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2022-04-01 01:59:18

TOP-5 most amazing theaters in the world

TOP-5 most amazing theaters in the world

The XXI century has given us many unprecedented ways of organizing leisure. One of them is theater tourism. As an independent autonomous type of cultural activity, it is still poorly distributed: usually people visit theaters as part of ordinary tours, often with excursions.

But there are also those who have rejected stereotypes and study the culture of an alien world in this way – attending performances, various kinds of festival events on the stage and stages here and there. This is memorable, because any performance (I want to believe) is a magnificent and mind-blowing spectacle that few people can leave indifferent.

We present to your attention a selection of the five most non-standard theatrical projects on Earth!

Floating Opera Stages Bregenz Festival

Austrian theaters are famous for their rich history, but the town of Bregenz provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the production on a floating stage. Without a doubt, such an experience will be difficult to forget.

Each performance requires the creation of unusual unique scenery located on the water surface of Lake Constance. The last thing that impressed viewers and critics was the twenty-five-meter statue-bust of the Jacobin, involved in the project of Umberto Giordano "Andre Chénier".

Every few years, the stage undergoes a complete restructuring, which is associated with both the general idea of the mobile in the mobile, and with the strict observance of safety rules. Therefore, it makes sense to visit this place again and again and each time discover something fundamentally new, different.

The theater is designed for 6,000 spectators, but tickets are sold out in a flash. Of course, unlike traditional theaters, this one works exclusively in the warm season.

Arena di Verona

The Verona Theater was opened almost two thousand years ago, in 30 AD. It is considered the oldest of the existing theaters in the world and is included in the list of cultural heritage sites according to UNESCO. In ancient times, gladiator and bull fights were held here, then witches and apostates were burned (Catholics liked such things!), knightly tournaments and duels of famous condottieri, and now theatrical performances are staged.

The capacity of the amphitheater is approximately 16,000 people, and the unique acoustics allow you to hold events without sound reinforcement. Therefore, probably, the most famous world opera festival is held here. Outside of theater and opera projects inside you can visit with a simple excursion.

Globe Theatre

It is believed that William Shakespeare worked in this theater. This is true and not: the original version of the theater was opened in 1599, and the composition of the corpses really included a famous writer. But 15 years later, during the reign of Charles I, the original building burned to the ground. It has been restored and rebuilt dozens of times, the last reconstruction dates back to 1997. It is believed that then the building was made as reminiscent of the original structure as possible. It does not even have a roof, so the performances are held exclusively in the warm season, so that the audience does not freeze.

In winter, there are excursions, the pearl of which is a walk through the thematic museum park associated with the life and work of William Shakespeare.

Sydney Opera House

The profile of this building is considered the most popular Australian and the most famous in the world. When people talk about Sydney, most often they remember these sail-like roofs. He was included in the shortlist of the project "7 new wonders of the world", but lost in an unequal struggle.

As already mentioned, it looks like a sailing ship, which is no coincidence: Australia is a resettlement continent, colonists arrived here by sea, and sails symbolize a new hope – and life. In 1973, the opening ceremony of this amazing place was led personally by the British Queen Elizabeth together with her husband, Prince Philip.

Inside there are five halls of different capacities. If you want to check out, check out the Opera Hall with the largest tapestry "Curtain of the Sun" on the planet. The theater works daily without days off, making exceptions only for Christmas and Good Friday.

Avignon Festival

Not exactly a theater, but the venue is old and respected. The most prestigious and revered event of theatrical Europe: every year for a month various performances are staged here, only the general program includes 3-4 dozen.

All events are held on the open stage of the former palace of the Pope (it was imprisoned here by the French at the beginning of the XIV century, and the pontiffs managed to return to Rome only a century later). The palace is part of the world heritage.

Performances are held without decorations and curtains, as well as without sound amplification. Everything is very natural – that's fine.

You should visit Avignon even when it was not possible to get tickets to the festival. It's just that these days the whole city becomes a festival, and every square, square or wide street becomes a theatrical stage for countless troupes, collectives, as well as minstrels and wandering actors – who would have thought that they still exist?

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