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TOP-40 schools, colleges and universities in Paris where foreign students can get high-quality education

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Do you dream about studying in France? Today, France attracts a great deal of foreign students with high-quality educational services, high living standards and amazing nature. SMAPSE offers TOP-40 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Paris where foreign students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higher education. Moreover, language schools and centers in Paris provide various language courses and programs that will meet all your needs. 

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TOP educational institutions of Paris for foreign students

Studying in Paris carries a number of advantages for foreign students:

  • Cost. Education in France is considered one of the best in terms of price and quality. Prestigious universities in Paris also provide an opportunity to study for free for students from abroad.
  • Diploma of international standard, i.e. programs that meet international standards. A French diploma is recognized in many countries of the world.
  • Modern equipment and highly qualified teachers.
  • High quality of life.
  • A wide selection of leisure and sightseeing events, which allows to make the educational process useful, effective and entertaining.

You will find interesting academic programs and unique opportunities for creativity, sports or science! You can enjoy a conversation with friends in many cozy cafes, immerse yourself in contemporary art at unique exhibitions, create memories with classmates at incendiary concerts and get acquainted with the unique culture of the country during excursions and walks. You will get a chance to be in the incredible atmosphere of the beautiful city for artists and poets!

Elite schools in Paris for international students

France offers a wide range of courses for foreign students, depending on their goals, interests and opportunities:

  • Vacation programs that are gaining more and more popularity every year. They allow children and adolescents to go on a real journey in which study and relaxation will create unique memories. Vacation courses are represented by numerous language schools that conduct summer, spring, autumn or winter camps for schoolchildren in various areas - adventure, creative, sports, scientific, etc.
  • Schools are divided into three levels - elementary school, middle classes (college) and senior classes (lyceum). Many schools in France organize adaptation classes that allow children and adolescents who do not know the language at a sufficient level to study it along with gaining basic knowledge. The college ends with an exam and a certificate of incomplete secondary education, and a lyceum - about full secondary education. Middle or senior classes will be the first step to comfortable learning at universities in France.
  • University programs. The higher education system in France is represented by three main types - universities, higher schools and specialized schools.

The main advantage of these programs is the ease of admission: students with insufficient language proficiency will be able to enter abd feel comfortable, because the courses are adapted for foreign students.

  • French universities offer almost all directions of study: exact sciences (chemistry, computer science, physics, etc.), foreign languages, philology, social sciences (management, law, economics), sports, medicine, etc. There are currently 13 universities in Paris.
  • High schools in Paris are usually small prestigious educational institutions that accept applicants after a strict selection. Their feature is a close relationship with various enterprises, which allows you to be sure of the demand for a specialist after receiving a diploma. The main disadvantage is a smaller list of possible specialties.
  • Specialized ones were created for applicants who want to get a highly specialized profession (for example, fine or applied arts, journalism, theater, culinary, tourism and hotel business, etc.).

How to enter French universities and universities of Paris for foreign students?

For children and adolescents who have already decided to go to study in Paris, the main issue remains admission. Consider the features and algorithm of actions for successful admission without unnecessary nerves and anxieties.

1. The easiest option for admission is vacation courses: the list of documents is usually reduced to a minimum and includes applying for and obtaining a visa, sometimes a deposit is required.

2. In order to become a student of the prestigious school of Paris, it is necessary to collect a package of documents and submit it in advance for consideration. Traditionally, it includes:

  • Statement
  • Motivation letter / essay / entrance exams
  • Scorecard
  • Diplomas and awards for sports, creative, scientific achievements (not always)
  • Reviews from teachers.

When submitting documents to universities, the first step will be to choose an educational institution, since the French education system assumes that applicants have already decided on their future profession. Traditionally, the list of documents for applicants from French universities includes:

  • Electronic dossier in the Etudes en France system (not all universities)
  • Certificate
  • Introductory competition
  • Exams.

Tuition fees for studying Paris

Prices for studies depend on the chosen educational institution and program. The average cost per student is:

  • Language Camps - 1300 € -2300 € for 2 weeks
  • State Universities - 300 € -800 € per year
  • Private Universities –8000 € -12000 € per year.

General educational statistics in Paris

General information about Paris

Country France
Region Île-de-France 
Region 2 Paris 
Region 3 Paris 
Region 4 Paris 
Population 2,138,551
Visitors 15,023,000/year
Time Zone Europe/Paris


Cost of living in Paris

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 439 637
Food 264 483
Transportation 61 178
Communications and utilities 81 112
Clothing 29 109
Sports and leisure 31 100
Total 906 1,621


Accommodation in Paris

Shared room outside of centre 444
Shared room in city centre 644
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 658
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 932


Coordinates of Paris

Time Zone Europe/Paris
GMT +1
DST +2
Latitude 48.853410000
Longitude 2.348800000
Elevation (STRM3) 42 m.


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