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Best schools in Ireland for foreign students

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Best schools in Ireland for foreign students

Education in schools in Ireland for foreign students - the main features

So, historically, the island of Ireland was divided into two parts. Currently, Ireland has been given the status of the safest and fastest growing country among European states. In addition, Ireland has the unofficial name of the Celtic tiger.

The following languages are established as state languages, namely English, which is the most widely distributed, as well as Gaelic. Given the fact that the Gaelic language has the status of the official language of the European Union, as well as that at the moment this language is used in communication by a little more than 1.5 million people, teaching and learning the Gaelic language is not mandatory.

In addition, in the past, the British conquest of Ireland contributed to the spread of English in communication, and the British educational system formed the basis for the formation of the Irish education system. In this connection, at present, the leading and elite schools and universities of Ireland are extremely popular and in demand among foreign students.

Educational system of Ireland

Education stage

Educational program

Age of students

Elementary education

Primary school

From 5 to 12 years old

Secondary education

Secondary School includes two stages of education lasting 3 years each:

  • Junior Cycle - is one of the options for graduating from high school, while receiving education in a specialty. The duration of education is 3 years. Upon completion of education, a state exam is provided. The target audience is foreign students from 12 to 15 years old.
  • Senior Cycle - is also one of the options for completing secondary education. In addition, as part of this stage, high-quality preparations are underway for successful enrollment in a ranking university abroad. The duration of education is 3 years. In addition, a transitional year is provided for, at the end of education graduates pass a state exam. Target audience - foreign students from 16 to 18 years old.

From 12 to 18 years old

Special and Higher Education

Tertiary and Higher education

From 18 to 22 years old


The main advantages of studying at the best schools in Ireland for foreign students

  • Compliance with the British educational system
  • Compared to the UK, lower tuition and accommodation costs
  • In-depth specialization in the framework of education, for example, students choose 4 disciplines to study over the past two years of education
  • High demands from educators
  • Elite boarding schools are in historical places
  • Close proximity to European countries
  • The benevolence of the local population regarding foreign students
  • Within the walls of the best schools in Ireland, a low proportion of foreign students.

Information about the leading schools in Ireland for foreign students

Over 800 prestigious secondary schools successfully operate in Ireland, with 80 educational institutions being boarding schools. The teaching ensures compliance with the educational program for secondary Irish schools, which is established and adopted by the Department of Education of Ireland. Please note that the vast majority of advanced secondary schools in Ireland are private. Management is entrusted to a board of trustees, a religious community or private individual. At the same time, funding is often provided through state subsidies, which provides free education for local students. As for foreign students, they are studied on a fee basis, however, the price is much lower if compared with ranking private schools in England.

Please note that the vast majority of leading schools in Ireland are called Catholic. At the same time, there are no requirements regarding the practice of this religion by students, to a greater extent this applies to strict discipline, compulsory school uniforms, and a ban on smoking. If a student is found to be smoking, they must be expelled from school.

As for the leading private boarding schools in Ireland, they provide not only educational services, but also accommodation of foreign students for the period of study. So, the predominant number of leading boarding schools is located within the walls of ancient buildings. In addition, foreign students live in rooms designed for several students. Note that very little ones can live in traditional bedrooms, which are designed for 25 students. Moreover, when a student grows up, there is a decrease in the number of students living with him.

Looking at prestigious day schools in Ireland, they are helping foreign students stay in host families. Please note that host families undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure compliance with stringent requirements. As practice shows, usually these are families of teachers with children. SMAPSE experts note again that the Irish show friendliness towards foreign students, so they are open to communication.

Organization of the educational process in the best schools in Ireland - useful information

To begin with, the duration of secondary education in leading schools in Ireland is 13 years.

  • Primary school, the duration of education is 8 years, children who have reached the age of 5 years are enrolled in education, and study until they reach the age of 12. So, at this stage, it is planned to conduct classes in the younger and older groups of the kindergarten, after which the student go to school for education from grades 1 to 6 inclusive. The education provides for acquaintance with the basics of the arts and sciences, while classes have a game format. So, it is envisaged to teach English and Irish languages, mathematics, "Society and the environment", also students are actively involved in applied and visual arts, music, and sports. After education in an Irish primary school, there is no provision for passing exams, as a rule, students take a test that determines the level of general development and knowledge of the main disciplines. Elementary school education ends when a foreign student reaches 11-12 years.
  • Secondary education in Ireland is divided into two cycles, namely the junior stage (period of study - 3 years), the fourth, fifth and sixth years. The required disciplines for learning are English and mathematics. The following academic subjects are offered directly to the selection of foreign students, such as:
    • Irish language
    • French
    • Geography
    • Biology
    • History
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • German
    • Art
    • Economics, etc.

In addition, if the student is interested, you can learn the basics of accounting, business, commerce, foreign languages, drawing, music, and also attend classes in physical education intensively.

As you may have noticed, the teaching emphasizes the study of natural sciences and economic disciplines by adolescents.

According to statistics, the most developed and dynamically developing industries and areas in Ireland are computer and engineering technologies, banking, science, and medicine. The choice from the widest list of compulsory and additional subjects contributes to the study of disciplines of interest and to the right decision regarding future specialization. At the end of the junior stage, that is, at the age of 15, the state examinations are envisaged, allowing you to get an intermediate certificate of Junior Certificate. This stage is marked by the end of compulsory secondary education. If you are interested in receiving top-level higher education, a foreign student will need to undergo education for an additional three years.

Now let's talk a little bit about the transition between the junior and senior cycle. Throughout this year, it is envisaged to consolidate the completed educational material, and prepare for the successful passing of exams. In addition, the transition year allows students to make decisions regarding the future direction at the Senior cycle stage.

As for the education over the past two years in high school, attention is paid to high-quality preparation for the successful passing of the main exam for a secondary school certificate, namely the Leaving Certificate, which is an analogue of the British A-level exam.

Within the framework of the two senior classes, the choice is made by foreign students from 6 to 8 disciplines, exams for which are held after graduating from secondary education. For comparison, SMAPSE experts note that in the UK over the past two years of study 3-4 academic subjects are taught. Please note that exams in 6 disciplines for obtaining a Leaving Certificate are taken in June, the duration of this period is 3 weeks. At the same time, these exams are entrance exams for successful admission to ranking universities in Ireland.

Upon reaching the foreign student 17-18 years old, completing high school in Ireland. In the case of successful exams, graduates are issued a national diploma of the Department of Education about secondary education, namely the State Leaving Certificate, as an alternative, you can get an international baccalaureate diploma, the results of which are universally recognized by top universities in the USA and Europe, either the British A-level or the American SAT certificate.



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