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Private schools in Switzerland for foreign students

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Private schools in Switzerland for foreign students

Elite Swiss schools for foreign students

The Swiss secondary education system consists of leading public and private schools. As for the Swiss public schools, teaching is carried out within the framework of the Swiss Matura standard, which includes two stages, namely Secondaire I, which consists of an elementary school and 1 stage of secondary education, as well as Secondaire II, which is considered an analogue of higher education, the duration of study in the framework of which is 3 years, and upon graduation, graduates are issued a certificate of full secondary education. Within the walls of prestigious private schools in Switzerland, foreign students can become owners of not only a Swiss certificate, but also a diploma of another country. If the foreign student is interested, there is an opportunity to receive 2 certificates simultaneously.

Among all countries of the world, it is Switzerland’s private schools that are recognized as the most elite schools for the following reasons, namely the highest level of quality of educational services, modern infrastructural equipment of educational buildings and laboratories, comfortable school residences, and the high cost of education. So, the cost of education throughout the year varies on average about 65,000 $. In addition, receiving an elite secondary education in Switzerland, a foreign graduate is guaranteed admission to top universities not only in Switzerland, but also in other countries of the world.

Private schools in Switzerland - a unique international setting

The main goal of creating elite Swiss private boarding schools is due to the quality of education directly for foreign students, thus, the international situation reigns in the walls of the best private schools in Switzerland. In addition, almost all leading private schools in Switzerland are characterized by a quota for admission of foreign students from a particular country. As practice shows, the quota is not more than 10% of the total number of students. In this connection, a harmonious balance is guaranteed between students who are representatives of the most different countries of the world, at the same time creating equal educational conditions and contributing to faster adaptation to the new and language environment.

Please note that in the walls of the best private schools in Switzerland, an average of a small number of students are studying because of the fact that Swiss educational institutions are chamber. So, in the walls of a prestigious Swiss school only a few hundred students are studying. At the same time, over 200 educational institutions are successfully operating in Switzerland. Note that the overwhelming majority of the top private boarding schools are located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, their number directly is significantly less in the German and Italian cantons.

As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that in the territory of Switzerland 4 official state languages are adopted, namely German, French, Italian and Retro-Roman. In addition, almost all local Swiss speak excellent English. For example, multilingualism also affected the Swiss secondary education system, which is why all students in ranking private schools in Switzerland study 2-3 foreign languages at the same time. In addition, foreign students have an excellent opportunity to improve their language skills in practice through constant communication with local residents. As for teaching, it is taught in English, German, French or Italian. The choice of language in which teaching is conducted is determined by the chosen educational program.

Educational programs of ranking private schools of Switzerland for foreign students

A specific characteristic of prestigious private schools in Switzerland is due to the fact that teaching is conducted within different models and in different foreign languages. So, within the walls of elite private Swiss schools, several sections have been developed, within which teaching is conducted in accordance with various standards of different countries of the world. The following educational programs are listed:

This educational program is most popular among foreign students at the moment, combining all the best elements of European secondary education systems. Having a certificate on passing the international baccalaureate program, the graduate has an excellent opportunity to enter the top universities in Europe. Usually teaching is in English. Without fail, students learn German or French, or Italian, thereby creating an excellent opportunity for universal education and improving language skills.

The target audience for education in the famework of this educational program are foreign students who plan to get higher education in ranking universities in England. Teaching is conducted in English.

  • American program - teaching is conducted in English in accordance with the American educational system. This educational program is aimed at foreign teenagers planning to enter the top US universities, occupying leading positions in international rankings.
  • The Anglo-American education program - is aimed at foreign students who are interested in English-language education in Switzerland, and is very popular among them. This educational program is characterized by universality in relation to unhindered admission to ranking universities , both in the UK and the USA.
  • French education program - teaching is conducted in French, is very popular among foreign students.
  • German Abitur Education Program - teaching is conducted in German. As a rule, this education program is offered at leading private schools located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Passing this education program is an unconditional guarantee of unhindered admission to top German universities. Please note that the leading private schools, which are taught in the framework of the German education program, are characterized by the greatest severity of discipline.
  • Swiss educational program - teaching is carried out in accordance with the accepted recommendations of the Swiss Department of Education. As for teaching, it is conducted in English, German or French.

The choice of an educational program is determined by a particular university, admission to which is planned at a foreign university.

The process of entering the best private schools in Switzerland

If consider the opinion of teachers, then it is the 12-year-old age of a foreign student that is the most suitable age for admission to an elite private boarding school in Switzerland. It was at this age that a certain degree of independence was achieved by the foreign student, at the same time a foreign student will be able to successfully adapt to the new language and cultural environment and to adapt freely to the educational process.

Due to the high popularity of Swiss private boarding schools among foreign students, the issue of entering elite educational institutions in Switzerland should be dealt with 1-2 years before the planned start of education.

The following are the basic requirements for foreign students:

  • High level of proficiency in the foreign language taught
  • Providing school cards with grades for the last 2-3 years of study
  • Feature on an incoming teenager
  • Preparation of a medical certificate.

Please note that some leading private schools in Switzerland may conduct interviews, passing language exams and tests in academic disciplines, in particular, in mathematics. In some cases, an IQ test is required.

Tuition at the best private schools in Switzerland for foreign students

The cost of studying at a leading Swiss private school is determined to a greater extent by the educational program chosen by the foreign student. So, the price of education varies from 40,000 to 100,000 $. In addition, a predominant number of Swiss boarding schools provide scholarships to foreign students who demonstrate high results in the framework of education, thereby reducing the costs associated with obtaining secondary education. Typically, the cost of education includes the educational process, nutrition, as well as accommodation. On an additional basis, payment is provided for educational materials, medical insurance, visa fees, sports uniforms, individual lessons, as well as educational excursions.

Benefits of Secondary Education in Switzerland's Ranked Private Schools

  • The widest selection of educational programs that are characterized by flexibility and a large list of disciplines for study. The reason for choosing the best schools in Switzerland is due to both effective academic preparation and the comprehensive development of students.
  • Teachers apply the best international teaching methods, namely Montessori, Pestalozzi, Steiner, etc. The teaching emphasizes the harmonious and comprehensive development of a foreign student. So, any educational program provides for the mandatory conduct of sports and creativity. The walls of school fitness centers have all the necessary infrastructure equipment, as well as the most modern swimming pools. In addition to this, not only classical sports are held, but winter sports that are popular in Switzerland, namely mountain skiing, snowboarding, and of course summer sports - mountain biking, hiking and horse riding, as well as rock climbing.
  • Special mention deserves the Swiss nature, which is environmentally friendly and mountainous, thus Switzerland is universally considered a resort. The health of every foreign student is carefully monitored by medical school staff.
  • On a full board basis, meals are organized for students, and provides for the use of only environmentally friendly products in cooking. Within the walls of most Swiss elite schools, the cuisine corresponds to the best restaurants in different countries of the world. Living conditions are also provided at the highest level, therefore, foreign students are usually accommodated in single rooms, which have all the necessary amenities. So, the hostels of the best private schools in Switzerland resemble the top hotels in the world.
  • An international environment, a stay in which contributes to the development of personality traits in foreign students such as tolerance, diplomacy and flexibility of views. Thus, upon graduation, graduates are highly educated, well-educated and purposeful young professionals with excellent career prospects in the international labor market.

TOP 10 best private schools in Switzerland

School name


Educational format

Cost, ₣ (SwF)

College du leman



From 41,500 per semester

St Georges School Montreux



From 37,400 per semester

Surval montreux


Only for girls

From 86,000 per year

Institut auf dem Rosenberg

St gallen


From 28,000 per trimester

TASIS the American School Switzerland



From 35,900 per semester

Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

St. Moritz


From 24,000 per semester

Institut Monte Rosa



From 20,300 per term

Leysin american school



From 39,750 per semester

Champittet college



From 23,240 per term

Ecole chantemerle



From 39,100 per year


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