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How to send a child to England UK for the summer?

How to send a child to England UK for the summer?

Annually for many parents the question becomes - how to organize interesting summer vacations for your child? Can we make it so that young people can not only have a good time to relax in a beautiful place abroad, but also spend time usefully, for example, by learning something?

In fact, the answer to all these questions can be one - summer language camp.

As soon as summer comes, UK educational institutions invite students of all ages from different countries to study English in their native environment. Indeed, vacation in the language camp of England for each student becomes a bright and memorable event. In just a few weeks, you can not only relax here, but also improve your language skills, immerse yourself in its natural environment, and make new friends from different countries!

Summer holidays in the UK

Hardly to study English you can find a better place than his homeland. After all, being surrounded by native speakers, a foreign student will be able to adopt the real British accent, which is so highly valued around the world. In addition, historically, any education received in this country has the status of prestigious and qualitative. Therefore, an English diploma of any type nowadays has the best reputation.

The main advantage of the British language camps is that here, any child besides language classes will spend all day long, doing sports, making exploratory trips around the neighborhood, and taking part in a variety of entertainment and cultural activities.

The educational process in foreign language camps is usually built on the communication of teachers and students in an informal atmosphere, which has a pleasant friendly atmosphere. Throughout the entire study period, only real professionals with impressive pedagogical experience work with students. Classes in such camps are held in small groups of up to 10 people, which are formed on the basis of the language level of each student - on the day of arrival, each student undergoes a study test, which results in the creation of these educational groups. This approach helps to create an atmosphere of trust and openness in the mini-group quite quickly, since the starting level for all representatives of the educational group is almost the same.

Of course, education in the English summer camp has many advantages and will bring a tangible benefit to a child of any age. So, what will your child receive if one summer you send him to study English in the United Kingdom:

  • Speaking practice. Of course, in Britain there will be no shortage of interlocutors, and a young student will be able to practice with his classmates, teachers, roommates and even people on the street as much as he likes
  • Language level. Having been abroad even for a couple of weeks, almost every young student can easily improve his knowledge of the language, because all this time he will be immersed in a suitable environment that in one way or another provokes the necessary development
  • Immersion in the international environment. Important for comprehensive development will also be a unique experience, obtained by a student in interaction with representatives of different countries and cultures. Such communication begins already with the educational group, where students of the same age, but of very different nationalities
  • Exciting vacations. There is no doubt that a few weeks dedicated to learning English in England, for any student will be an unforgettable adventure. Because in this case your child is waiting for a lot of unique events, meetings with people, situations he has never encountered before
  • Adaptation to the educational system of another country. This point will be especially important for those parents who would like their child to receive an overseas secondary education, and then higher education. It's no secret to anyone that an international diploma opens up to its owner literally unlimited possibilities for building a successful career, personal development and achievement of the set goals. In turn, the language camp will easily fulfill the role of an intermediary between the educational foundations of the 2 countries and will help the student to adapt quickly and without consequences in the new environment.

English in Britain - summer camp organization

I must say that there are a lot of summer schools in the United Kingdom, and all of them are located in different locations of the country. You can choose to take courses on the basis of a small school in the suburbs, or you can - in the heart of the British metropolis. The variety of English language courses extends to their cost - the average price range is from 600 £ per week in central England and the coast, from 1,480 £ a week in London and the suburbs, as well as in other university cities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, etc.

Another feature of the language camps in England is that for the education you can choose not just a linguistic course, but also a thematic one. For example, such a curriculum may be associated with sports or creative activities. In addition, in the classical English language camp during the day, attention is always paid to physical activity that help develop creativity and thinking in students.

On average, the daily routine for students of the summer language camp looks something like this: from 8 hours, language classes begin, why a break for lunch, after which time comes for sports, creativity, communication or hobbies. In addition, if necessary, in addition to the English language, the student can add to his program general education subjects such as mathematics, literature, computer science, geography, science and so on.

Totally, the study time even for older children 15-16 years does not exceed 6 hours a day and necessarily alternates with breaks for food or rest. The classes themselves take place only 5 days a week, and 2 days for the students remains for cultural and entertainment activities: field trips to attractions, rafting on the river, outings for mini-hikes and much more. In the evenings, students for language camp students can organize a beach party, a disco, a talent show, performances by artists and much more. In general, to miss the summer camp of English your child will not be exactly, after all, he will literally be painted every minute.

There is one more point that concerns the curriculum itself: in most summer camps in English you can choose a program of different intensity - this can be a course of 15 academic hours a week (up to 3 hours a day) and 20 or even 30. Usually educational programs with high intensity are chosen by older children who need to prepare for entering a university or another school abroad.

With such a high level of vitality, the growing body needs to eat well, and the administration of every self-respecting school knows this very well. That's why the question of making ration and the proposed housing conditions in foreign schools are very carefully. Three meals a day and several snacks organize the dining room of the host institution - it's a balanced diet and lots of fresh fruits.

For living, students are offered comfortable rooms in the residence of the school. Usually, in the dorm rooms, the students are accommodated for 1-2 people, the boys are separate from the girls. In addition, students are always accompanied by one of the school personnel - this rule is valid from the moment of arrival at the airport and until the time of the return flight. In the residence with the students of the camp the educator lives, ready to come to the rescue at any time. Therefore, parents do not need to worry about the safety of their children, even if the student is still very young. By the way, language summer schools in England take on the education of students from 6 to 18 years.

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Egor Eremeev
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