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2018-07-30 11:56:47

The Queen Ethelburg School: The Right Path to Excellence

The Queen Ethelburg School: The Right Path to Excellence

In this article we will tell you about how one of the best schools in Great Britain and the world - Queen Ethelburg's College is developing and progressing. His administrative staff and director personally adhere to a rather open policy and are always ready to tell and show where the money paid for tuition is being invested, how the campus is being modernized and improving, what path the school is taking. This article will be useful to all parents who plan to teach children abroad, in particular they considerBritish boarding schools - perhaps after reading it will be easier for you to make a choice!

qe a year ago and now

The secret of the success of the school of Queen Ethelburga can be seen in the following principles:

  • Professional, motivated, persistent team of specialists: teachers, educators, administrators, instructors and trainers
  • Excellent academic level of students: the results for the A-level and GCSE exams speak for themselves each year
  • Constant modernization of the campus, renovation of buildings and the construction of new infrastructure facilities
  • Motivation of students, instilling in them a desire for learning and self-development, the education of students really interested in gaining knowledge
  • Active international cooperation and integration, permanent trips abroad for children
  • A huge number of clubs, clubs, sections and communities of interests that help children grow in comprehensively developed, harmonious individuals
  • Timely medical assistance if necessary: ​​on-campus has its own medical aid and hospital.

Among the major achievements of the school are incredibly high academic indicators demonstrating an excellent level of education.

A-level and GCSE results

Queen Ethelburg College Results and Ratings

Every year the school can rightly be proud of its high school students who successfully cope with the most difficult level exams GCSE ] And A-level.

It is worth noting that, according to the statistics of the last year, 86% of students received the highest scores from A to A at examinations GCSE (modern foreign languages) - these are incredibly high results !! The areas of business and the humanities are actively developing: also 85% of students earned points A-A * on exams. Studies about the BTEC program are getting better and better: the number of students who have successfully completed the research at the highest level has grown from 38% to 61%. Do not lag behind the mathematical direction - this is one of the most popular subjects in the exams and GCSE, and A-level: 76% of students passed the discipline to the highest possible score.

The graduates of the school, the pupils of the 13th grade, who pass the A-level level exams also excellently show themselves: in the last year, 87% of the students received A-A * scores. This allows the Queen's College of Ethelburgs to be on the 4th-5th place of the national rating according to the version of the Times Co The Independent School League table. According to The Telegraph, the school takes the 5th place in the ranking (all schools of joint education in the country were taken into account). Of the most successful educational areas, we can mention mathematics, biology and the natural sciences, English, business, engineering.

Such excellent results give graduates the right to receive higher education in the best universities in Great Britain and the world, including members of the prestigious Russel Group. So, last year, six graduates of Queen Ethelburg's College became students of Oxbridge, and other universities, popular with yesterday's schoolchildren, can be included in the following list:

Active development of IT

IT Development at Queen Ethelburg College

Every year at the Queen Ethelburg School, meetings are held with students to understand what technical equipment is not enough for students to complete effective study .
The coverage of the Wi-Fi network is continuously monitored: high-speed wireless Internet is available in every corner of the campus, in every room and auditorium, in any open area. There is also work to increase the connection speed: this is especially important with a large number of students, so that each of them can quickly access the necessary Internet page and resource. In particular, the LGB bands are gradually being replaced by lOGB, which gives a significant increase in the speed of Wi-Fi.

According to legal requirements, the school must have good web filters and security programs to protect the school network from unwanted intrusions and virus infections. The school of Queen Ethelburga uses the Smoothwall system, optimal in quality, speed and reliability: it allows you to block even individual virtual networks that students can create independently, thereby effectively protecting the school's information space.

IT department is always ready to help students if they have problems with access at one or another point, connectivity problems, insufficient speed, errors in programs, etc. Today the support department is located in the central building of the school, so access to it is open to every student and it is very easy to find it. More recently, the IT department received a large grant of 30 thousand pounds sterling: these funds went to update the necessary software, purchase and configuration of programs necessary for study, updating computers and other digital equipment. Especially valuable is the fact that students were free to express their requests and wishes for IT modernization, therefore, all new changes completely correspond to their requirements and educational needs, and, therefore, make the study even more interesting, effective and productive.

Many renovations in recent years have occurred in the school infrastructure - the territory of the school of Queen Ethelburg has become even more spacious, equipped, comfortable and comfortable:

Update of kindergarten

Kindergarten at Queen Ethelburg CollegeMore recently, the department for toddlers has undergone a major modernization and renovation - now the kindergarten meets even the highest and strictest international standards! New quiet and smooth doors were installed, lighting was intensified, a new functional kitchen and administrative department were installed, the number of toilets was increased, and new tightly closed medicine lockers appeared. Even the floor covering has been replaced with softer and more comfortable for children!

When updating the specialists - administrators and builders - constantly consulted psychologists and teachers to make the premises of the kindergarten not only more convenient and functional, but also more pleasant and attractive for children. As a result, each room turned out bright enough, fun: the kids here are pleased to be, play and learn new every day.

The return of the territory

equipment in QE

Not so large, but pleasant fact: a large enough campus area has long been used for construction needs - it housed large and heavy equipment, construction Materials required by the builders of the objects ... Today, this whole territory has completely returned to the campus of the Ethelburg School of Queen: all machinery, garbage and building materials are harvested, lawns and fields are restored, and students can again enjoy outdoor recreation. On the former construction sites today installed street lights and cozy beautiful benches, flowerbeds and small gardens are broken, there are tables for table football and ping-pong.

Common living rooms for full-time students

Common rooms in QEFor pupils who have chosen a full-time form of study without boarding, a cozy living room has been prepared where they can gather after class, work on homework And wait for transport to your house. Of course, mostly students of the boarding house and day school are not divided - most of the time students spend together and enjoy a common infrastructure. But it's probably nice to know that if you need a separate living room for rest and waiting, full-time students can visit a cozy room with upholstered furniture, table football and the latest computers with internet access.

Room for a relaxing rest Reflection Room

Recreation Halls at Queen Ethelburg College

The school has a special comfortable room for those who need a deep rest and respite from school and school affairs. Reflection Room is equipped with soft furniture, made in warm, calm and soothing tones - what you need if you need to "reboot", relax and distract from everyday worries, a little alone.

Improved and updated sports fields

All fields and playgrounds for sports and team games, located in the fresh air, also in the last summer have undergone significant changes for the better. In particular, the lawn and natural cover were renewed, so that now the students are more comfortable to deal with than before. Drainage works have been carried out which will increase the life of the sites, as well as the necessary measures to strengthen the equipment: nets, columns, limit gates and much more.

Sports fields at Queen Ethelburga

Updated and lighting: now for sports grounds, LED technology is widely used. LED devices do not need time to "warm up" and "flare up" - they from the very moment of inclusion give an excellent bright and at the same time non-dazzling, soft light. In this case, there is no glare in the equipment and equipment - this helps students to do more carefully, without being distracted by external stimuli.

Outdoors at Queen Ethelburg College

Today, the school has established a special position for Ground Manager, which is occupied by Ben Grigor, an expert in the equipping of open areas with 18 years of experience, working at many famous huge facilities, stadiums and sports fields (including the Luzhniki Stadium and the football field Arena in Krasnodar in preparation for the World Cup 2018 and numerous venues for the World Cup in 2012). He has experience not only with football fields, but also with cover for rugby, cricket and golf, which makes him a truly useful and versatile specialist.

Outdoor Activities

The so-called Chapter House has also undergone significant modernization, so today children can spend more time outdoors. Equipped with grassy lawns and glades, updated climbing wall for rock climbing, expanded gardens and greenhouses, so now all children can learn the basics of gardening.

The changes also touched the usual worries for parents, such as buying a school uniform. The school administration also took care of this:

The school store now works online

School Shop at Queen Ethelburg College

At the parents' frequent requests (especially those who live far away and send their children to Training from other countries) a school school store has earned online. This is a very convenient opportunity to pre-order the desired set of school uniforms and have time to prepare for the beginning of the trimester, and not to come to school ahead of time for the necessary purchase. In the online store will be presented the whole set of uniforms - from junior classes to graduates of Sixth Form - as well as a sports uniform. Link to the online store is placed directly on the main page of the official website of the school: it is easy and convenient to find, and you can make an order in just a few minutes.

Do not forget about parties, dating, barbeque!

Parties, Dating and Barbecue at Queent Ethelburga's College

Special BB events that take place before the beginning of each trimester - This is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted and in a casual atmosphere to communicate with teachers, educators, director and administrative staff, other parents and students. The first event is usually arranged on September 7 for the children and parents of Chapter House and King's Magna House, the second - on September 9: it already has students from all school divisions without parents. It's a great chance to meet your future classmates and meet your already loved friends, have a good time before the start of the school year! For children (the event is arranged separately for each age category) there are performances of music groups, discos, drawing lessons, including aqua make-up, snacks and barbecue, fun contests and games. Usually the festival is held outdoors, but if it rains suddenly, then the administration always has spare options for holding a party indoors.

If you still have any questions, you can always ask them our Smapse specialist. Remember that choosing a school for your child is a difficult and very important process, so do not be afraid to trust professionals!

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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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