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TOP-20 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Brazil where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higer education

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Brazil is one of those countries where it is pleasant to relax and interesting to study, here the student opens a lot of academic opportunities. You can get a secondary, special, higher education. Often, foreign students come to the country to study Portuguese: it is a state language and is taught in all international language schools.

Studies in the country are suitable for students who prefer an active way of life - there is absolutely no time to be bored, not only possible, but also It is necessary to combine studying with cognitive rest. 

Students of different ages and financial possibilities can study in Brazil, the country offers a large number of programs for foreign students. Children and adolescents can spend vacations in Brazil, studying or improving the Portuguese, adults can choose Business and professional language courses.

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Nowadays, studying in Brazil for foreign students is open at all levels. The country's educational system has three levels: primary, secondary, higher education, and postgraduate studying is also available. It is compulsory to study from 7 to 14 years.

A distinctive feature of educational system in Brazi is a constant and fairly strict state control of educational services' quality. In total, there is a little less than 1,000 educational institutions, including 93 foreign universities and public, private schools.

The basic requirement for admission to most academic programs is a good command of Portuguese. Those who do not know this language at the required level can take specialized language courses. Foreign students come most often with the purpose of studying Portuguese, and the country offers courses in Spanish.

Brazilian schools accept foreign students on a full board basis, all necessary materials are provided for study. The method of teaching the language is mainly communicative - this applies to short-term and academic (semester, year) courses.

5 benefits of studying in TOP-10 schools, colleges and universities in Brazil

  • Studying in Brazil is an excellent opportunity to improve your Portuguese (and/or Spanish).
  • Educational system is modern, regularly updated, fully in line with today's global educational trends.
  • It is cheaper to study in Brazil than in some European countries, in particular Spain and Portugal.
  • This is an opportunity to achieve the set academic goals and relax in one of the most interesting, mysterious countries of the world.
  • The system of vocational education is client-oriented - not only university programs are available, but also short-term specialized courses that allow to get demanded specialities in IT, administration, etc.
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