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2022-02-12 14:21:18

TOP places to find yourself in the world of Harry Potter

TOP places to find yourself in the world of Harry Potter

In 2022, it will be exactly 20 years since the films about an unusual boy with a scar in the form of lightning won the hearts of millions of people. The incredible beauty of the scene, stunning castles and such close-minded characters continue to delight their fans. Today you can not only plunge into the atmosphere of the famous Hogwarts, but also take a ride on the very train on which young Harry once went to school. In this article, we will tell you about the amazing places that real Potter fans should visit.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Our list opens with the main creation of our time - a castle identical to the same Hogwarts. The school of magic and enchantment will open its doors to you and tell you the most mysterious secrets from the life of Harry Potter. The castle is located in the park of Universal Orlando Resort (Orlando, USA). Also not far from Hogwarts is the famous village of Hogsmeade, where you can taste the famous creamy beer and buy a magic wand that will choose you in the Ollivander shop. You will see a huge fire-breathing dragon guarding the jewels of the Gringotts Bank, and you can even look inside the building, where goblins work with special care.

Platform 9 and 3/4

Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself on the very platform from which the Hogwarts Express picks up students and sends them to the wonderful world of magic? If yes, then you urgently need to buy tickets to London! Here at the Kings Cross station is the secret platform 9 and 3/4. Ardent fans after the release of the films about Harry came to the station and looked for this platform. The management of the station decided on a bold step and created a sign by which you can find platform 9 3/4. And in the brick wall you will see the very trolley (perhaps the future Minister of Magic), which is "stuck" and did not have time to cross the border between the world of muggles and the world of wizards. Tell everyone you know how much you love Harry and do a whole photo shoot with this cart before it disappears into the world of magic!

Hogwarts Express

The next stop on our journey through the world of Harry Potter will be a train that will take you far away from the ordinary world. There is an amazing train and road in Scotland. Departing, remember that the train runs exclusively in the summer (from May to September), so the tour should be bought during this period. 

The Jacobite (steam train) of the West Highland Railway Line will immerse you in a world of natural beauty and tranquility. Boarding the train is in the town of William, and the road passes through the famous Glenfinnan viaduct with 21 arches. It was this amazing structure that was shown in the harry movies. Further, after the viaduct, the composition will pass among the picturesque landscapes of Great Britain - the atmosphere of a fantastic film will be provided to you. Especially if you buy tickets for car D, which brings to life the style of the film: here all the shelves are filled with suitcases of Hogwarts students, and a cart with sweets passes through the car.

Harry Potter Museum

By right, an ardent fan of the saga of a young wizard at least once in his life is obliged to visit the unique Harry Potter Museum. It is located in London, in the pavilions of the Warner Bros studio - it was here that scenes from the film were filmed. Here you will see the famous scenery, models of familiar buildings, learn how the film was shot and how amazing creatures of the world of magic were created.

Here you will learn all the details of the painstaking work of a whole group of professionals who created an amazing fairy tale about Harry on the big screens. You can see the costumes of the heroes, the flying car of Mr. Weasley and the famous distributing hat of Hogwarts. And not far from the bus "Night Knight" you can also try real creamy beer!


Oxford Banquet Hall, located in Christ Church College, became the prototype of the famous Hogwart Hall, where all students gathered for lunches and announcements. The entrance here is open, but before the trip it is necessary to clarify the time and date: after all, this is a functioning educational institution, it is unlikely that students or teachers will like it if the educational process is disrupted.

Also in Oxford, it is worth visiting the medieval Bodleian Library. Its placement was involved in several scenes of the film. Once in the library, you will immediately understand that it was here that the episodes of the famous saga were filmed. It was this library that was hogwart and was also used as an infirmary. More than eleven million rare books and manuscripts are kept here.

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