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TOP-10 tallest waterfalls in the world

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They are beautiful and majestic - people always enjoy contemplating the movement of waterfalls, admiring their beauty, nature, flora and fauna. In our TOP there are ten of the highest waterfalls in the world.

Brown (Browne Falls), New Zealand

  • Height: 836 m

This land is known for its unique waterfalls, but it is the only one of the many waterfalls in New Zealand that made it into the TOP. Its location is Fiordland National Park.

James Bruce Falls, Canada

  • Height: 840 m

Colombian Natural Park Princess Louise Marina welcomes visiting tourists with the majestic streams of the James Bruce Falls. The power source is a glacier located at an altitude of 1524 m above sea level.

Puukaoku Falls , Hawaii, USA

  • Height: 840 m

Located in the north of the island of Molokai. The flow of water is very difficult to record with a camera, since its main stream is located deep in the rock.

Balayfossen (Balaifossen Falls), Norway

  • Height: 850 m

Norwegian waterfall in the south of the country, belonging to the municipality of Ulvik. Its source is the Balai River, which cascades down a steep slope into a huge fjord.

Vinnufossen Falls , Norway

  • Height: 860 m

Another waterfall in Norway, which is related to the municipality of Sundal in the county of Mor og Romsdal. Has the status of the highest waterfall in Europe. The source of power for the waterfall is the mountain river Vinnu and the Vinnufun glacier.

Yumbilla Falls , Peru

  • Height: 896 m

The deep Amazon rainforest is home to many natural attractions, as well as one of the highest waterfalls in the world - Umblilla. This stunning waterfall became known to the world relatively recently - only 14 years ago, thanks to Peruvian explorers.

Oloupena Falls , Hawaii, USA

  • Height: 900 m

Another "inhabitant" of the Hawaiian island, Molokai, has a stunning height. This is the result of short seasonal streams flowing down from the high cliff of the sea.

Tres Hermanas Falls , Peru

  • Height: 914 m

The location of the waterfall is the Otishi National Park in Peru. In translation, its name sounds like "Three Sisters Waterfall". It got its name due to the fact that it consists of three parts.

Tugela Falls , South Africa

  • Height: 948 m

The second place of our TOP, claiming to be the first because of the discrepancy between the data on the measurement of its height. According to the Czech scientific expedition, this is the highest waterfall on the planet with a height of 983 m.The previous recorded height of Tugela is 948 m.

Angel Falls , Venezuela

  • Height: 979 m

Belongs to the territory of the Canaima National Park. For a long time, this waterfall has been the undisputed leader in the ratings of the highest waterfalls in the world. It is located in an isolated and inaccessible part of the jungle, but it is still a popular and tourist attractive part of the country.

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