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The Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna

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The Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna

Vienna is the European capital with a huge number of parks, the main among which is the Botanical Garden. The park today is part of the University of Vienna, but is also accessible for tourists: annually more than a million people from different parts of the planet pass along its paths! The Botanical Garden of Vienna has an interesting history of creation, helps to create an incredibly calm and peaceful mood for each visitor: the beauty and aromas of plants will help to forget about the bustle and anxiety, delighting with its diversity.

History and features of the Botanical Garden

In the 18th century, the fashion for personal drugstore gardens began in all the royal families of Europe: emperors and kings ordered to plant large areas of medicinal and useful plants, creating amazing collections. In Vienna, Maria Theresia became the founder of such a garden: the date of creation of the garden is considered to be 1754, and its initial area was 2 hectares. Over time, the garden passed into the hands of famous biologists and botanists:

  • Edward Fenzl
  • Carl von Frisch
  • Nicolaus Jacques
  • Richard Wegstein and so on.

The Botanical Garden is constantly evolving and expanding - the main moments of its history are associated with the following events:

  • 1890-1893 - the construction of the greenhouse complex
  • 1904-1905 - the construction of the Institute of Botany
  • 1930 - the merger of the garden with the Habsburg garden, which allowed to increase the total area to 8 hectares
  • Years of World War II - almost total destruction
  • 1945-1969 - reconstruction
  • 1970 - discovery for tourists
  • 1975-1992 - repair of the building of the Institute of Botany
  • 1991 - Establishment of the Garden Friends Association
  • 1995 - restoration of the greenhouse.

The current look of this amazing park is represented by separate zones with geographical features of plants, there are also thematic sites:

  • a collection of cacti
  • a collection succulents
  • a collection alpine flowers
  • a collection Australian vegetation and so on.

The role of the park

The Botanical Garden is a special research platform for students of the Botanical Faculty of the University of Vienna . For tourists, the park has a different meaning: it is a cozy recreation area with benches and signs under each plant, on which the name and description of the object are written. Walking through the park, tourists can take refuge in the shade of tall plants.

Entrance to the park is free, but possible only during daylight hours and in dry weather: the tracks are laid out with soft soil.

Interesting Facts

  • The number of plants in the botanical garden is about 12,000.
  • In spring you can buy seedlings and tubers of most plants.
  • A special school is open for lovers of botany: visitors will learn the secrets of world flora with the help of Vienna University staff.


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