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TOP-22 best UK Colleges 2022 Rankings

TOP-22 best UK Colleges 2022 Rankings

Here you can find TOP-22 UK Colleges 2022. Popular institutions offer the following programs: high school, university preparation, undergraduate and graduate courses. Colleges offer all the subject areas that are taught at the university, many provide full honors degrees. UK colleges are known for more practical professional courses, awarding higher national diplomas (HNDs), basic degrees, classes are held in partnership with the university, allowing students to continue their studies, successfully enter the labour market.


TOP-22 colleges in the UK provide a high level of teaching and student support, although some colleges do not offer student housing. If the college has a residence, students live under the supervision of teachers, girls and boys live separately, strictly observing discipline. Colleges devote less time to field trips and extracurricular activities, and focus on curriculum. Students who require additional lessons receive one-to-one counseling.

Benefits of studying at a British college :

  • Lower tuition fees
  • Smaller class sizes (average 6 people)
  • Flexible training options, including part-time, the opportunity to study GCSE in 1 year, A Level in 1.5 years
  • Professional development programs, professional qualifications
  • A large number of classes, individual training support.

About 10% of all higher education in the UK is provided by colleges of additional education (FE): about 187,000 students study here. They provide ample opportunities for part-time courses, there are more working students, more mature students.

Colleges offer a wide range of subjects:

  • Business, administration, jurisprudence
  • Education
  • Arts, media, publishing
  • Production technology, construction.

Explore the top 2022 UK colleges rankings.

Rankings of 22 best British colleges 2022

A/A* % Name Day/Board Boy/Girl Day GBP Board GBP
1 88.68 Cardiff Sixth Form College Both Co-ed 16,600 42,750
2 83.54 Oxford International College Both Co-ed 21,000 42,000
3 81.43 Concord College Both Co-ed 14,280 39,900
4 64% National Mathematics and Science College Both Co-ed 29,000 45,000
4 58.33 Hurtwood House Both Co-ed 28,950 43,428
5 54.17 Bellerbys College Cambridge Both Co-ed 27,060 38,940
6 53.71 Abbey College Cambridge Both Co-ed 29,000
7 53.37 d'Overbroeck's Oxford Both Co-ed 23,850 38,700
8 47.21 Cambridge Tutors College Both Co-ed 15,900 39,990
9 44.09 CATS College Canterbury Both Co-ed 26,490 41,775
10 42.55 Bosworth Independent College Both Co-ed 12,600 30,300
11 39.29 CATS College Cambridge Both Co-ed 24,990 44,775
12 32.94 Mander Portman Woodward - Cambridge Day Co-ed 28,305
13 31.01 Bellerbys College Brighton Both Co-ed 27,060 43,704
14 30.53 Abbey College Manchester Both Co-ed 12,750
15 30.50 Chelsea Independent College Both Co-ed 24,000 48,000
16 29.75 Cambridge Centre For Sixth Form Studies Both Co-ed 21,000 48,000
17 28.65 Rochester Independent College Both Co-ed 18,000 36,900
18 24.86 CATS College London Both Co-ed 24,990 49,980
19 24.83 DLD College London Both Co-ed 23,000 50,500
20 20.93 Ealing Independent College Day Co-ed 16,050
21 16.39 Padworth College Both Co-ed
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Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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