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Study in Abu Dhabi. 7 top schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Abu Dhabi for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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Study in Abu Dhabi in 7 best educational institutions for children, pupils, students: you will find program descriptions, prices and reviews for every course. Our consultans will help you choose the right program of studies. Free admission services without intermediaries to our partner schools, colleges and universities in Abu Dhabi. Official representatives. Discounts on the official prices are available for international students, places are limited.
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UAE language schools for international students: features and benefits

Since the 1990s, studying in Abu Dhabi has been attracting students from all over the world. Abu Dhabi schools offer language programs for children with insufficient language skills and for adolescents with a good level of language proficiency. Teachers will test the child and identify in a suitable group, where experts with experience working with foreign students will pay attention to him.

UAE private schools offer language courses in Abu Dhabi for children of all ages: from 3-4 years old to adult students. Mostly study takes place in English. Due to the peculiarities of oriental culture, schools are often found here separately for boys or girls, but there are also joint ones; some work around the clock and provide a hostel for pupils and students, others are designed only for a day stay - in this case, the children live in a family with special permission. Older students can live in a hotel.

The cost of studying varies significantly. So, there is an option with learning English and preparing for TOEFL and IELTS courses for 400$ per week, and there are Arabic courses 1,715$ for the same period. But in the second option, the price includes accommodation in a family, when in the first school you need to pay extra for a hotel, which will cost an additional 300$ per week. Additional costs will amount to a small amount. Food prices in the UAE are quite decent: a tasty and satisfying dinner will cost 5$, and if you save and buy fast food products, you can also have dinner for 2-3$.

Universities in Abu Dhabi for international students

Education in Abu Dhabi attracts foreign students not only by the opportunity to get a worthy place in the largest companies in the world - thousands of students annually choose UAE universities due to the following reasons:

Big choice

Representatives of elite universities and colleges of the USA and Europe are opened in the United Arab Emirates.

Education system

Studying in the UAE is interesting and easy. The state is developing an education system and offers relevant programs for students.


The cost of studying at Abu Dhabi universities is different, but there are options for $ 1,000 per year.

Life in the state of the future

People call the UAE a wonderful country with a worthy future - remember the construction sites of recent years, which gave people masterpieces of architecture, technology, fashion.


Year-round heat. In summer, the air temperature can reach 50 °C, but thousands of air conditioners correct this. 

It will not be difficult to enter Abu Dhabi universities if the applicant speaks English and has a TOEFL or IELTS certificate. To pass language tests, it is worth taking language courses. The ideal option for obtaining a certificate is studying at grades 9-10 of the school: in this way a teenager will not lose a whole year with subsequent admission and in a short time will not forget the skills acquired abroad.

Additional exams must be taken at few universities in the country. But it is worth remembering that student performance and behaviour are strictly monitored. Violating moral standards or showing low marks, you can appear in the lists for deductions. Studying in the United Arab Emirates is an option for purposeful and responsible people.

Additional benefits for children and adults choosing to study in the UAE

Not only studying in Abu Dhabi attracts foreign students - in the UAE it is interesting and pleasant to work and relax. During studying students can enjoy:

  • visit the mosques of Abu Dhabi;
  • see the tallest building in the world;
  • visit the largest water park and aquarium;
  • relax on the beaches of the Persian Gulf;
  • get acquainted with the history and traditions of the East.

Even if you do not get a place in the largest companies in the world, studying in Abu Dhabi will still change your life, giving it unique and vivid memories, communication with people of different cultures and nationalities, relevant knowledge and many more advantages. UAE University diploma will open thousands of roads for further development, career and unique experience!

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