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Best schools in Great Britain and the UK for international students

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Best schools in Great Britain and the UK for international students

Studying in a British school for international students is one of the easiest ways to enter the TOP universities in the UK and, therefore, in order to prepare for the academic environment of Great Britain, many seek to obtain a secondary education here.

Features of British schools, language courses and scholarships for foreign students

1. How to choose a school?

  • As in other European countries, there are public and private schools in Britain. Foreign students are accepted mainly in private schools
  • In Britain, a large number of separate schools - only for boys or girls - but there are schools of mixed type
  • Schools are divided into day and boarding schools, and there are no restrictions for those who come from abroad: children can live in host families and go to day school, or they can study and live in a boarding school
  • Especially worth noting international colleges, which are focused on training foreign students to enter British universities and have a more democratic environment. However, please note that only teenagers over 15 years of age can enter international colleges.

2. Peculiarities of studying in private educational institutions

  • Students live on a busy schedule, the time is literally planned by minutes between classes, doing homework, playing sports or art
  • Usually, each student chooses at least one sport that is practiced practically at a professional level (swimming, tennis, volleyball, rugby, golf, horse riding, cricket, etc.).
  • From art classes students are invited to participate in the school theater, choir, musical orchestra, jazz collectives, dance studios and much more
  • Number of students: 15-20 people per class
  • Foreign students live in residences, meals are provided three times a day
  • The situation here is quite strict: in the opinion of British educators, strict discipline and partly Spartan conditions are one of the factors of a brilliant career, the hardening of the will and the upbringing of the individual.

3. The cost of secondary education: the year of study can cost from 12,000-40000 pounds per year.

4. Programs for international students: graduates of educational institutions in Britain receive a certificate of general education GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). To receive it, you must pass the exams, and only then the student will be able to continue studying on the A-level or IB programs. A-level or IB are courses, without which it is almost impossible to enter a British university.

  • GCSE is a classical two-year program that corresponds to the 10-11 grade and is intended for schoolchildren aged 14-16. The cost of the program can vary from £ 25,000 to £ 36,000 per year and depends on the school's status, the duration of the chosen program
  • The reduced GCSE course for foreign students - those who did not manage to pass a two-year program can enter schools with a reduced course and within a year of intensive studies receive a certificate
  • The A-level program is a course aimed at preparing schoolchildren from 16 years to entrance examinations to British universities. This is the final stage of secondary education, which lasts 2 years. At the end of the course, students take an exam, the results of which are accepted by all British universities. A-level is a mandatory condition for admission to universities in Britain, and only after the completion of the course the student receives a certificate of full secondary education. The cost of training will be from 30,000-40000 pounds a year.
  • An alternative way for foreign students: students from abroad can pass only the A-level program and enter the institute for a special one-year course of the Foundation, after which to transfer to the baccalaureate.

5. Language of instruction: as a rule, they are taught in English, so foreign students fall into the absolute language environment, where they need a fairly high level of ownership.

6. The cost of studying varies and depends on such factors as the location and status of the institution, the chosen program and type of residence.

TOP-6 boarding schools in Britain for foreign students

  • Queen Ethelburga's College is an elite private institution that enjoys great popularity among children of lawyers, politicians and diplomats with a worldwide reputation and monarchs. The Queen's College of Ethelburg is located in a rural area in Yorkshire near London, Edinburgh, Harrogate and York. Study here takes place in the bosom of British nature, although the school itself with its own garden, fountains, sculptural ornaments, the Olympic courtyard and lawns for recreation is considered a very picturesque place. Children are accommodated in a residence of a higher level of comfort - the college literally has a reputation as a five-star hotel. However, the main advantage of the school is its high-quality programs. The cost will be from £ 13,000 per term.
  • Abbey DLD College London is one of the most prestigious schools: the school founded in 1931 has an impeccable reputation and continues to be confirmed by high academic results; so, for the A-level exam, 80% of the students receive the highest A * -B grades. The school is located in the heart of London and the school itself is a landmark of the city. For foreign students, residence in an international college or in the family is provided. The cost for accommodation is calculated separately and will be from 4500 £ for the term (in the host family, half board) and 6000 £ (on the campus of the school). The cost of studying will be from 29000 £ per year.
  • Abbey College Cambridge is the leading college that is located on the famous campus - Cambridge. It is no coincidence that most college students continue their education at Cambridge University. High quality preparation for the high school is waiting for the children in the school - the students receive brilliant academic knowledge and adapt to the student life. Foreign students are offered programs A-level, GCSE and University Foundation, linguistic preparation for the IELTS exam. The cost of studying will be from 29000 £ per year. The price of accommodation is calculated separately and will be from £ 19,000 per year or from £ 4000 per trimester.
  • King's School Rochester is one of the oldest and most respected schools in the world, located in the county of Kent in the heart of the beautiful city of Rochester on the coast. The schoolchildren of a popular private boarding school leave the school with outstanding knowledge, most of the pupils of the school receive the highest scores for the A-level and GCSE exams. The cost of training will be from 9860 £ per term.
  • Prior Park College Bath is a Catholic school of joint education that offers both daytime and boarding education. Great attention is paid in the school to the training and education of children in the spirit of Christianity. A special feature of the school is conducting, in a direct sense, open classes - lessons in the fresh air (both academic and extra-curricular). The school demonstrates very high results of its students at the exams. The cost of studying will be from £ 10,565 per trimester.
  • Rendcomb College is a demanded college that is famous for its excellent preparation of students, especially in the humanities, physics and mathematics. Among the graduates of the college are many famous personalities: the Financial Times publisher Freddy Fisher, the famous English writer John Middleton Murrey, the British Ambassador to Hungary Gregory Dorey and many others. The slogan of the school is the phrase: "The true aristocracy is the aristocracy of mind and character." Tuition fees will be from 7950 £ per term.

Admission conditions and tuition fees 

Language and academic requirements:

1. For admission to the GCSE program:

  • age restrictions: 14-16 years
  • an extract of estimates for 2-3 years of training
  • testing for knowledge of English, developed by the school itself.

2. For admission to the A-level program:

  • an extract of estimates for 2-3 years of training and the current academic year
  • if there is already - a certificate of secondary education
  • Certificate of passing the language exam (IELTS or TOEFL). Requirements for the results of language testing vary: for admission to an international college can be enough 5.5, but for a prestigious private boarding house no less than 7.0.

3. A package of documents: is provided one year before the receipt and consists of a report card with grades for 2-3 years, history of vaccinations and extracts from medical cards, certificates and medals, birth certificates and photographs.

4. Other requirements: general school testing and interview with a representative of the school.

5. Tuition fees: The cost varies from £ 14,000 to £ 30,000 per year.

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