • Ballet
  • Juggling
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Chorus
  • Assistance in elementary school, kindergarten.

In early September, a fair of events is held, where students can get acquainted with various clubs, meet with the person conducting them. Most clubs are free, some events are charged, but many have a free trial period.

Study, holiday trips around the country and abroad are held during semi-annual vacations, holidays.


  • The educational institution creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, taking into account individual needs and preferences of students. This reflects the philosophy of the school, aimed at forming a respectful attitude of girls to each other, an active life position, interest in new experiences, strong and long-lasting friendships.
  • For students with special learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia), there is a support team to help develop the skills needed for learning. The inclusive program supports students during all school years, helps to form an individual learning strategy.

Equipment Rye St Antony private school

The territory of the school is surrounded by landscaped lawns, gardens, forests, sports, playgrounds. Rye has four specially created laboratories for high school students in the Sampter building, a separate scientific laboratory for younger students, a complex of food technologies with a large kitchen, an ICT center, equipped with a wide range of ICT equipment, computers, projectors, scanners, printers.

Rye St Antony School offers a large selection of sports facilities that allow students to fully realize their sports fitness potential: a sports, fitness room, four badminton courts, 6 tennis courts, 3 netball courts, a hockey rink, a game field for athletics, a pool with heated.

A well-stocked library contains over 12,000 storage units. Students and staff have access to more than 10,000 websites through the library’s catalog, a popular place for reading and learning.

The Sixth Form Center provides autonomous opportunities for high school students: they learn, relax, and enjoy food together. The center is equipped with a spacious dining room, recreation areas, studies, bedrooms, a picturesque courtyard with open recreation areas.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees


Day stay

Accommodation for a week

Permanent residence


Cost of stay (per semester)

Preparatory school

£ 500

£ 1000

£ 2500

Old school

£ 500

£ 1000

£ 2500


Tuition (per semester)

Preparatory school

£ 3290-4065

£ 7,000

£ 7,410

Old school

£ 5110 (lunch included)

£ 8230

£ 8645


Kindergarten (semester)

5 days a week

£ 1605


£ 1205


Additional studies (per semester)

Instrumental music, singing (10 lessons)

£ 255

Vocals, speech, drama

£ 98


£ 76

Additional languages, additional English, supporting learning

£ 51 / hour

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Entrance to the Rye St Antony School students 3-11 years old suggests:

  • Trial day in your age group
  • Mathematical, literary / language testing.

Entrance tests for applicants 11-14 years

  • One day school attendance
  • One hour entrance exam in Math, English
  • Meeting with the director, employees.

International high school candidates take entrance exams at their school, recognized agency or other approved institution. If you are applying for a GCSE program, then you need to get a Cambridge First certificate, IELTS 5.0 or higher.

Preparatory school students are enrolled without entrance exams, since they are evaluated on the basis of current progress.

Scholarships Rye St Antony private school

Rye St Antony School offers scholarships for 11+, 13+, 16+ - each scholarship in the amount of 10% of fees. One of the 16+ scholarships is the Patsy Sumpter Prize, established in 2012 as a sixth grade award for achievements and potential in the humanities.

The King’s Award was established in 1993 by Gwen King in memory of her sister, Ivy, to recognize merit, support the needs of individual students and the special talents they wanted to develop.

Map, location

Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Rye St Antony private school reviews

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