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TOP-5 prestigious schools and colleges in France where international students can get preparation courses for admission to university

Education information

Every year France attracts many foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services, interesting culture and amazing cuisine. SMAPSE offers TOP-5 prestigious French schools and colleges that provide high-quality preparation courses that will help enter prestigious universities in France and in the world. Studying in one of 5 best schools in France gives a great opportunity to get deep knowledge and open wide career prospects in the future.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-5 prestigious schools and colleges in France where international students can get preparation courses for admission to university

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University preparatory courses in France: benefits for Russians

  • Pre-university programs as a guarantee of success for future studies
  • As practice shows, students from Russia need special training, preferably in the country of study. The difference in the educational system, approaches and principles, and in general study in a foreign language, is a rather serious challenge to the student, all his previous academic education and language practice. University preparation in France is tailored to the needs of international students. You can choose only linguistic areas that will help to pull the language to the required level, or academic lessons that will allow you to join the foreign academic environment. Often, students are recommended combination courses that have long been proven to be effective.

  • Ability to choose the language of instruction
  • Students have the opportunity to choose the language of instruction - French or English : it all depends on the language of the bachelor's program, which the foreigner plans to enter.

  • French prestigious certificate
  • Fruitful studies will end with an exam and a certificate from a leading school or university in France (on the basis of which such courses are held). For Russians, this is a great opportunity to increase their chances of admission: holders of certificates from the best educational institutions in France have significant advantages.

  • Studying at top educational institutions
  • Preparatory courses are held on the basis of reputable educational institutions, possibly in the place of the student's future studies. Preparation for a university in France will allow you to get acquainted with the features of the methodology of studying abroad , to get to know teachers.

  • Acquiring useful skills
  • Foreign programs at the university are also good because they are not limited to academic studies - much attention is paid to the personal development and education of students. The children will forget about school life and quickly adapt to new conditions close to university ones, learn independence, master time management and understand how to prioritize correctly.

    Higher Education in France: Basic Information

    Higher education in France has a centuries-old tradition: this country is known for its highly trained teaching staff, teachers adhere to a communicative approach, the main form of education here is lecture-discussion. Students are expected to actively participate, questions and initiatives, students are faced with large volumes of independent work. It is difficult to answer whether studying here is very difficult - it all depends on individual characteristics and preparation, but to enter a university in France is much easier than to other developed countries in Europe. There are many English-language programs in this country, which attracts students from all over the world. Foreigners can study for free at state universities, but be prepared to pay the annual registration fee, and also consider the cost of living.

    Basic preparatory courses for foreigners in France

    The name of the program

    Course description

    Duration and prices

    After Grade 9 Pre-IB

    The course is intended for students over 15 years old, the purpose of the training is to obtain the necessary academic knowledge and achieve the required level of language proficiency for further studies on the IB course.

    Age of applicants for the course: from 15 years

    Requirements: Intermediate

    Duration: one year

    Cost: from 1500 euros for 2 weeks

    After Grade 10 International Baccalaureate

    An international two-year course in front of the university, which includes the study of six subjects to choose from, three of which students pass at a high level. At the end of two years, the guys pass difficult exams, and then receive a prestigious international diploma. The international level of the program gives additional bonuses when entering a foreign university: with good points, the applicant will be enrolled without passing the entrance tests.

    Age of applicants for the course: 16-18 years

    Requirements: Above Average

    Duration: two years

    Cost: from 18 thousand per semester

    French baccalaureate

    National educational program for graduate students who intend to enter universities in France. Preparation for French Baccalaureate University in France opens the door to any university in the country, as it guarantees a high level of knowledge and, importantly, a sufficient level of language proficiency. Students undergo intensive training of an academic and linguistic nature. In addition to the emphasis on the educational process, teachers strive to develop in students the skills necessary for student life: the ability to think critically, analyze various sources, master time management, etc.

    Age of applicants for the course: 16-18 years

    Requirements: Intermediate French

    Duration: two years

    Cost: from 12 thousand euros per term


    Students will be able to pull academic and linguistic knowledge to the desired level, pay attention to core subjects and adapt to the new learning environment.

    Applicants age: over 17 years old

    Requirements: Intermediate

    Duration: 1-2 semesters

    Cost: about 5 thousand euros per semester

    Instructions for entering a university in France

    • Timely preparation for a university in France: you need to at least a year begin to get acquainted with the educational services of universities, soberly assess their financial capabilities and draw up a curriculum. When choosing a university, consider the ratings and the quality of the university in a particular specialty.
    • After the choice of a university is made, carefully deal with the conditions for admission: is it enough to provide only a school certificate? (some universities accept immediately after school, no entrance exams) or is it necessary to take a Foundation special course? What language requirements does the university make? Typically, a certificate is required to confirm language proficiency (TCF, DELF / DALF - French or IELTS , TOEFL - English).
    • Take special courses before taking language exams. Even with a high level of language proficiency, international exams are a difficult test that requires psychological endurance and a clear knowledge of the structure.
    • Collect a package of documents: an application for a chosen university, a document on education from the last place of study (translated and notarized), a certificate of passing the language exam
    • Upon successful enrollment, the student receives a certificate and only visa application remains
    • Choose your accommodation option - far from all universities in France provide accommodation in hostels.
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