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2022-04-01 01:56:20

TOP most unusual sweets in the world

TOP most unusual sweets in the world

Almost all people tend to treat themselves to sweets. Residents of African countries, Japanese and Americans are no exception, but their desserts are sometimes strikingly different from what we are used to dealing with. For example, how do you look at ham donuts or hot peppers in chocolate?

In each national cuisine there is something sweet, and today we will talk about some of the brightest and most unusual variations!


The most popular sweet dish in the country is a deep-fried chocolate roll or bar. You can buy it in any cafe or restaurant.

I must say, Snickers or Mars served deep-fried is not the most surprising thing that you can encounter in this country. They can also fry ice cream. Children, by the way, like it.


The national sweet dish of the Land of the Rising Sun is most often called a drop cake consisting of water and agar. It's perfect for those who want to stay thin and sonorous. True, such a cake is completely devoid of taste, and to add it, the dish is served with sweet syrups and soy flour. The secret of this unusual pastry is the purest spring water, which is brought from the alpine glaciers.

The basis of another of the Japanese desserts is the leaves of the endemic maple momiji - a special variety of it, which grows only on the Japanese islands. The leaves are collected from the tree, salted in a barrel for a year, and then dipped in batter, consisting of rice flour, sugar and sesame, and at the final stage fry everything in a deep fryer.


Surprisingly, the sophisticated human mind is able to make a dessert even from chicken breast! Tavuk Göğsü consists of crushed chicken mixed with rice, sugar, milk, finely ground flour and butter, and on top of the resulting mousse is sprinkled with ground cinnamon powder and almond crumbs.

America - more often South

This dessert – Cherpumple – is a mix of culinary traditions of local peoples and European colonists, as well as an ideal solution for those who have not been able to understand what their favorite taste is. It is a mix of apple, cherry and pumpkin cake. Sweets are laid out in layers and fastened with glaze made from cream cheese. The product is then baked in the oven. The output is a dish, the calorie content of the portion of which scales for two thousand kilocalories.


The local ethnic sweetness of Malay cuisine looks like a green bean noodle soup. Made from rice, the noodles are actually a jelly product floating in a coconut milk broth. Beans are made from chocolate, sometimes ice cream or durian is also added to all this. Awesomely tasty and very aromatic. East Asia is full of surprises, especially since it is southeastern.


The U.S. loves donuts. They don't look like ours or the German Berliners; it is a ring pastry, shaped like our bagels. They are usually drizzled with caramel or maple syrup.

In the southern states, there is a special version for the most severe masculine men: each donut on top is decorated with small slices of bacon fried in fragrant oil. As for me,, but the Yankees are crazy about it.


China is generally a connoisseur and master in terms of amazing culinary recipes. One of them is a thousand-layer cake. Of course, in fact, there are much fewer layers – 10-15, the largest is 20. These are pancakes baked from a powder based on matcha green tea, each smeared with cream or at least butter. Such a local version of the cake "Napoleon" - you could call it "Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek".

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