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Memorial Gardens: a place that will not leave anyone indifferent

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Memorial Gardens: a place that will not leave anyone indifferent

In the heart of the bustling modern Dublin, an unusually beautiful park is located - the Garden of Memories. Those who happened to visit here note: just a stone's throw away, cars are buzzing and passing, life is in full swing in the city. But as soon as you go over the fence, you will immediately find yourself in another - quiet and peaceful - reality. Not only the opportunity to reflect in silence and to be alone with themselves attract tourists and dublins to the park: in memory of all the soldiers who participated in the battles for the independence of Ireland in the 18-20 centuries, a memorial is erected here. If you are looking for a place where you can be alone with yourself and think about the "high" - you are here!

From the history of the garden

Ireland is called the Emerald Isle - for the abundance of parks and greenery. In 1966, the year of the 15th anniversary of the historic Easter Uprising, it was decided to create a park zone in the center of Dublin. Soon, the city authorities, together with initiative groups of citizens, erected memorial plaques here dedicated to several uprisings for the freedom of Ireland:

  • Uprising of the United Irish Society of 1798
  • The rebellion of Robert Emmett in 1803
  • The rebellion of the young Irish of 1848
  • Easter Uprising 1916
  • The War of Independence 1919-1921

Over time, other monuments appeared in the Garden of Memories, for example, the sculptural composition Children of Lear, symbolizing rebirth and resurrection (1971). The monument was created based on an old Irish legend reminiscent of a fairy tale by G.Kh. Andersen's “Wild Swans”: four swans soar up, and three young people froze in strange poses, as if struggling with something, trying to step on the ground.

In the center of the park there is a large pool, the bottom of which is decorated with mosaics depicting shields, swords and broken copies. This choice is not accidental: the ancient Celts - the ancestors of modern Irish - believed that the ponds are connected with the afterlife. Warriors often offered sacrifices, throwing swords or broken spears into the water, thereby hoping that they would survive in battle. By the way, the tradition of throwing a coin in a pond also came from this belief.


Everything for people

In the Garden of Memories, all conditions have been created for a comfortable rest for citizens and tourists: well-groomed alleys, incredibly beautiful plants, a sufficient number of benches, although young people prefer to be located right on the lawn, which is not forbidden. Here you can often meet people grilling barbecue with the whole family.

The garden occupies a special place in the hearts of citizens, because here you can not only relax your soul and body, but also honor the soldiers who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of Ireland, and therefore for the life of every Irish.

Interesting Facts

  • The discovery was made by the commander of the Easter Uprising, Imon de Valera.

The object belongs to parks.

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