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2022-09-05 18:56:22

8 most legendary hotels in the world

8 most legendary hotels in the world

The history of mankind is created not only on the battlefields and on board space and sea ships, but also in the rooms of hotels and hotels. Here the most important historical documents and treaties were signed, writers created world masterpieces of literature, politicians prepared revolutions, and artists painted the most famous canvases. In different parts of the world there are hotels where those events took place, without which it is impossible to imagine the history of mankind.


Negresco in Nice, France

The opening of the five-star hotel took place in the winter of 1913, and it received the name in honor of its creator with the name Arni Negresco. About three million gold francs were spent on the construction of a huge hotel, interior decoration. The basis of the dome frame, towering over the guest house, was created by the famous Gustave Eiffel, who created the eponymous legendary tower in Paris. Under the dome is a French chandelier with a length of 4 meters - it was made by workers of the Baccarat glass factory. The floor of the Royal room is covered with carpet, woven back in 1615 specifically for Marie de Medici.

At one time, the guests of this hotel were: Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jackson, Salvador Dali, Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Sagan, Charles Aznavour.

Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway

The Grand Hotel can be found in many capitals of the world, but the option in Oslo is recognized as the most luxurious and fashionable. It is located on the main street of the Norwegian capital and for almost 140 years of its existence gave a roof to the list of world celebrities and legendary people.

The first guests of the five-star Grand began to receive in 1874, but it gained popularity when Heinrich Ibsen became a regular at the hotel - a legend of drama from Norway. Since then, the hotel has housed nobel prize winners, famous artists, screenwriters-directors, theater and film artists. There is a tradition according to which scientists who have been awarded the title of Nobel Prize laureate settle in special Nobel Suite apartments, go to the balcony and wave to the applauding crowd. The rooms of the main Hotel in Norway are named after prominent writers, and one of several floors is dedicated to the women of the twentieth century, who made a great contribution to the development of art and culture of mankind.

Lausanne Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland

This hotel was one of the last "Palaces" opened in Switzerland. The opening of the "Lausanne Palace" was in the first years of the First World War - the doors of the hotel opened in 1915. The history of the legendary hotel is closely connected with the Swiss city itself. The guestbook of the hotel was signed by such world celebrities as Gianne Versace, Constantine - the monarch of Greece, Prince Albert of Monaco, James Gordon Bennett, Coco Chanel, Duke Ellington, Princess anne of England, Patricia Kaas, Igor Stravinsky and others.

Now the hotel is the base of the International Olympic Committee - this title turned the "Palace" into an urban legend and a key architectural and historical landmark.

Fairmont San Francisco in San Francisco, USA

The hotel, which has five stars, is included in the list of the main monuments of architecture of the city and the hotel business of the country. The history of the place originated in 1907, when significant events for the world began to take place in the hotel.

In 1945, a meeting of representatives of 50 countries of the world took place on the territory of the hotel, at which the regulation on the creation of an international United Nations was signed. The main initiators of the creation of the successor organization of the League of Nations were the Soviet Union and the United States.

The hotel was rented by all the presidents of the United States of America, starting with Harry Truman. The guests of the century-old hotel were also representatives of royal families, as well as Marlene Dietrich, Rudolf Valentino, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald.

Ambos Mundos in Havana, Cuba

The four-star hotel is one of the most popular in Cuba, because it was here that Ernest Hemingway created his opus magnum - "For Whom the Bell Tolls". The hotel was built in the late 1920s and is one of the oldest in the country, located 25 km from the airport, on the territory of the Old Havana area. The American writer Hemingway lived here in the 1930s, in the 511th room of the hotel. Now the room has turned into a museum of the prose writer, where you can look at his personal belongings. The hotel has an on-site restaurant named after Hemingway, where travelers can order dishes that the author of "The Old Man and the Sea" especially liked.

Ritz Paris in Paris, France

The most popular metropolitan hotel in France is located in the center of Paris, and its rooms were used during the creation of the films "Love in the Afternoon" and "The Da Vinci Code".

Also in the Paris hotel at one time rented rooms Charlie Chaplin, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Frédéric Chopin, Elton John, King Edward VII, Greta Garbo. The hotel was also adored by Ernest Hemingway, after whom the hotel bar is named. Princess Diana spent the last day of her life here, and Coco Chanel was a guest of the Ritz for more than 30 years. The designer passed away here. The most expensive and beautiful rooms are named by the hotel management in honor of their legendary guests.

The Plaza Hotel in New York, United States of America

Hotel The Plaza Hotel is the oldest in New York. It is located in the center of the island of Manhattan. As soon as the hotel opened for guests, a room in it could be purchased for only $ 2.5" Now the cheapest room will cost the guest $ 700 per night, and the average price tag is at $ 1500.

The hotel was owned by several businessmen, the most famous of whom are billionaire Donald Trump - the previous President of the United States, as well as Conrad Hilton. In early 1978, the hotel acquired a special position by the decision of the Preservation Commission, and the building became a National Historic Landmark.

The hotel became the location for most Hollywood films - "The Great Gatsby", "Dundee nicknamed "Crocodile"", "Home Alone-2" and others.

The Savoy in London, UK

The legendary hotel opened in 1899 on the site where the theater used to be. The hotel was the first in the country where electric lighting and telephony were used, here guests could take a hot shower and go up to their floor by elevator. In the kitchen of the hotel managed to work the king of chefs and the cook of kings with the name Auguste Escoffier, and the artist Claude Monet during his stay at the hotel created more than 70 paintings with views of the River Thames.

In the list of the most famous guests of the hotel "Savoy" are: Charlie Chaplin, Joseph Roth, Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood actors and directors. The writer Josef Roth, by the way, in the middle of 1924 wrote a whole novel dedicated to the hotel. The Austrian wanted to preserve the memory of the delightful hotel and created a work with the same name "Hotel "Savoy"".

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