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TOP-10 oldest houses in the world

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TOP-10 oldest houses in the world

These buildings have outsmarted the times! In our TOP - 10 oldest houses in the world.

Finca vigia

The house called "Observation Deck" is an old hotel located in Cuba. It was once the home of the famous writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway. Built by Finca Vigia in 1886 by the Spanish architect Miguel on a hill about 11 km from Havana. Hemingway bought the building in 1940. After his death, the house passed into the ownership of the Cuban government, and is currently a museum.

Mark Twain House and Museum

Possibly the oldest in Connecticut, the USA. It was built in 1874 and named after its owner Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain). The house was designed in the form of a river ship.


Located in Virginia. Monticello is considered the first American home with a domed ceiling. It was built around 1726 by Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.

Mount vernon

Mount Vernon is the home of George Washington, the first president of the United States. According to sources, it was built around 1727 in Alexandria. Located 25.6 km from Washington, DC. Mount Vernon is a 500-acre estate that includes a fourteen-room mansion.

Blenheim Palace

Built in 1705 in the English county of Oxfordshire and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace contains a central rectangular block in addition to the east and west blocks. On the east side of the building are the royal apartments for dukes and duchesses, and on the west side there is an art gallery.

Anne Frank House

Historians believe that this building was built around 1635 in Amsterdam by Dirk van Dleft. Anne Frank lived in a secret annex in the house with her older sister and parents before the family members were detained by the Germans and then sent to concentration camps.

Villa Almerico Capra

Built in 1580, many historians believe that the Italian Villa Almerica Capra dates back to the Renaissance. Was designed by Andrea Palladio. The building is recognized and protected as part of a World Heritage Site. Almerico Capra is located on a hill outside the city of Vicenza.

Thoor ballylee

Built in the 16th century: Thoor Ballylee is a fortified tower believed to have been built by the de Burgo family. Thoor Ballylee has four floors, each with one room connected by a spiral staircase.

Minos Palace

Built around 1700 BC. The Minos Palace is spread over five and a half acres of land in Crete. Sources claim that the palace, which was divided into an East and West wing, was in use for about 700 years.

Knap of howar

Located in Scotland and was built in 3500 BC. Considered the oldest house in the world! It is a stone house (or rather a few structures) on the remote island of Papa West, which consists of interconnected buildings with thick walls and low doorways overlooking the sea. Archaeologists believe that the material surrounding the joint buildings protected them from serious damage.

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