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2019-08-14 16:50:37

Best colleges in the UK for foreign students

Best colleges in the UK for foreign students

Colleges in England for foreign students

The best colleges in the UK provide an opportunity to receive basic higher education in various fields. It is worth noting that England has a ramified system of colleges, within the walls of which you can get a prestigious higher education, certificate, diploma, the presence of which allows you to start working on a specialty.

It is worth noting that the division of advanced colleges into public and private is provided. The development of educational programs is carried out in the framework of close cooperation with industrial and public associations, thereby ensuring compliance with the modern requirements of potential employers. Thus, leading British colleges offer only those specialties that are popular and in demand on the international labor market. Thus, diplomas and certificates issued by the best colleges in England are recognized as well as diplomas from a ranking British university. In addition, the overwhelming majority of UK colleges have concluded relevant agreements with universities, thereby issuing diplomas of partner universities.

It is also worth noting that this method of obtaining prestigious British higher education is gaining more and more popularity and demand among foreign students who seek to save on the cost of education. So, as an interesting fact, we note that the cost of studying at prestigious colleges in the UK is 1.5-2 times lower compared to studying at ranking universities in England.

As for the list of offered specialties, it includes educational programs in business, management, marketing, accounting, information and computer technologies, etc. Please note that in the framework of teaching, the emphasis is on the useful acquisition of practical skills.

As for the duration of study, it can vary depending on the chosen educational program. In particular, some last for several months, while in other educational programs, teaching lasts three years. The choice of a foreign student and the duration of education will determine the types of certificate of education, namely a diploma that can be regular or advanced, at the same time a graduate is awarded a bachelor's or master's degree. To obtain a certificate, you will need to undergo education for 32-52 weeks. So, during this period, foreign students acquire the required level of education, the receipt of which is sufficient for conducting professional activities, occupying junior positions. As for educational programs, the level of which corresponds to the diploma, within the framework of such courses, high-quality studying of qualified personnel is carried out, which can occupy positions in middle technical and managerial levels in such areas as industry, electronics, construction, architecture, business, etc. To obtain a bachelor's degree, you will need to undergo education for 3 to 4 years.

The main advantages of getting education at prestigious colleges in England

The key advantages are due to the fact that foreign students are given the opportunity to switch from one educational program to another without passing exams. In particular, there is an opportunity to undergo education in the framework of effective language courses offered by a leading college in Britain, and then switch to a professional education program, the passage of which leads to a certificate.

In addition, the British Advanced College can be considered a preparatory step towards obtaining a UK higher education ranking, and also act as an easier way to successfully enroll in a leading British university.

The following are the main advantages of studying at the best colleges in the UK :

  • No A-level or IB exams required
  • Guaranteed admission to the first or second year of a chosen university in the UK. So, entrance examinations are not required, as well as re-engaging in the preparation of a package of documents for admission to the next educational level. So, the process of enrolling in the first and second year provides for direct transfer based on the results of academic performance of the first year. As statistics show, 90% of students seamlessly make the transition to study at a British ranking university. In particular, SMAPSE experts note that this indicator is the highest among educational programs aimed at foreign students.
  • There is an opportunity to take an effective English course before the start of education in the main educational program. This feature is suitable for those foreign students who do not have an adequate level of language education.

To enter the first year of a top university in England, you will not need to pass exams, as well as undergoing education in an elite British high school. So, as part of the enrollment, it is necessary to demonstrate to the admissions committee the current grades, the certificate of the your local school, and the results of the international language exam IELTS.

As part of the first year of study, the study of the English language, as well as academic disciplines in the chosen specialization, is provided for in the walls of the elite college of Great Britain. After which there is a transition to the first or second year of the selected best university in England.

  • The widest list of educational programs for choice by foreign students. So, due to the entry of leading British colleges into the number of the largest universities in the UK, a foreign applicant can choose for himself the preferred specialization that meets his interests and goals. In particular, these are economic specialties, business, engineering and IT, humanitarian and natural sciences, medical and creative specialties.
  • The establishment of three dates for starting studies in the UK, thereby starting studies in September or October, January or February, May or June.
  • Classes are held in small study groups.

Colleges in England - Organization of Education

As practice shows, upon reaching 13 years, a foreign student can become a student of one of the best British colleges in order to undergo effective preparation for the GCSE educational program after graduating from grades 8-9. It is worth noting that directly to foreign students who have reached the age of 14-15, they will need to undergo education for 1-2 years to obtain a certificate of incomplete secondary education, namely the GCSE. After that, the transition to the sixth form stage is provided, which are senior classes aimed at foreign teenagers aged 16-18, for studying in educational programs like A-level, Foundation, IB.

Also worthy of special attention is the fact that prestigious schools in England can have several specialized areas of study, namely art, business, economic bias, technical, medical, engineering, and music. In addition, the attention of students is available to the media direction, the film industry, directing, hospitality, etc.

As for the duration of the school year in England, it begins in September and ends in July, at the same time being divided into 3 trimesters. So, the first and second trimesters share the Christmas holidays, the second and third share the Easter holidays.

The walls of the best British colleges focus on the physical preparation of foreign students. Thus, sport plays an important role in the life of students, and not just high-quality teaching of general and special disciplines. Typically, each student selects 1-2 preferred sports. As for the list of sports offered, it is extremely wide, including football, tennis, swimming, golf, cricket, rugby, horse riding, etc.

In addition, to ensure the harmonious development of each student, diverse circles have been created, in particular, their own choir, dance groups, and jazz orchestra are successfully working. In the case of creative abilities, excellent opportunities are provided for design, drawing, and modeling.

At the end of the dinner, students are given free time only in the case of homework. From 22 to 23 hours bedtime is provided.

List of the TOP-3 best colleges in the UK

College in England


Kaplan College

Location - Brighton, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Sheffield

Thus, the prestigious network of international colleges Kaplan, in close cooperation with top universities in England, conducts effective teaching in the framework of educational preparatory programs, the development of which is specifically designed for foreign students. Upon graduation, the graduate is guaranteed to become a student of a ranking university in the UK and other countries of the world, on preferential terms. As for the cost of education, on average it is 12,415 £for 3 semesters of study.

Hove College

Location - Hove City

Promising higher education courses in England are developed and made available to the attention of foreign students within the walls of an advanced British college, while at the same time focusing on the quality education of students to obtain excellent career prospects in the field of media graphics and the Internet. The cost of eduaction varies due to the chosen educational program, namely:

  • Tuition for the two-year advanced diploma program will be 7,625 £ per year.
  • The cost of education in the framework of the diploma program lasting 36 weeks will be on average 8,475 £per course.
  • The cost of eduaction in the framework of an intensive diploma program lasting 18 weeks will be 7,900 £.
  • Tuition for certification programs is 4,385 £per course.

Guilford College of State

This leading British college occupies a leading position in the field of vocational education in the UK. So, the attention of foreign applicants is offered a wide list of vocational professions.

Help from experienced professionals

In this article, you were able to get acquainted with the best colleges in England by studying a detailed description of the specific features of education, a description of elite private schools, the proposed educational programs, tuition fees, benefits, as well as ranking positions. Thus, the largest number of prestigious private colleges in Great Britain are concentrated in the following British cities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, London, York, Brighton, and you can also pay attention to educational institutions located in calm and quiet places with picturesque landscapes.

In addition, mixed advanced private schools as well as educational institutions practicing a joint educational format are successfully operating in the UK. In the case of excellent academic performance and the availability of talents, a foreign student will be able to get a top British secondary education at a lower cost. As for the size of scholarships and discounts at prestigious colleges in England, it can be 50% of the total tuition fee. Thus, you can save an average of 30,000 £ for education over two years. 

In addition, professional specialists from SMAPSE educational center will assist in organizing studies at prestigious UK state colleges for fpreign students who have reached the age of 16.

The cost of studying at colleges in England for foreign students

The fact that the cost of obtaining British elite education is the highest among other countries of the world is widely recognized. In particular, leadership in the cost of education belongs to Switzerland. Thus, full-time study at a prestigious college in the UK throughout the year is approximately 12,000 £ - 40,000 £.

On an additional basis, it is envisaged to pay for air travel, medical insurance and visas, registration fees, in addition, you must allocate pocket money to your child.

In addition, SMAPSE educational center will provide professional assistance in entering budgetary, leading state colleges in England, the cost of education in which varies from 17,000 to 19,000 £ per year, taking into account accommodation and meals. The price of the educational process itself will be 9,000 £- 10,000 £. SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that studying in an advanced British college guarantees a high level of quality of educational services and high positions in the ranking, not inferior to the elite private boarding schools in Britain. Note that there are no requirements for registration of guardianship when studying at leading UK colleges. SMAPSE experts do not charge for professional services for enrolling in the best English colleges and boarding schools due to the lack of intermediaries in SMAPSE activities.

SMAPSE educational center offers samples of entrance tests that you need to write when you enter the leading colleges in England, and it is possible to write them for free, bypassing a personal visit to the school.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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