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Study in Beijing. 33 top schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Beijing for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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Study in Beijing in 33 best educational institutions for children, pupils, students: you will find program descriptions, prices and reviews for every course. Our consultans will help you choose the right program of studies. Free admission services without intermediaries to our partner schools, colleges and universities in Beijing. Official representatives. Discounts on the official prices are available for international students, places are limited.
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Secondary education in Beijing for international students

A huge number of secondary schools are located in Beijing, many of them are state-owned: they teach in the Chinese language and are free for local residents. A small percentage of public schools also have the right to enroll foreign students: usually these are the most prestigious schools in Beijing that have received special permission to study for foreign students. The first year of a foreign student in high school is usually devoted to language learning, and upon reaching the desired level, the student begins studying in the main school curriculum. Public schools in China are distinguished by strict discipline, adherence to traditional methods and a high academic load. The cost of studying at Beijing High School will depend on its rating and location (starts at $ 4000).

An alternative option for secondary education in Beijing is private boarding schools in China: in such schools, children can study in both Chinese and English . This type of studying is very convenient for foreign students, because usually a boarding school is a large complex where educational classes, libraries and a sports center, a canteen and a hostel are located on one territory. The curriculum of such schools is more modernized, the number of classes is much smaller, students can study certain subjects in-depth, attend elective classes of their choice. However, the cost of education in boarding schools in Beijing is an order of magnitude higher than in public institutions: for example, a semester in a boarding school will cost a student $ 6500.

Higher Education in Beijing

For those who wish to get higher education in China, Beijing is an excellent destination, because most of the country's top universities and colleges are located here, and students can devote their free time to visiting popular tourist destinations in the Chinese capital.

To study at universities in Beijing in Chinese, a foreign student must be proficient in HSK 4 (HSK is an international exam confirming knowledge of the Chinese language in a certain level). If the knowledge is not enough, almost all state universities in Beijing provide foreign students with preparatory language courses, after which you can pass an exam.

A number of Beijing universities provide an option of studying in English - usually these are branches of the largest foreign colleges and universities, upon completion of which they provide a European-style diploma, quoted all over the world.

At universities in Beijing, foreign students can get higher education at any level - bachelor, master, doctor of science. For admission to undergraduate programs, it is necessary to provide only a school certificate, while future masters will also need letters of recommendation from professors and teachers.

Another undeniable plus for a foreign student is an opportunity to receive a scholarship from the PRC government. Every month, he will be able to receive from $ 100 to $ 300, which will cover all expenses for accommodation or meals, because, despite the capital status of Beijing, housing and food prices are relatively low.

List of Beijing's top-rated universities and the cost of a year of study:

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University

4,695 $

Peking University

Peking university

5008 $

Peking University of Aviation and Cosmonautics

Beihang university

3632 $

Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University

5,000 $

Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology

3000 $

University of Science & Technology Beijing

University of Science & Technology Beijing

5,000 $

Language courses in Beijing for foreign students

Most often, foreign students prefer language schools in Beijing, since the capital can offer a huge selection of courses of various durations and intensities. Another important nuance is that teaching in Beijing linguistic schools is conducted in the generally accepted dialect of the Chinese language (unlike Shanghai or Hong Kong).

In addition to the general Chinese language courseBeijing language schools offer students various programs aimed at all aspects of language proficiency. The most popular programs are:

  • Individual Chinese (high school and adult)
  • Academic Chinese (high school students and adults)
  • Standard Chinese courses: (high school students, students and adults)
  • Winter / summer Chinese language + rest (schoolchildren and students).

In addition to the Chinese language, Beijing boasts a large number of international language schools teaching English. This option will be more profitable and interesting than studying in the UK and the USA: being in the center of Eastern civilization, you can comprehend English at the level of the best European schools. The vast majority of language schools in China are massively recruiting native speakers from English-speaking countries, so you can not worry about the quality and effectiveness of the result.

Private language schools in Beijing have an advantage over state courses, because they are based on a modern approach to learning, they can offer students a flexible schedule and an individual approach, and only classes attended are paid. In addition, study groups do not exceed 10-12 people, and the cost of training in them is often even lower than in public schools, and can start from $ 300 per week course.

Features of learning and living in Beijing for international students

With all the advantages of living and studying in the Chinese capital, it is worth mentioning some of its features.

  • Ecological situation: China's largest metropolis is experiencing great environmental problems due to the huge traffic load and the numerous factories located in the city and its environs. Occupations at Beijing schools are sometimes canceled due to increased levels of pollution, and people are strongly discouraged from spending time outdoors.
  • Overpopulation: it is naive to believe that Beijing will meet with measured life and order on the roads - constant crowds of local residents and tourists can complicate traffic, and non-compliance with the rules by drivers makes moving in the city center very problematic.
  • Differences of cultures: some rules of conduct in Chinese society are completely unusual for European education. Be prepared that for a light cultural shock. 

General statistics on education in Beijing

General information about Beijing

Country China
Region Beijing 
Population 11,716,620
Visitors 4,197,000/year
Time Zone Asia/Shanghai

The cost of living in Beijing

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 358 654
Food 147 263
Transportation 23 55
Communications and utilities 35 39
Clothing 25 92
Sports and leisure 32 110
Total 620 1,212

Accommodation options in Beijing

Shared room outside of centre 361
Shared room in city centre 661
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 464
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 841

Coordinates Of Beijing

Time Zone Asia/Shanghai
GMT +8
DST +8
Latitude 39.907500000
Longitude 116.397230000
Elevation (STRM3) 49 m.
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