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2022-02-06 12:38:21

TOP most exciting and dizzying attractions in the world

TOP most exciting and dizzying attractions in the world

The amusement park has long gone ahead. Now it is not just a carousel with beautiful horses, but also a real exciting adventure in the world of bright emotions and unrealistically high adrenaline! Today we will tell you about the most terrible and popular attractions in the world. Fasten your seatbelts and go to the world of adrenaline!

X-Scream Trailer (Stratosphere Hotel&Casino, Las Vegas)

It is this attraction that will make you tremble in the face of danger. X-Scream is located on the building of the famous tower of the casino "Stratosphere" at an altitude of 300 meters above the ground.

The essence of the attraction is that the trailer, in which you sit of your own free will, accelerates and brakes sharply just before the breakage of the rail. The most critical point that the trailer reaches is 6 meters from the edge.

On the roof of the stratosphere tower next to the trailers is another attraction that will be appreciated by lovers of the feeling of fear of the power of heights. Carousel Insanity will twist fearless adventurers at an altitude of 300 meters above the ground. The peculiarity of the carousel is that its critical point is located 20 meters from the tower, and visitors will be face down throughout the skiing process. Thrills are provided to you.

Bungee jumping (Skypark, Sochi)

Do you like the feeling of free fall? Then you definitely need to come to Sochi! Here you can feel the most thrill, jumping from a height of 207 meters. Bungee jumping will give fans of extreme sports the feeling of diving into the abyss, free planning in the air, like a bird. Such an attraction will not only appeal to adventurers, but will also help to overcome internal fears.

Formula Rossa (Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi)

Don't like the feeling of fear of heights? What about speed? Fans of fast driving will definitely appreciate the Formula Rossa attraction. It's the fastest roller coaster in the world. The speed of the trolley reaches 240 km / h! And this speed is gained in just 4.9 seconds. In general, the trip lasts less than 2 minutes, but you will remember the sensations for a lifetime. By the way, what is really remarkable is that the whole attraction resembles the famous Italian race track, located in the city of Monza.

Takabisha (Fuji-Q Highland Park, Japan)

Fear Factor 9/10 – Takabisha's most incredible and extreme roller coaster. The relatively young roller coaster, built in 2011, is breathtaking in its performance. This attraction is even inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records! It is a slide with the steepest drop in the world (121 °). There are also 7 loops and sharp turns that you enter at a speed of 100 km / h.

Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry (North Wales, UK)

Do you dream of being among the mountains and enjoying their views? What about an extreme cable car descent? It is this kind of entertainment that is offered to visit in north Wales. Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry is an extreme rope attraction that will give you the feeling of not only free flight over the picturesque terrain, but also a sense of speed. After all, for 1.5 km you will fly at a speed of about 161 km / h! Not everyone will take that risk.

Kilimanjaro (Aquas Quentes Country Club water park, Rio de Janeiro)

The highest water slide in the world is located in the Aquas Quentes Country Club water park. The hill "Kilimanjaro" is comparable in height to a 17-storey building, and brave souls who are ready to challenge their fear, roll down from it at a speed of almost 100 km / h. The angle of inclination of the slide is 60 °, thanks to which such a high speed develops. During the descent, adrenaline boils in the blood.

Interesting fact: in 2014, the Verrückt water slide was built in Kansas City, which broke the Kilimanjaro record. But in 2016, it was closed due to a fatal accident that occurred due to the carelessness of the staff.

Any extreme attraction requires moral preparation. In search of adventure and sensations of adrenaline in the blood, do not forget to take care of yourself and your health!

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