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TOP-10 Things To Do In Hollywood

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TOP-10 Things To Do In Hollywood

If you are planning a trip to America, then one of the obligatory points is the capital of the world of cinema. One day, everyone wants to visit Hollywood: take a ride along the Avenue of Stars, take a picture of the famous Hollywood sign and see where Americans lived and live, whom the whole world knows. The Hollywood district of Los Angeles is known for its film industry: every home, shop or cafe here has a history of cinema and pop culture. You will find this story forever imprinted on the pavement with famous handprints, footprints and stars on the Walk of Fame. Movie sets, costumes and props have long been exhibits of local museums.

Interesting Facts

The weather in Los Angeles is good all year round, but in the middle of summer - from December to February - it will be more cloudy and rainy. Despite the temptation to visit the city during the Academy Award ceremony, without a reserved place near the red carpet, you are unlikely to see anything, all hotels will be filled to capacity and cost more than usual. During the Oscars 2020, rental prices soared an average of three times.

How to get there

Hollywood is located northwest of downtown Los Angeles. A convenient approach to the freeway is US Highway 101, driving south on Highland Avenue. From I-10, take La Brea Avenue north to Hollywood Boulevard.

What to do in Hollywood:

  1. Hollywood Boulevard offers entertainment for any age and budget. View, take pictures with the stars on the Walk of Fame, try on handprints and idols of the idols next to TCL Chinese Theater. Grauman's Chinese Theater, built in the golden era of the capital of the world of cinema - in 1927 - remains the place of all the main Hollywood premieres (even thematic tours are available). The famous Dolby Theater, where the American film award is presented, also invites visitors, and the famous Hollywood & Highland shopping complex is a top destination for shopping lovers.
  2. Paramount Studios Hollywood is one of the main local attractions with a pink gate. There are many studios in Hollywood, but Paramount is the only one located in Hollywood itself. It was opened in 1912 by Adolf Zucor, one of the pioneers in the film industry. The studio invited the largest stars and subsequently became the main enterprise in the field of cinema. Paramount Pictures was one of the first to enter the TV market, back in 1939 by launching an experimental television station (later known as KTLA) in Los Angeles. Paramount - the last "dinosaur" movie, which remained in its historical place. In 1927, she moved to the place where she is now: it was the very center of the film community. Many Russians in the United States who come to Los Angeles first buy a studio tour.
  3. Go to Hollywood museums - it's not at all as boring as many people imagine. Max Factory Building, known as the Hollywood Historical Museum, has put together one of the finest movie collections from the silent movie era to Avatar. They have an extensive collection of films by Marilyn Monroe, Rocky Balboa’s boxing gloves, Elvis’s robe and Hannibal Lecter's camera from Silence of the Lambs; Max Factor hairdressers and make-up rooms are recreated below. Guinness World Records Museum has collected the most amazing facts and artifacts from around the world. Hollywood Wax Museum has collected copies of popular artists and musicians of several generations. The price of the visit is $ 20, but it’s more profitable to buy an “all-terrain vehicle” that opens the doors of 3 museums at once (Hollywood Wax Museum + Guinness World Records Museum + Ripley's Believe It or Not), the cost of which is 29.99 $. Museums are open from noon to midnight and are located in the center of Hollywood Boulevard - you can’t pass by.
  4. Food in Hollywood, like all food in the USA, is diverse: from traditional burgers with potatoes to Mexican and Chinese cuisine. Want to dine in an atmosphere of rock and pop music, soul, see costumes and instruments of your favorite musicians? Go to the Hard Rock Cafe (but it’s better to take care of the priority placement so as not to stand in line and take good places). While you are waiting for your cheeseburger, pasta, grilled chicken sandwich or salad, take a look around: you will see the Prince's custom-made stage costume, 1973 Bee Gees two-page contract, or BB King's classic Lucille guitar. In general, food in America can be very cheap - for example, noodles in a Chinese cafe - from 5 $, but if you are looking for European cuisine, you can spend up to 50 $ for one well-cooked piece of meat. Alcohol in the US is sold strictly to adults - from 21 years old - so wear your passport. The farmers' market is technically not quite in Hollywood, but it's a great way to buy the best products in America. A market with hundreds of shops offers a delicious meal without spending a fortune (although a moot point), and the shopping process itself is a particular pleasure.
  5. Visiting a TV show as a spectator is one of the best ways to experience the spirit of modern Hollywood and get close to celebrities. You can get free tickets, get on the set of a sitcom, talk show or game show. Even in the offseason, you can get on the set of a movie or a pilot show!
  6. Take a Hollywood sign from Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue. There are many places with a view of the Hollywood sign, but one of the most accessible places where you can see the sign and take pictures is the observation bridges in the Hollywood & Highland complex, located next to the Chinese Theater.
  7. Los Angeles has many exciting bus or van excursions: from the ubiquitous Hop-On / Hop-Offs to Movie Stars, Ghost and Crime tours, many of which travel from Hollywood.
  8. Take a ride around the city - Los Angeles will offer you several options. Catch the famous yellow taxi on the street: American taxis work on the counter, you can catch it simply by raising your hand. A more budget option is to take LA by bus: the price of the trip is 2 $, for the same money you can ride a minibus. If you want to use the metro, then it’s more profitable to buy a day pass - 7 $. Driving around Hollywood is one of the best ways to see the many attractions of the area. In general, traveling by car is the most American way of moving. You will see such attractions as the Jim Henson Puppet Studio, Capitol Records Building, Hollywood High, Magic Castle. On the way, you can grab a bite to eat at the legendary Pink's Hot Dogs, which opened in 1939. Even celebrities buy sausages here: limousines and expensive cars stop to pick up a portion of the best fast food in the city.
  9. Visit the one-of-a-kind Hollywood Beach Broadwalk - a promenade that stretches nearly 2.5 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. This brick-lined track has been named one of America's top beach promenades by Travel + Leisure magazine. Every day there are pedestrians, runners, cyclists, skaters and just onlookers. On the promenade is the Hollywood Beach Theater, a children's water playground. Hollywood Beach offers dozens of luxury hotels and condominiums - Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Trump Hollywood and Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.
  10. The world-famous open-air concert hall - the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater - was built in 1922. The hall seats up to 18,000 spectators; the concert season lasts from late June to mid September. Here is the Playboy Jazz Festival.
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