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TOP-10 most safe countries for girls travelling alone

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TOP-10 most safe countries for girls travelling alone

If a person is comfortable alone with himself, then he is comfortable everywhere. The same applies to travel: we get to know ourselves from different sides, we reflect, we enjoy solitude. The main thing is not to get into unpleasant situations that may threaten your safety.


Not only a huge number of attractions is a reason to visit this country, but also the level of safety for tourists. At the same time, Italians, kind and positive people, will not let you get bored: making acquaintances here is not difficult!


Canadians are some of the kindest and most polite people on the planet, so you will feel safe and secure in Vancouver and Montreal.

  • Vancouver is in the top five cities in terms of living standards, and there is also amazing nature here: on the one side there are snow-capped mountains, on the other - the sea.
  • Montreal is not at all like Vancouver: it is a large city with medieval architecture that is definitely worth seeing!


This place will be a great opportunity to practice your English and enjoy the local culture. Port Valletta, the capital of Malta, is included in the UNESCO list: palaces, temples and other ancient buildings are of great value.


The state stretches over thousands of volcanic islands: here you can see dragon-like Komodo lizards and get to know a huge number of dialects.

A rich cultural program, high-speed buses - this and much more awaits a tourist in Indonesia.


The country of free morals - Holland - deserves its place of honor on the list of safe European routes. The crime rate is extremely low, and the tourist season is almost all year round - you can make new friends at any time of the year.

Tulip fields, picturesque boats, Madame Tussauds, the Anne Frank house - all this is definitely worth coming here.


It is called “the land of fjords and trolls”, “the happiest country”, and this is not without reason: Norway has a very high standard of living, and the inhabitants are calm and happy.

Oslo - the capital of Norway - is closely intertwined with city bustle and country life, so the city will be to the taste of many. Not far from the city - fjords, northern lights. You won't be bored in Oslo either: there are various museums, galleries, and malls.


Japan is ahead of world development for many years to come, never ceases to amaze with the scale of technical progress. From Tokyo, you can easily reach Odaiba Island, considered the most futuristic area. At the same time, they adhere to traditions in terms of human relationships. For party-goers, there is the Shibuya area, which is noisy around the clock.


Singapore is incredibly clean, friendly and safe. Inclusion in the cultural program of Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist temples is mandatory - there are plenty of them here.

You should familiarize yourself with the Singaporean traditions before you go here: following them guarantees complete safety. For a special experience, visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Little India.


A safe and at the same time truly vibrant state, consisting of islands in the Pacific Ocean and attributed to China, is unique. The official religion is Buddhism, but it also has its own religion with its own pantheon of gods.

Must-sees are the Presidential Palace, the cable car to Maokong, and the Shilin Night Market.


This state is known for its cold coasts, ancient castles and Guinness. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, will appeal to lovers of urban life, and everything outside of it will appeal to those who are not indifferent to nature.

There are amazing landscapes and cozy pubs, so the pleasure of the trip is guaranteed.

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