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Best schools in Cambridge for foreign students

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Best schools in Cambridge for foreign students

Prestigious schools in Cambridge for foreign students

Cambridge is universally assigned the status of the most popular and most famous university city among all countries of the world. It is worth noting that the history of its development began several centuries ago. As for the geographical location, Cambridge is located in close proximity to London, namely in the county of Cambridgeshire. As you might have already guessed, the top oldest university in Europe is located in the county of the same name, while millions of foreign students from any country in the world seek to receive an elite higher education in England, as well as advanced British secondary education.

So, for several years now, Cambridge has been assigned the status of elite education and individual success, while at the same time occupying top positions in world rankings of the best universities in the world. In addition, graduates of the University of Cambridge in the future become famous scientists, Nobel laureates, as well as successful businessmen. Please note that the structure of Cambridge includes 31 colleges, while 3 of them practice a separate educational format (only girls are accepted).

When deciding to study at the best high school in Cambridge, a foreign student will be able to receive quality education for unhindered admission to elite universities, both in the UK and other countries of the world, as well as for building a successful international career.

The main advantages of obtaining prestigious secondary education by foreign students

  • Teaching in the best Cambridge schools is conducted in English, and therefore, foreign teenagers significantly improve their English proficiency, while acquiring the necessary knowledge in the relevant disciplines corresponding to the school curriculum.
  • The academic environment prevails within the walls of the elite Cambridge school, allowing foreign students to fully immerse themselves in the educational process, while ensuring comprehensive harmonious development. In addition, foreign students will be able to establish useful contacts, as well as make new and true friends.
  • There is no doubt the highest level of quality of European education. Thus, ranking private schools in Cambridge have developed a variety of educational programs. It is also worth noting that leading Cambridge high schools are quickly adapting to new international trends and educational requirements, thereby offering foreign students only effective educational programs.
  • Due to the close proximity to the British capital, fascinating events are being organized for foreign students in London and its environs, in particular, educational tours, visits to museums, shopping are provided, and fun student parties are also held.
  • The prestigious schools in Cambridge are not an exception, within whose walls an emphasis is placed on the sports development of all students, the following sports sections are open for visiting, namely cricket, rowing, sailing, and horse riding.

Types of accommodation during study at prestigious schools in Cambridge 

Regardless of the option of living in the UK, all foreign students are guaranteed comfortable accommodation conditions during their studies. The most popular among foreign students is getting a secondary education on a full board basis, namely in the territory of comfortable residences. Usually, students are housed in comfortable rooms for 1-2 students. Alternatively, host families are offered.

The specific characteristics of elite secondary education in Cambridge

  • The academic year is divided into three trimesters, namely autumn, spring and summer. Please note that short vacations between trimesters are provided.
  • Enough large private boarding schools, both in the UK and Cambridge, adhere to a separate educational format. Thus, only boys or girls only schools operate successfully.
  • Prestigious schools in Cambridge organize additional courses in a foreign language, aimed at foreign students.

TOP-3 best schools in Cambridge 

  • The Leys School Cambridge - the year of foundation is 1972, foreign students over 12 years old are accepted for education. As for the location of the school, it is located in Cambridge's high-tech park. In this connection, in the framework of teaching, emphasis is placed on students studying the exact sciences, namely physics and information technology. Special mention deserves the modern equipment of classrooms, various creative groups in ceramics, photography, music, design. In addition, sports are an integral part of the educational process. During the period of study, students live in comfortable school residences. The cost of education, taking into account accommodation and meals for the trimester, starts on average from 7,000 £.
  • Cambridge International School - the year of foundation is 1976, foreign students who have reached the age of six are admitted. A friendly and cozy atmosphere is created for students, classes are held in small classrooms. In addition, teachers are doing everything possible to educate students in leadership qualities and independence, which, in turn, are the main principles of the organization of the educational process. Accommodation options for the period of study include the host family or residence in the school residence. The cost of education, taking into account food and accommodation, is on average 18,000 £ per year.
  • The New Eccles Hall School - is a leading private boarding school with a joint educational format. This school is recommended for students with a disability or impaired psychophysical development. The main task of the school is the high-quality preparation of students for life in a modern international environment, as well as allowing students with a low level of knowledge and ability to become confident, fully-fledged and comprehensively developed members of society. As for the educational program, it provides for a complete British education cycle. The percentage of foreign students averages 10%, and additional English courses have been specially developed for them in order to maximize immersion in the academic and linguistic environment. For the period of study, students live in comfortable residences. The cost of education starts at 6,730 £ per trimester, taking into account accommodation and meals on a full board basis.
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