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TOP private schools in the USA for international students

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TOP private schools in the USA for international students

US Prestigious Private Schools for foreign students

Nowadays, the dream of many students is to studying at leading private schools in America, that become more and more popular every year. The main advantage of the proposed language and educational programs in the best American private schools for foreign teenagers is their practical orientation, innovativeness, as well as a business vector. The latter factor is explained by the fact that the leading US private boarding schools are located in the very center of the development and origin of political, social, as well as economic events. Thus, the passage of educational programs of private American schools contributes to a more rapid adaptation to new world events.

Regardless of nationality, every foreign teenager can receive an elite secondary education in the United States. So, making the decision to study at a leading private school in America, a high level of round-the-clock safety of schoolchildren, comfortable living conditions, balanced nutrition, as well as modern infrastructure equipment of the campus and classrooms are guaranteed.

It is worth noting that ranking private schools in America are real educational campuses, including academic and residential buildings, sports venues, in particular, their own stadiums, swimming pools, medical centers, creative studios, utility blocks, etc.

Please note that SMAPSE educational center does not charge a fee for the professional assistance of our experienced specialists on admission to ranking private boarding schools in the USA. In addition, in SMAPSE educational center you can write entry test samples for entering prestigious schools in America. Thus, you do not need to attend school in the United States.

Classification of Advanced Private Schools in America - Useful Information for international students

In the United States, more than 30 thousand educational institutions have been created and successfully operate. At the same time, boarding schools providing accommodation on campus are extremely popular among foreign teenagers. It is worth noting that in the USA, prestigious schools are divided into two types, namely, schools with a joint education and a separate educational format, that is, only boys or girls. With regard to geographical location, in most cases leading American private schools are located in financial, cultural and business centers, in particular:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Boston
  • Washington
  • Philadelphia
  • New York

In addition, a variety of American camps are popular among foreign children and adolescents, which have developed effective language programs that combine studying with a variety of cultural, recreational, educational, and sports activities. Thus, a stay in an advanced language camp in the United States will provide an exciting school vacation.

The educational process in the best private schools in the USA

Within the walls of leading private schools in the United States, conditions have been created for the harmonious development of students. 

In the leading American educational institutions have a more democratic and individual approach to each student in the framework of teaching. A nationwide curriculum has been adopted in America, although it is not binding. In this connection, each advanced US private school independently makes changes to the state curriculum, taking into account its own priorities.

Upon reaching 6-7 years, the child without fail begins to receive secondary education in America. In addition to the required subjects for study based on individual preferences and goals, foreign teenagers choose various optional courses. So, there is closer communication with representatives of various countries, at the same time expanding horizons, cultivating qualities such as tolerance, good behaviour, and upholding one’s own opinion.

The structure of American secondary education is presented below:

  • Elementary school - the target audience is students from 5 to 12 years

Elementary school students who receive special attention and care from the teaching staff. So, among all countries of the world, yellow school buses have become widely known, the task of which is to bring and take schoolchildren to classes and home. In primary school, teaching all disciplines is assigned to one teacher. The formation of classrooms is based on the level of abilities and knowledge of the student. Thus, before the educational process begins, a test is envisaged, the results of which allow to determine the level of academic knowledge and discipline, the degree of development of thinking, and the skills of information analysis.

As practice shows, three classes are created in America, namely A, B and C. In class A, gifted children are taught, specially for them more difficult and diverse educational programs are developed. Testing is carried out on an annual basis, thereby creating the opportunity for the student to move not only to the advanced class, but also to the easier one.

  • High school - foreign teens aged 14 to 18.

This stage of education provides a system of loans, which are educational units. In addition, within the framework of the educational program, the introduction of vocational guidance for schoolchildren is supposed to help foreign students in determining their own interests, preferences, goals and abilities for successful further work in a particular specialization. It is also worth noting that at the end of each academic year, general translation exams are held. Thus, the distribution of foreign students into new classes is provided annually.

  • High school - targeted at students aged 14 to 18

So, high school students study not only compulsory academic subjects, but also optional ones. That is, each foreign teenager independently makes a choice regarding the direction of interest with the aim of effective preparation aimed at successful enrollment in a university in the United States.

As practice shows, foreign students freely become students in middle and senior classes of leading private schools in the United States. At the same time, the elite American private schools show the greatest loyalty when foreign teenagers enter. As a rule, upon reaching 18 years, the stage of obtaining secondary education in America ends. Students should not forget about the presence of 12th grade in prestigious US schools, which is the final stage of complete secondary education.

Organization of the educational process in the best private schools in America

In the United States, the academic year is divided into 6 months. As part of education in advanced American private schools, a wide list of subjects is envisaged, in particular, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, business, information technology, art, robotics, film production, world culture, theater, French , German, Latin, philosophy, psychology, the basics of leadership, anthropology, etc.

The specific school and the specific features of the educational institution determine the schedule of the school day. In addition, within the walls of a leading private school in America, an individual approach is applied to each student, which ensures the achievement of high results in academic subjects, as well as the development of personal qualities.

As for the grading system, it is 100-point or may have a letter designation. Directly in the leading American high schools provides a transition to a credit system. So, in order to successfully complete the course in each discipline, you need to get a certain number of credits, while the minimum level is independently set by the educational institution. Please note that the number of credits earned determines the possibility of moving to the educational stage, and the size of the financial scholarship.

The procedure for entering US private schools - useful information for foreign students

In order to successfully enter America's top school, you need to prepare a package of documents and demonstrate a good level of academic and language skills. SMAPSE experts advise you to deal with the issue of admission to the best American schools in advance, due to the fact that the acceptance of applications ends in January-February, and the start studying is on September. In addition, a list of future students is compiled and published in March-April.

So, a foreign student must provide:

  • School report card for the last 2-3 academic years
  • Letters from several teachers
  • Certificates, various thanks that were received in different fields of activity
  • Writing an introductory essay, or providing a motivation letter
  • International language certificate.

As a rule, elite private schools in the USA take into account the results of exams such as TOEFL or SAT. In addition, a personal interview or an American school exam is possible. In case of insufficient English proficiency, a foreign student have to take a language program. To check the level of knowledge in academic subjects, you will need to write a special exam, namely AST or Reasoning Test.

It should be noted that entrance examinations are not provided for in American leading universities. So, during the final year, schoolchildren pass various tests and exams, the results are sent to prestigious colleges, universities, higher schools in America. So, upon graduation, the graduate awaits a response on admission to the Bachelor's program.

Tuition fees at Elite Private US Schools

The price of studying is determined by the ranking of the educational institution, the list of services provided, geographical location. The cost of studying, taking into account accommodation and meals throughout the year, starts from 40,000 $ a year. Education in top American private boarding schools will cost an average of $70,000-$ 90,000 per year. Lower tuition is typical for schools located in Tennessee, Florida, Montana, North and South Carolina, Colarodo.

TOP-10 private schools in the USA for international students

According to the ranking of, the status of the best American educational institutions is assigned:

Please note that the ranking is based on such parameters as the average score for the SAT exam, as well as the financing of the institution.

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